1. American_Fusilier

    Can't share NFA items anymore?

    Did anybody see the ATF's change to their FAQs about who can be in possession of your NFA item, even in your presence? Thoughts? People on Glock Talk didn't seem to be too concerned about it. But being a new NFA item owner, it scares the heck out of me.
  2. SharpDog

    GOA: Take Action to Save Pistol Braces

    Whether or not you have or use pistol braces or even have a favorable view of them please contact your congress critters: Click on the link below:
  3. N555

    Are NFA items hard to get?

    Obviously most of us can go on gunbroker order the silencer we want and have it sent to our hopefully local FFL that deals in such things. Assuming you don't have to drive 4 hours or even 1 hour to get your form4 NFA item and you have a local gun shop that will transfer your item, do you think...
  4. N555

    Direct challenge to the NFA

    Enter "USA vs Matthew R Hoover". I bet they didn't think this was going to happen when they arrested Matthew Hoover for advertising a drawing of a machine gun on youtube. So by this time next year we could be mail ordering machineguns. No not really. Would at least eliminate splitting hairs...
  5. American_Fusilier

    Silencers: build or buy?

    I know you can typically build one for cheaper. What are you guys thoughts?
  6. Spats McGee

    Wannabe Stamp Collector

    It's time for me to start my overthinking process and, as always, I start by asking people who know more than I. (That means y'all.) I have one silencer, a Dead Air Mask. Pound for pound and dollar for dollar, a .22 can is definitely the way to go for a first suppressor. I'm up to four...
  7. T

    Non NFA 20 gauge pistol?

    I have been reading up on firearm law for a long time and have been a gunsmith for about a year and some change so i like to think i have a solid grasp on the laws. I was thinking recently about a way to build a "sawed off shotgun" (pistol grip, no stock) that would not need a tax stamp. i think...
  8. SharpDog

    3d printed guns - how effective are they

    I was reading the discussion about 3d printing here: what struck me was this photo: Now, I'm an engineer and I know about the problems in creating tools. It just seems to me that 3d...
  9. M

    Republicans push gun silencer bill

    Here is an news article on the progress of 'Hearing Protection Act' , well it looks like this is getting a hearing unlike the reciprocity bill. This act will replace the "outdated" federal process with the instant NCIC. As one would expect there is opposition against it from the usual...
  10. R

    New Frontier Arms poly lower ar15

    Hey guys, Just wanted to share a quick video I made showing the failure of my NFA polymer lower and a quick discussion about it. Curious to hear others opinions on the subject. Cheers
  11. David Drake

    Proprietary BP ammo SBR

    I had a thought the other day that I haven't been able to work out a straight answer for. Let me first make some points: 1. If a person makes a short barreled rifle without ATF paperwork, that is illegal. 2. A black powder firearm would be exempt from this rule. Here's where my question comes...
  12. Bobson

    Please talk me into, or out of, a 9" 300 Blackout...

    A couple weeks ago, I decided to start planning for my next AR build, which I decided would be an 18" DMR type rifle. While researching that build, I stumbled across some info on 300 Blackout, and started daydreaming about having an SBR. Long story short, I started thinking a 9" 300 Blackout...
  13. Acera

    Finished, Beretta Silver Pigeon 20 Gauge SBS

    Got the approval email after 6 months and a few days last week. I wanted to build a short barreled shotgun in the classic Lupara style, this is how it finished out. Details, Beretta Silver Pigeon. 20 Gauge - 3 inch chamber. 10.5 inch barrels. (Just past end of forestock). 20 inches overall...
  14. M

    Oklahoma: Suppressor Bill Unanimously Passes Out of Committee

    Oklahoma: Suppressor Bill Unanimously Passes Out of Committee What the bill does to allow hunting with a silencer on public lands. Right now Oklahoma only allows hunting on private lands with a silencer. The bill still goes to the House and then onto the governor. Copyright Notice: The...
  15. Swing

    The NFA community as part of the larger firearms community ...

    What percentage, roughly, would you figure of the overall gun-owning public also are owners of NFA-regulated items (machine-guns, SBRs, SBSs, AOWs, and silencers)? I realize it would be difficult to know with any real accuracy, but I thought I'd toss it out there for consideration...
  16. Swing

    Hearing Protection Act (HPA)

    Just a heads up on a new piece of legislation that would impact NFA items, namely it would make silencers (suppressors, mufflers) Title I rather than Title II. Details are available are available at the ASA site here. P.S. Yes, I am aware this has less than a snowball's chance in hell in...
  17. P

    SBR Glock legal ramifications

    I really like the Roni glock kits: The problem is, it would require registering my Glock 19 as an short barrelled rifle. My Glock 19 is my daily carry gun. The Roni kit would just be a range toy. If I had to use my Glock in self defense, how much trouble...
  18. M

    Ohio: Suppressors While Hunting Passes Senate

    Ohio: Suppressors While Hunting Passes Senate The bill already passed the House and it just passed the Senate. It will have to go back to the House for any last minute changes and then onto Governor John Kasich for signing...
  19. AKshooter150

    19-year-old looking to own an AR-15 SBR?

    I live in a state that permits NFA-regulated firearms. I understand that, because I am under 21, it is unlawful to purchase an SBR through an FFL licensee, or basically a dealer. In order to purchase any firearm or firearm parts online, they almost always must go through a dealer. I...
  20. G

    Any experiences turning in WW2 trophies to ATF?

    Hello, Dealing with an estate now that has some interesting sub MGs from ww2. One is German and the other is US dewat including form 5. Both are NFA. According to the sticky post about "MGs in grandpas attic" the only recourse is to contact the ATF and then turn them over to be destroyed...