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  1. 200Apples

    Remington Model 24

    Item #19 on this long page might interest you. May be a candidate for a simple overhaul for something charming to use with standard velocity fare.
  2. 200Apples

    The first batch of Rarlins ship today!

    Before the Remlin boat sank, they cranked out a few 1894s in the SBL theme... I have one. It's a .44 Magnum through a 16.5" barrel. My 1895 is a 2007-made stainless GS and it is a peach! 18.5" barrel, straight walnut stock. Love this thing. THAT SAID, I'd love a new Rarlin 19" 1895 SBL!
  3. 200Apples

    Update to the Ruger 77/357

    You fellers is crazy! Who wants to shoot .357 from a rifle-length barrel? I DO. and I envy those of you who own and shoot these sweet M77/357. I have to launch my .357 Magnum from a Marlin 1894 and a Rossi '92. Bah. Matt has me thinkin' of scopin' one of them, but then I remember the sage...
  4. 200Apples

    Let's see your 30-30 rifles!

    A recently-acquired 1968 manufacture Marlin 336 Texan SRC carbine in .30-30. It was little used and stored well for 50 years until the nephew of the late owner offered it for sale. I am the fortunate next caretaker for this excellent shooter.
  5. 200Apples

    Loads for 44 Special

    35W, thanks for your posts. Great thread, too! I have been busy with work until last month and since then a .45-70 Marlin 1895, a .44 Mag Marlin 1894 and my Ruger flat top .44 Specials. I typically shoot my 7.5 grains Unique under a MBW 255 Keith lswc; they measure 975-ish fps from my 4-5/8"...
  6. 200Apples

    What would you do?

    Congrats on this acquisition! I read a few pages in the beginning of the thread and then a few at the end... got the gist of it. I'm also quite happy to see you're willing to invest in some custom stocks. Those on CraigC's gun are superb. Just beautiful. Do you handload? If so, you could even...
  7. 200Apples

    Rossi 1892- worth it?

    I presently own six lever action carbines. Many are Marlins, with one Miroku, but it is my blued 16" .357 Rossi 92 that is perhaps the greatest firearms value in history. I took it apart and stoned some bits, swapped the springs, staked the ejector pins and Bingo! I have a reliable, fun shooter...
  8. 200Apples

    44 Magnum vs 357 Magnum

    .357 from 16 - 18" of carbine barrel is a "whole different animal", and while I have only punched paper and clay birds with it, a 158 grain .357 Mag from my Marlin 1894 hits with authority. I am always surprised. That said, I handload for both .44 Special and Magnum and am working on a load for...
  9. 200Apples

    44mag carbine bullet

    BS? Are you a Democrat? Again, you are mistaken. It is not BS to consider velocity when shooting plated bullets. Remember, *you* were the one to bring up the subject of plating.
  10. 200Apples

    44mag carbine bullet

    You are a disagreeable man, I'll give you that. I'm trying to have a discussion and you're casting aspersions. Calm down. You wrote "PLATED". Why was that so important for you to try to get across, albeit mistakenly? The Deep Curl is a jacketed bullet, but the jacket is made via a plating...
  11. 200Apples

    44mag carbine bullet

    Eh, nevermind. Who wants to shoot a .002" undersize cast, anyway...
  12. 200Apples

    44mag carbine bullet

    Another question for you, VT... take a copper solid, not a gilding metal alloy solid, but a pure copper solid such as made by Barnes... Would these pure copper solids obturate in a bore .002 -.003" larger than bullet as easily as lower BHN hardcast? or would greater pressures be needed to do so.
  13. 200Apples

    44mag carbine bullet

    Yeah, ok, but Speer's still calling it a jacket. My point was that a typical, plated bullet, such as a Berry's, is limited to +/- 1250 fps. This is not the case with the Speer.
  14. 200Apples

    44mag carbine bullet

    If this is the case, isn't a plated bullet limited to certain velocities? and therefore unsuitable to the speeds most folks use these with? I recall, say, the 270 grain Deep Curl a darling of the 444 crowd. Those aren't leisurely, plated-bullet velocities. Your thoughts, my good man.
  15. 200Apples

    44mag carbine bullet

    I would agree.
  16. 200Apples

    45-70 Smokeless Loads.

    Are those powdercoated with their Hi-Tek coating? Thanks for your reply!
  17. 200Apples

    44mag carbine bullet

    Was that a microgroove barrel?
  18. 200Apples

    45-70 Smokeless Loads.

    Because I have 100 of 'em. The rifle is previously-owned, but new to me. I have yet to slug the bore. It's a stainless JM-stamped 1895 GS, with 6 lands (Ballard). Once I determine bore dimensions, I'll know what size cast to order. Meanwhile, I do want a BHN appropriate for, as I mentioned, +/-...
  19. 200Apples

    44mag carbine bullet

    In what rifle? I ask, because the slow, 1-in-38" twist in most popular lever carbines may not stabilize the longer 300 grain bullet. Try a 270 grain, such as the Speer Deep Curl sjfp.
  20. 200Apples

    45-70 Smokeless Loads.

    ArchAngel, I have been reading many recent threads regarding handloading a 405 grain lead slug... and this is the only thread so far that has thrown out a BHN limit of 8 to 9 (meharvy, Post #6) for these milder velocities. I'm seeking +/- 1250 fps from an 18.5" Marlin 1895 using AA5744, but...