double barrel

  1. N555

    Double cringe build

    Look at this dumpster fire 12 gauge. This way I'm not ruining anything nice. My only requirements are "can fire modern ammo, but doesn't hAvE to be 3inch". That's pretty much it. Blueing, optional, less is better. A nice stock, no External rust, preferable. A decent bore, only part of it...
  2. Paul Trout

    Old Stevens model 330 chamber length?

    Hey fellas, so I'm thinking about picking up this old 20 gauge shotgun but the seller doesn't know what length shell it takes. I'd like to shoot birds with it so am hoping it's the common 2.75". Can anybody tell me from experience? I believe it's a Steven's model 330 with 26" barrels if that...
  3. Bama23

    Stevens 311A 20 guage double

    I was given a stevens model 311A 20g double barrel by my grandfather. Sometime years ago the barrels were sawed off just a couple inches forward or the forearm. I'm trying to find a replacement barrels set. No luck so far not even numrich. They also cut a inch or two off the stock which has a...
  4. DoubleBarrelPaul

    Enders Special Service

    Earlier in the summer I got a shotgun at a garage sale. $50 for a dirty but workable double barrel shotgun, of course I had to pick it up. Brought it home, cleaned it up and turned it into a very nice gun. Here’s what I know from my research thus far: Made by crescent arms for shapeleigh...
  5. G

    Over/under vs Pump for Ducks

    I've been duck hunting for around 6 years now and I've always used a pump action shotgun. I've never really liked semiautomatics, I don't really know why. Recently I've started looking at over/unders and side by sides. Was looking for comments/experiences with a double barrel and maybe using a...
  6. E

    Double barrel 10 gauge?

    Anyone own a zabala sxs 10 gauge? I wanted one in a 10 gauge so it had my attention. Looking for any info. Thanks
  7. E

    10 gauge info??

    I was wondering the value of this zabala 10 gauge and how are they? I never see double barrel 10 gauges in most places I go to. Probably would see one at a gun show but haven't been in a while. Any info would be appreciated