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  1. Gadawg88

    Powder scoop set or Auto-Drum?

    Get the Autodrum and Autoprime and never look back. It will speed-up your process 10 fold with no compromise for safety. The Autoprime works great for me and many/most others.
  2. Gadawg88

    Why is resizing 9mm so hard?

    If you use One Shot, you don't have to worry about cleaning it off afterwords. After it dries you can't really notice it imo. I only use it when loading pistol on a progressive. Give it a try. I think you will notice a difference in the overall smoothness of operation. Still, even with lube 9mm...
  3. Gadawg88

    Want to Upgrade to a Turret

    I have the Classic Turret and used the auto disk till they came out with the auto drum. Nothing wrong with the auto disk, IMO, but the Auto Drum is better. Definitely price it all out at Titan Reloading. I am guessing you may come out better and they are good to go no question.
  4. Gadawg88

    Fairbanks reloading scale from late 1800s

    I had that same thought. I sat there and just looked at it and wished it could talk and tell its life story. Who's hands it had passed through and how far it had traveled. Yes, it is stamped Fairbanks. I did some research and turns out Fairbanks Scales is still in business and is one of the...
  5. Gadawg88

    Fairbanks reloading scale from late 1800s

    Bought this at an estate sale over the weekend for $5. Thought it was pretty cool as a part of reloading history and wanted to share. It weighs from 0.5 grains up to 1000 grains. For fun I checked it against my Chargemaster digital scale and it checked out within its 0.5 grain resolution.
  6. Gadawg88

    Once fired brass? Whos been around the longest without problems?

    I have purchased 45acp and .223 from yankee2500 and was very pleased. Generous count (always a little over promised) and I don't recall having to cull a single piece during inspection. Order by the 1000 to spread out the flat rate shipping cost.
  7. Gadawg88

    decapping IMI(israeli) milsurp 5.56 brass

    Instead of torquing it down hard, just gradually tighten a little at a time until it will stay in place and decap. Also use steady pressure on the downstroke of the press handle, not a fast sudden movement.
  8. Gadawg88

    9mm bullet setback

    You might want to read through this thread. I had a problem with setback in certain brands of brass. The Lee undersized die solved my issues in 9mm.
  9. Gadawg88

    Lee Undersized Die and 9mm

    If your sizing die is set properly, it could be that your COL may be a little too long for the one barrel but not the other. The brass is not likely the problem. As stated in a prior post, the U die is mainly used to increase bullet tension. I have never had any issue with Win brass in 9mm or...
  10. Gadawg88

    Stove piping

    What's the problem?? Looks fine to me.:)
  11. Gadawg88

    Dillon Resize Die: Potential setback Issue

    i have had neck tension problems with FC, Blazer and Speer 9mm brass when loading Precision Delta FMJ 124 gn bullets. No such problem with RP, Starline, WCC and others. I bought the Lee U die and it fixed the issue. This was only a problem with the FMJ bullets. When I use X-treme plated...
  12. Gadawg88

    Plano Storage container Find

    Stopped by and they had them for the regular price of $4.88. Darn.
  13. Gadawg88

    Plano Storage container Find

    Can't beat it for a buck! Good find. I may stop by my local wmart on the way home and see if they have the same deal. I'm betting they don't.
  14. Gadawg88

    Are these .30 bullets round enough for .30-30?

    I say yes. The point of that bullet looks similar to the Hornady 150 gn Interlock RN #3035 that I use for my lever action 30-30.
  15. Gadawg88

    RIP RC Model sad news

    I never met the man, but I wish I had. He was an incredible resource to all of us and we are worse off for his passing. He was one of the first to help me here when I got started and always gave good advice. Prayers and best wishes to his family.
  16. Gadawg88

    Is there such a thing as an accurate powder dispenser?

    I agree with others here. Don't give up too early on the Lee auto drum. I have two and they are both very consistent, particularly with Hp-38/W231. Like, 8 out of ten dead on and the other two throws +/- 0.1 gn. They were that way right out of the box for me, but I have seen on here that...
  17. Gadawg88

    X-Treme site wide 10% off sale plus free shipping

    I received an email notice. The discount is applied in your cart when you checkout.
  18. Gadawg88

    Where are reloading components available (Not a Discussion Thread)

    Just a heads up. Be prepared for possible delayed shipping as they usually get slammed when they do this. But, the product and price is good.
  19. Gadawg88

    X-Treme site wide 10% off sale plus free shipping

    Just a heads up. Be prepared for possible delayed shipping as they usually get slammed when they do this. But, the product and price is good.
  20. Gadawg88

    Rifle case lubes

    I like the Dillon case lube. I have used it on five different rifle calibers with zero issues. No mess no fuss, easy to use and one bottle will do thousands of rounds.