1. A

    Sig Romeo 5

    I made a review on the Romeo 5. This is a long term (3 year) review With suggestions, tips and applications .
  2. chicharrones

    Got a new "survival/pack" rifle - show me yours

    For quite some time, I've had a wire stock rimfire carbine on my mind ever since I saw an interesting set up by Nodak Spud several years ago. Finally, some stars aligned for me with the find of a nicely modified 1993 Marlin 25N about a month ago. Then being able to get what may have been the...
  3. Skylerbone

    Mark IV: Standard or 22/45 Frame?

    I’ve wanted a Ruger .22 since the Mark II came out and with the Mark IV’s arrival I think I’m ready to take the plunge. What’s giving me cold feet is the decision between the standard aluminum frame and the aluminum or polymer frame 22/45. I’ve ruled out the SS based on weight, I own 1...
  4. M

    Anyone Shooting Rimfire Due to Ammo Shortage?

    I just placed my first order for .22 LR and .17 Mach 2 for the first time in nearly 15 years. For some reason, this ammo, which was unobtanium during the "O" years is readily available for a reasonable price. I also noticed that .327 S&W and .38 Super are also readily available. Sadly, I have...
  5. G

    Mark IV vs Buckmark vs Victory

    Which one do you prefer and why? I have a Mark IV that has been worth every penny. Never shot the other two.
  6. JonF.

    Which gun is better? The Marlin 795 or the 60?

    I know that they are virtually the same rifle, but those of you who own, or have owned, both of the rifles, which did you like the best? Why?
  7. JonF.

    Best semi .22 for $200 and below? No 10/22's

    I'm look for a good semi-auto .22 for a while now, debating picking up a Marlin M60 as my local pawnshop sells 'em for 130-150$
  8. SharpDog

    Whatever Happened to the .17 Winchester Super Magnum

    Heard a lot about it right before and during the Great Ammo Crunch. Some initial problems with the Savage BMags but nothing earth-shattering and now it's like 4 years later, ammo's cheap and nothing but crickets in the .17 WSM factory. Is it alive ? Is it dead ? Sure seemed like it would be...
  9. adcoch1

    H&R followed me homehome

    So at the gun show Saturday I stopped to talk to a friend running one of the knife tables, and all of a sudden he points out his latest acquisition in the case. Mixed among the antique and beat up knives he pulls out this little gem. I was really surprised because I've been looking for a little...
  10. <*(((><

    Ruger GP-100 .22lr 5.5”

    Finally broke down and purchased the gun I’ve been wanting since they came out. For $617 it’s more than I paid for my used GP100 4” 357 used but, I know it will last several lifetimes and that’s what matters to me. It’ll be a great one to walk around on the hip target shooting or on hikes...
  11. K

    Appropriate scope for CZ 455 multi-caliber

    I'm thinking of trading up my Savage MKII/Bushnell scope combo (the kind you get at Cabela's) for a CZ 455 American combo (the one with the .17 HMR and .22 LR barrels) and am wondering about scopes. What would be a good scope for covering both calibers? I'm not familiar enough with the...
  12. R

    Kimber K22 SVT

    Hello all, I occasionally see informal matches set up that are rimfire only, but more like a PRS style match. Locally, a few clubs have started discussion on similar type matches and it seems like this rifle would be perfect for a match where the shooter will transition from prone to standing...
  13. Sidewinder243

    Scope for 10/22?

    I'm in the market for a scope for a 10/22 that I use for hunting and for fun. anybody know of decent quality scopes (maybe 3-9 or 2.5-7) for less than $200? I have been looking at at BSA, Simmons, Bushnell, and Nikon. Does anybody have any suggestions? thanks buccos
  14. J

    My First Rimfire: CZ 452 17hmr Training Rifle

    CZ has actually discontinued this model but a few new ones are still being imported. I got mine from BudsGunshop.com. Just picked her up today from my FFL, brought it home and thought I'd share my first impressions. (And a few pics). First of all, this rifle just feels solid. Fit and finish...