ar 15

  1. InTheSwamp

    Suppressed AR-15 Charging Handle

    What's your favorite? Found some opinions online, but I'd like to know what THR recommends. Seems like Raptor SD and PRI Gas Buster get the nod. The negative for the former is gar leakage and longevity for the latter (according to my rather limited reading). No experience at all with silencers...
  2. A

    Suggestions for making rail more comfy

    Hello! I put together a 762 AR. I am about to put a foregrip on but I also like to shoot holding right where the barrel touches the lower receiver, not quite touching the magazine. However, there are a couple of bolts right where I place my hand and it can be uncomfortable when I hold it there...
  3. A

    Sig Romeo 5

    I made a review on the Romeo 5. This is a long term (3 year) review With suggestions, tips and applications .
  4. M

    AA Battery-Operated Laser/Flashlight Combo?

    Hi all! I'm looking for a laser/flashlight combo for a rifle that takes AA batteries, but I can't seem to find anything. I did see EOTech used to make one called the WL1 AA, but it's been discontinued. Does anyone know of anything similar to this that I can still buy? Google is being no help at...
  5. lernerk392

    Trying to buy a Muzzle Brake: FFL?

    Was just about to purchase a Troy Claymore online and got dialogue about acknowledging that the item has to be shipped to an FFL. I have tried researching this topic, and just to clarify.... Muzzle brakes definitely DO NOT need to ship to FFLs, right? Thanks for your time Context: First AR...
  6. Idahou

    Review: Tippmann M4-22 Pro 12,5"

    That price of .223, right? Well, have no fear, .22LR is here! Honestly im not exactly fan of AR-15 platform - i recognize it as great military design, but personally? Meh, just give me long modern handguard on vz. 58 and i will be happy. Yet, its for sure platform which is good to know. Thats...
  7. N555

    Next 5.56 silencer

    I'm thinking gemtec trek. It's short, simple, seems pretty tough, not too much internal volume, only weighs about a pound. On the reviews I saw it doesn't look like it gives gas face, or charging handle to the face. Seems like it can take SBR full auto level punishment, that's over kill for me...
  8. N555

    Industrial AR15 hydraulic shock buffer

    Upper is a 16 inch midlength, in the 1 true AR15 caliber. *not an original idea* I got the idea from the M4 buffer tube that has a buffer stop screw. I figured why not make it a shock instead of a dumb screw? I sacrificed one of many no thrills M4 carbine tubes I have laying around, drilled it...
  9. N555

    AR-15 Article: Some Won't Like It, But....

    The 6mm arc is the replacement for 5.56mm. Yeah color me skeptical. All the other 5.56 replacements from years past are saving you a seat. I don't have a 6mm arc brass sample but I think it's a fatter case head than 6.8spc. If it's fatter, the mag holds fewer rounds, or if it holds 30 they...
  10. Sig Gunner

    ISO: LAR OPS-4 upper

    Looking for LAR OPS-4 In any configuration at this point. it can have a barrel or not but really want to build a clone to my dad‘s old rifle. any information would be greatly appreciated. thank you so much.
  11. B

    AR-15 Stripped Lower Prep?

    In my research for my first AR build, I have seen people preparing their lowers by running drill bits (by hand) through the detent and pin holes. I totally understand the need to inspect for burrs, machining chips or finish build up and addressing issues if something is noticed. Doing it to...
  12. B

    Advice on my first AR build

    So I’m planning out my first build and have done a ton of research on setups and components. From a high-level, I’m considering .... - 16” 556 mid length barrel (probably Aero Precision complete upper) - Carbine stock - Two stage trigger (LaRue) Any big picture thoughts ... 1. 16” Carbine...
  13. A

    Reloading .223 and 5.56

    Ive never reloaded before and have zero knowledge on the topic. I want to reload all of my .223 ans 5.56 brass and wanna know a little bit about some important things I need to know about doing so. I wanna do 55gr. Just wanna do bulk style ammo that will run through all my AR qith varying barrel...
  14. P

    Beginner Ar-15 Build

    It's been awhile since I last posted here, but the information I got last time was so helpful I had to come back for more. Awesome community guys, really. Anyway, I've been looking into my first Ar-15 for home defense and regular range shooting. I absolutely love the AR platform but I had been...
  15. M

    Clandestine 5.56 223 loads

    Because why not. 223 and 556 are going to be supersonic not much I can do about that. I might try a faster powder to reduce muzzel flash and blast. It would be more economical too. My first guess is use something like H322, but that's only a little faster than what I normally use blc-2, 748...
  16. T

    NIB AR-15 R6601 Pre Ban + New Pre Ban A2 Upper Value?

    Average price in today's market? R6600 AR-15 Blue Label pre ban unfired complete with manual, mags, cleaning kit and factory box. Plus AR-15 A2 pre ban upper, also new. Thank you.
  17. Josh1992

    Reliable durable ar-15 parts kit?

    Got a older stripped lower receiver laying around and decided to build an ar-15. I just want to build something durable. Doesn’t need any bells or whistles just want something that will go bang every time I pull the trigger and parts that will last a long time. Any Lower part kits out there...
  18. American_Fusilier

    Under gassed AR, what can i do?

    So I've got an AR-15 pistol with a 10" barrel, where the bolt won't lock back on an empty magazine. It's chambered in 5.56, but I mostly shoot 223 out of it. I also have an AR-15 rifle chambered in 5.56 through which I also mostly shoot 223 out of. Both ARs have carbine length gas systems...
  19. RET15

    Help Pls: WHAT In the world is THIS??

    Asking for some of your expert opinions on an AR issue. I’ve done a few AR builds a and my most recent a 300blk. I put about 500 rounds (supersonic) through it without a single issue. I then added a Q Full Nelson suppressor and moved to subsonic. I put about 25 rounds through it to test with...
  20. VikingTacticalCowboy

    Scope Experience (Brands)

    Hello, everyone! I am a new member here (already posted to the new member thread to introduce myself), but I just wanted to post to get anyone's experiences with specific brands of scopes. I started my AR build with Vortex Sparc AR Red Dot and Vortex Mini 3X Magnifier. Initially, I actually...