1. Solomonson

    .22 LR "Pocket Pistol" -- Beretta 21A Bobcat vs. Ruger LCR II?

    I think I've pretty much narrowed my choice down to these two. Since I won't have the opportunity to fondle or shoot either model before purchase, I would really love to hear from those who have? Which did you choose, and why?
  2. Mad_Max

    Issues with Blazer .22LR lot code C21AA05

    Just a heads up, I got 5,000 rounds of Blazer from Target Sports USA, its underpowered and wont properly cycle my semi-auto. Talked to CCI and they had me send all of it back to them for analysis. They advised that while it met specs it was causing issues with stovepiping and other issues on 4...
  3. Solomonson

    Pre-order Glock 44 in .22LR for $359.00

    I had hoped the price would be under $300.00 Time will tell I suppose... https://www.sportsmansoutdoorsuperstore.com/products2.cfm/ID/245413
  4. MCMXI

    I got a new .22LR from Bergara ... the BXR001 and it sure shoots great.

    Yesterday afternoon I received a new Bergara BXR001 with the heavy stainless steel barrel. I've had a Leupold Mark 4 3.5-10x40mm FFP TMR mil/mil scope in the safe for a while so got that mounted this morning in the lowest 30mm rings I have on hand. I plan on using this rifle as a low cost...
  5. Hasaf

    Which magazine for PSA .22lr upper?

    I recently put together an AR using a PSA 22lr upper on a generic lower. However, I still don't have any magazines. On PSA's site, they say to use Mad Dog magazines. When I go to Mad Dog I see many different types of magazines. Further, nearly all of them say that they are incompatible with...
  6. chicharrones

    Kel-Tec CP33 / 33 round capacity .22 LR pistol

    Well, I didn't see this coming. Looks like another fun gun and cheaper to shoot than the PMR30. :cool: "The new CP33™ pistol quickly makes competitive shooting no contest. It takes the optic and suppressor host game to the next level, turning long range targets into short range bullseyes. 33...
  7. <*(((><

    Walther PPQ .22 LR Threaded (NOT P22)

    So I've had my Walther PPQ .22 for several years now and have really enjoyed this handgun immensely. It has very reliable with multiple types of ammo after the initial 100 round break-in. I probably have 2,000+ rounds through it now (it's getting a lot more time now that we are through the...
  8. SharpDog

    What is the Smallest, Lightest Defensive Pistol You WOuld Rely On ?

    What is the Smallest, Lightest Defensive Pistol You WOuld Rely On ? I'm not talking specifically about EDC here but in those circumstances where you really MUST have a small pistol, say in sweatpants while jogging and no belt or maybe light shorts, no shirt on the beach. Maybe something...
  9. wanderinwalker

    Something You Won't See Every Day

    I just picked up and set up this Browning T-Bolt in .22LR last week. I've wanted one ever since I read about the "reintroduction of the Browning T-Bolt" in American Rifleman over a decade ago. But they aren't something one sees very frequently in the wild, at least not around my area. Then, when...
  10. <*(((><

    Ruger GP-100 .22lr 5.5”

    Finally broke down and purchased the gun I’ve been wanting since they came out. For $617 it’s more than I paid for my used GP100 4” 357 used but, I know it will last several lifetimes and that’s what matters to me. It’ll be a great one to walk around on the hip target shooting or on hikes...
  11. L

    Ar-15 .22lr conversions

    I live in a rural area where skunks and raccoons are running rampant, usually at night. I did some digging through my old gun parts and decided on building a dedicated. 22lr Ar pistol. I purchased a cheap 10.5 inch upper from Daytona tactical a couple years ago in 5.56 and for a while had it...
  12. wanderinwalker

    K-Frame .22 Shoot-Off, Sort Of

    A while back I posted that I'd picked up a no dash, 6", 4-screw S&W Model 17. And posted pictures of it with my 4" Model 18-4. Another poster mentioned he'd be curious to learn which one I find shoots better or which one I prefer shooting. It's taken a few range trips and a little switching back...
  13. wanderinwalker

    Educate Me On Colt DAs

    Specifically of the near pre-WWII era to the 60s. I'm really after an Officer's Model Match or possibly an Officer's Model Target in .22LR to go with my K-frame S&Ws. Last week I was watching a late-production OMM on Gunbroker with some handling wear that ended up selling around $600. Knowing...
  14. Kendal Black

    Steyr Squirrel Scout

    I just got an email from the friendly folks at Steyr, inviting me to purchase a rimfire scout rifle they have introduced. http://steyrarms.com/firearms/scout-rfr.html It's most probably a great .22 but it rather falls short of the scout rifle ideal of firing a broadly useful full-power...
  15. B

    .22lr Ammunition

    Hi everyone, I ended up sending my P22 into Walther last week & talked to a rep there about my gun not shooting right. He told me they would test it with all different ammunition, but all they really had on stock was the high velocity stuff (none of the cheaper stuff). He told me it is hard...
  16. H

    "Cereal box" rifle?

    Stopped at the gun shop down the street from me yesterday and they had a used single-shot bolt .22 rifle made by Hogan that was obviously an antique from first glance. One of the employees saw me looking at it and then explained it was a "cereal box gun" and the guy that traded it in had got...
  17. K

    Heritage Mfg. 12-shot 1873 SAA in .22LR?

    Did anyone else catch a mention of Heritage Manufacturing's (now owned by Taurus) 12-shot 1873 SAA in .22LR on Tom Gresham's "Gun Talk?" I couldn't find mention of it on their website or the Internet. If it's of good quality I would really like to get one with a 7.5" barrel. I wonder what...
  18. K

    Setting up a .22LR rifle for Steel Challenge?

    I'm getting ready to set-up a distinctive, classic semi-automatic .22LR rifle for Steel Challenge (action shooting of steel plates) and I'd like some creative ideas. Here are the specifications: * Extremely reliable. Something that will consistently run on non-premium (ex. CCI Blazer)...
  19. H

    A quality sportster style .22LR semi-auto that is not Ruger/Marlin/Winchester/Savage?

    I am looking for a fun gun for the range that handle nice and mostly for introducing non-shooter friends to the sport. I already have bolt-action CZ452 and buckmark pistol to compliment the semi-auto. It seems the offerings from Ruger/Marlin/Winchester/Savage dominates the .22LR semi-auto...
  20. 3

    Is their a difference between American Eagle and Federal Champion HV?

    As the title states; is there a difference between American Eagle and Federal Champion HV? http://www.federalpremium.com/products/details/rimfire.aspx?id=92 http://www.federalpremium.com/products/details/rimfire.aspx?id=43 Both 1240 fps, both LRN bullet, same specs all around. What I...