1. N555

    Better 45acp 230gr JHP bullets

    I have been loading berry's 230gr jacketed and the accuracy is meh but they are cheap and open up at normal 45acp speed. Gun is a 1911. I thinking develop a load for 200gr sig v crown, 230gr nosler assured stoping power or 230gr xtp when I see them again. I have loaded sig v crown in 9mm and...
  2. Big-bore-bob

    Hp 38 load recipes 45 acp

    Hi wondering if anyone has good load recipes for hp38 for 45 acp. The components I have on hand are RMR 230gr fmj, new starline brass and cci 300 primers as well as remington 2 1/2 primers. I was also curious about the interchangeability between these two primers. I'm looking for ball spec...
  3. uuolf

    1911 needs work

    I recently purchased a new basic model 1911 (sds)... I wanna make it "mine". What would an experienced 1911 addict do first in terms of upgrades? The most useful tweaks would be helpful but any info would be appreciated... I'm a fairly competent "hobbyist" but lack actual machine shop"...
  4. J

    Girsan MC1911 Experience?

    I've had an itch to buy a 45 for a while now. Finally scratched it & put one of these on layaway. Don't have a 1911 in inventory at the moment either so, 2 birds... Not interested in any Turk/Erdogan bashing. Just want to know if anyone has some hands on experience with the Girsan made guns so...
  5. Blue68f100

    WST Working Backwards 45acp MBC BE #2

    Did some crony work on seeing how low you can load WST and MBC BE #2 (185gr LSWC, blue lube). Shot out of my 1911 with a 14 lb recoil spring, small radius FP stop, 19 lb hammer spring, and a C-More slide mounted. Shot these out of my rest ( I had to reset gun after each firing) so powder...
  6. el Godfather

    Which to carry: Glock or DW VBob?

    Hi I am traveling with family for a vacation and wanted to take one pistol with me. I am undecided between these: 1. Glock 19 2. DW VBob 1911 .45 I shoot both well. Both are conceal-able and very reliable. I will be attending a few wedding functions and social events. Some late night travel...
  7. merlynski

    Seeking magazine follower for PT145 Pro

    I am looking for a magazine follower for a Taurus PT145 Millennium Pro. I have looked at all my usual places without finding any. The one in the ebay mag I got is broken. That was settled amicably, but I still need a follower. Thanks for your help!
  8. merlynski

    Kimber Rapide 45ACP weird missfeed

    This was a new one to me. I was at a range today and saw a Kimber Rapide do the strangest missfeed I had ever heard of, much less actually seen. This is an almost new pistol with less than 100 rounds through it. Firing Handloaded, 230gr FMJ, new brass, can't remember the powder charge, but is...
  9. merlynski

    Lehigh Defense 45 ACP 170 Grain Solid Copper loads

    Anybody have load suggestions for Lehigh Defense Controlled Fracturing Bullets 45 ACP (451 Diameter) 170 Grain Solid Copper? I have SPP and LPP brass and the usual common powders: Unique, Bullseye, etc.
  10. Erief0g

    45 ACP Arsenal Mold 45-230 gr PC Load info.

    I'm still unable to shoot much, if at all, due to family health risks and the locations I can shoot at. So, I've taken up casting and been enjoying some work on the 9mm cast boolits front. Now I'm moving on to 45acp and after this will move to 44 mag. Pictures will be uploaded shortly. The...
  11. 748

    45ACP carbine heavy loads

    I have 2 requirements. Be heavy as possible. Still fit in a 1911 mag. Would like the carbine rounds to still be usable in the 1911. I loaded up a test batch of really cheap 250gr hollow jacketed points to test around 15 years ago in a 1911. The recoil was noticeably worse than 230gr which was...
  12. cundiff5535

    Original Bob Marvel 45acp 1997 Grail Gun! #1

    Hey HR, its been a long time since I have posted here... and I really didn't realize how large the forum was! So I figured I would add to this place with some really amazing pistols I have acquired over the years:). First Ill start with a full boat Bob Marvel custom pistol. I stumbled onto...
  13. BuckWildM9

    Reloads with bullseye and 45acp lead

    Hey guys. So im currently reloading about 200 grain cast lead bullets into some nice little 45acp. Im running bullseye powder at around 4.3 grains as well. But my book doesnt tell me what length i should press the bullet in. Any suggestions?
  14. Sneakshot92

    Thoughts on the Ruger American in 45 acp?

    Hi all. I've had the opportunity to handle the 45 American but have never actually fired one. I'm mainly wondering if anyone out there has a good bit of experience with this pistol and any quirks it may have. If there is enough favor i'll probably pick one up as my first striker fired pistol.
  15. G

    9mm Out Of A Glock 20/21?

    I have a number of Glocks 20 and 21s. Lately though I've been thinking of trying out 9mm ofr the range. I know Glocks in 40 S&W can be converted into 9mm but can a large frame Glock like a 20 or 21 be converted into 9mm? And will Glock 17 magazines actually work in a Glock 20/21? And how about a...
  16. B

    Is there a suppressable .45acp carbine/pistol "shell" that could accept at LEAST Glock mags??

    It seems like a suppressable .45acp carbine/AR pistol would be a good Home Defense setup. (If you have better suggestions, please feel free to shoot em at me.) (Pun intended) ; ) I really love the idea of versatility; so for me, the perfect thing would seem to be something like a pistol...
  17. SASS#23149

    lighter hammer spring for lighter trigger, 1911 ?

    Just took my Norinco 1911 apart for the 1st time, and got to thinking, .I know,I know... anyway ,the slide is hard to manipulate and the trigger is HEAVY,and both can be attributed to a heavy hammer spring,I think. I see that Brownell's sells reduced power hammer springs,and other sites say...
  18. 7

    Smith &Wesson D.A. 45 question

    hello! I’m wondering if anyone out there has any wisdom they could share about a revolver I just picked up. I have a S&W D.A.45 that I’m trying to gather info on. I know that it is not a war year model, but I don’t know much else about it. It’s serial number range is 210xxx. It also...
  19. ancientnoob

    Wanted to Share Another Old Autoloader

    Just spent about 2 hours cleaning up this old autoloader. I figured I would share it. It is a Colt Model of 1911 chambered in .45 Auto. According to the Colt website It was manufactured in 1918 and has a mark on the frame United States Property - Eagle Head with S11 and several Letters H / S on...
  20. J

    Has anyone tried these rmr 45 acp semi wadcutters?

    im wondering what you think and how well they feed. .45 185 Grain Rocky Mountain ThunderCast SWC https://rmrbullets.com/shop/bullets-for-reloading/bullets-for-reloading-45-452-14/45-185-grain-rocky-mountain-thundercast-swc/?v=3f60f4207da5 Thanks. And happy new year