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    AR 15 Conversion

    What companies make AR15 .22 conversions and who makes the best. I am considering buying one. For a box of .223, I can buy almost 500 rounds of .22LR. Please let me know which conversion you would go with and the results that you have had. Thanks.
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    Remington 597. Yea or nay?

    No. I do not know from personal experience. However, I have heard almost nothing but negative reviews of the Remington.
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    Which AK?

    Please disregard this thread. It was accidentally posted. Please refer to my thread with a poll attached. Thanks.
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    AR-15 Practice

    I am talking about practical shooting. If you could, please explain how to execute some of your drills and what not. Thanks.
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    Starting a rifle collection

    For cheap, but fun, go with the 10/22 (about $150 for the basic model) in .22LR. For coolness, fun, and accuracy at less than 100 yds, go with an AR (usually $800-1200 depending on model). ARs are quality assault rifles. If you want a bolt-action centerfire rifle, it is all personal...
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    AR-15 Practice

    Specifically, what are some of the things that you practice when you fire your AR-15? What techniques, what magazine change techniques, weak hand shooting, etc.? I want to do more than just make loud bangs when I shoot my AR. Thanks.
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    Which AK?

    Please vote on which AK is the best. If other, please specify. Thanks.
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    Which AK?

    Which AK do you recommend? If other, please specify. Thanks.
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    I'd go with the Savage. I have never been all that impressed by Marlins mainly because their bolts are so rough. The Savage with the Accutrigger is suppossed to be a sweet and accurate machine. I have a CZ .17HMR with a Simmons 6.5-20X50mm scope. I say that the more power on the scope the better...
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    Internally Silenced 10/22

    Does anyone have firsthand experience such as which internal silencers do the best job, whether more money means a better rifle, recommendations, pics, etc.? Thanks.
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    Internally Silenced 10/22

    I am looking to purchase a 10/22 that is internally silenced. What are your recommendations? Who does the best silencer job? Should I supply my own rifle? Thanks.
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    Suggestions for a good flintlock rifle

    OK. Enough with the scope idea. Please simply tell me what flintlock muzzleloader you recommend. Thanks.
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    Suggestions for a good flintlock rifle

    What are some suggestions for a good flintlock rifle? I will use it for whitetail deer hunting. The most important attributes are reliability and accuracy. Also, I intend to add a Leupold scope, probably a 3-9X40 VXII but I am open to other Leupold scope suggestions as well. Please let me know...
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    TC Fire Storm

    Thanks for the additional suggestion.
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    TC Fire Storm

    Roger that. Perhaps I will rethink my whole optics plan. Does anyone have any good alternatives to the Firestorm? Thanks.
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    Need advice on purchase

    Sounds like a pretty good deal. Burris scopes are high quality. Try to squeeze off a little of the cost. Offer $600 and see if they bite. If not $629 is still a steal.
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    TC Fire Storm

    I want a flintlock muzzleloader for deer. The synthetic/stainless TC Fire Storm really looks appealing. I plan on adding a Leuopold 3-9X40 or 2-7X33 scope to it. Can optics readily be mounted? What are your experiences with the Fire Storm. Are there any better options out there. Price really is...
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    Whats The Better Rifle? The...

    The Remington.
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    Pick 3 rifle calibers.

    Small- .223 Remington Medium- .30-06 Springfield Large- .338 Lapua Magnum
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    What would you like to see as the standard issue weapon for our services?

    I am not trying to start an argument, but why do you not prefer the bullpup design. It seems to make more sense: smaller weapon overall, but you can still have a long barrel. I am just curious. Thanks.