.357 carbine

  1. Old Hobo

    Pump .357; wish list item

    Pedersoli makes a pump-action rifle in .357 magnum. A 20-inch barrel is available. The price is high, however. I see a $1,500 price-tag on such. Also, some individuals have had trouble with the action on these pumps, I read. Is this true? There are tens of thousands of folks who would...
  2. G

    Questions about .357 Magnum rifle and ammo

    Hello all - It's been a while; I've spent the last year trying to stay healthy, and buying guns and ammo that strike my fancy; assuming they can be found and bought without breaking the bank. I've been trying to fill in my collection with long wished-for additions; most of which fortunately...
  3. T

    Best Home/Self-Defense Rounds for the Marlin 1894CS

    I got my 1894CS back in March and I love this little guy that packs a punch! I love the compatibility of the .357 & .38 caliber ammunition, it’s compact and light weight, and I love the fact that it fires pistol ammo so that I can go to my local gun range and do target practice with no hassle...
  4. P

    Considering 357 Lever Action

    For a variety of reasons I am considering buying a lever action rifle/carbine chambered in .357 Magnum. I know very little about lever action rifles. I prefer the idea of side loading vs loading through the tube so I am ruling out Henry. Beyond that I don't know what factors to consider. I...