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    Border Patrol union boss: Tighter border won't help

    They can be hit with very high fines and other forms of punishment. That won't burden courts as much. Make it mandatory to have their business posted in the media that they are law breakers. To legally receive a "do business as" name in my county your name and details need to be posted in...
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    Sign of the times: LAPD gets a blog.

    Well I've waited for awhile on the comments I submitted. They were never posted. So much for an open blog, well not even really a blog. My questions and comments were obviously to tuff for the LAPD and their Cheif. I guess the status quo wouldn't just be the status quo otherwise...
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    Cal DOJ ambushes CA fixed-mag lower owners

    Well it's not really true. Please read the full link. Apparently the new "memo" has not been officialy sent out. Many of those in law enforcement are saying that it has not happened. It's also just a memo like the last memo and has no force of law. You can't be held accountable for a law...
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    Pitbull shot 2x with .45acp, survives!

    Doesn't mean much. We don't know the details.
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    Mexcio to sue US

    6000 National Guardsman? Bush needs to send in 50,000+ and make that area of the border actually a border.
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    Are we barking up the wrong tree with the 6.5 Grendel and 6.8 SPC

    It's not "they" it's the 6.5 Grendel that can keep being supersonic beyond 1000m.
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    The Word From a Couple of Young Marines

    Ok fixed. Lock the thread.
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    AB 2714 will outlaw mail order and online ammo sales in CA

    You can thank the elitist liberal author Assemblyman Torrico. I can't spell out the words I feel for this person on this forum. This hasn't passed everything in the legislature yet, but it may. Please keep an eye on this bill. Californian's you need to contact your reps. You also should...
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    Cal DOJ ambushes CA fixed-mag lower owners

    Outcome? There is no outcome. It's just a memo designed to scare people into not buying lowers. Do you see a signature on it? It has no legal standing. Look at the last memo's and you'll realize that they all have been poorly written and were pretty unbeleivable as far as the actual law is...
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    McCain Says Campaign Finance Reform More Important Than First Amendment

    Remember come voting time. This is the reason you don't want this person in public office. Incumbent protection anyone?
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    Perverted responses to my private gun lessons advertisements

    I would drop your LA Weekly ad in a heart beat. LA Weekly? That's liable to hurt your reputation. You might as well call it the LA Commie. This rag is so anti it's incredible. They make money selling sex related ads. You couldn't get more left of center. The people that write in this...
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    Iran again

    Do a little research. Iran's society is suffering and their new president is pulling a hitler on them. It may be sort of way to galvanize the country. This idiot president is actually trying to outlaw loans because charging interest is against islam. What do you think this kind of lunacy...
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    Border Patrol To Stand Down...

    Uh, that page is dated May 13, 2005. This story already hit months ago so for anyone that was paying attention it's old news. Typical politicians running our government agencies. That's why things are screwed up.
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    Libby: Bush authorized the Plame leak

    I love it. More Bush haters that will use anything to further their hate agenda. You're only upset that the president was able to counter the charges effectively by showing real proof.
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    Libby: Bush authorized the Plame leak

    You Bush haters sure can't get over it can you? Destroying the economy? You've got to me kidding? Where do you get your info?,0,6451643.story?coll=bal-careers-headlines If Bush is destroying the economy I hope he...
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    (CA) Robber Is Killed With His Own Handgun

    Another dirtbag bites the dust. Yay!
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    Libby: Bush authorized the Plame leak

    Sorry I'm not buying it. You don't like Bush fine, but trying to turn a non issue into a major deal is pretty sad and very disingenuous if you ask me. The general public knows better just like they did to elect Bush in the first place instead of Kerry.. You sound like you're jumping on...
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    Stolen M1A

    Get a rope.
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    California gov't seizes 500 legal ARs

    Oh and for those scared people that want to do things that are perfectly legal and hide. If certain dealers like tenpercent firearms had felt the same way this opportunity may not be presenting itself now. You know the saying "Who dares wins"? Well it's true. It appears that some, but not...
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    California gov't seizes 500 legal ARs

    I beleive Ray Haynes is running for Treasurer of California since he's termed out of his current office. I will help fund that campaign if I can.