1. B

    What's the Difference in Glass

    Deciding on buying a scope for deer hunting this year and I have a lot of great options around $500. But my question is, what is the difference in glass? Most companies have glass made all over the world like Vortex and Burris in the Philippines, Riton and Trijicon made in Japan and China. So...
  2. courtgreene

    Calling All Western Hunters: Advice Please!!

    So, I have come into a situation that many of us easterners dream of, being an invitation from a western hunter to join them. The target is black bears and the area is Colorado (unit 33?, again, easterner, not sure how units work exactly) near Wyoming. None of that matters, this is what does...
  3. merlynski

    Brass Cleaning media - glass?

    Has anybody tried recycled finely crushed bottle glass or glass beads for cleaning brass? Either is used in blast cabinets, but what about rotary or vibratory tumblers? Wet or dry?
  4. VikingTacticalCowboy

    Scope Experience (Brands)

    Hello, everyone! I am a new member here (already posted to the new member thread to introduce myself), but I just wanted to post to get anyone's experiences with specific brands of scopes. I started my AR build with Vortex Sparc AR Red Dot and Vortex Mini 3X Magnifier. Initially, I actually...