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“Mr. Camp’s Site Please”

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by sm, Jan 15, 2006.

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  1. sm

    sm member

    Dec 22, 2002
    Between black coffee, and shiftn' gears
    “Mr. Camp’s Site Please”

    Mr. Stephen A. Camp, this one is for you sir.

    Mr. Camp is one of the most civil persons to post on any Internet Forum
    Mr. Camp shares real world experience, takes great photographs, and his works - the man can write.

    Mr. Camp is at fault.

    Well - I “may” have something to do with what happened …still Mr. Camp is at fault.

    We have a widowed mom; raising two kids; the boy age nine, the girl “almost seven”. We have come a long way from Big Chief notebooks and fat pencils in early years of school too.

    These kids already use computers in school. Mom has the “really cool” computer, son received one from grandparents, two years ago, and the holidays “yeah and got me a computer all my own and it is so cool”.

    The way this works is, mom upgraded her system, new printer and such, son needed a printer, so mom’s she was using went to son, and now daughter and son share a printer. Kids stay away from mom’s stuff, they have their own – there was that part about Grandpa selling the kids for a new shotgun he found, Grandpa grinned as usual and the kids started breathing again.

    One of them mom’s that shoots, conceal carries and the kids gather around the computer and read internet forums…after homework is done, they have emailed the teacher their daily entries and handwritten into daily journals…with ink pens.

    A seven year old just has to show Grandpa what he helped her get. Has the ability to drag both Grandpa and I both down a hall to show comparisons of these 3 computers. You do not just walk in, see a computer from across the room…”you gotta sit down and see stuff”.

    Mr. Camp’s Site please.

    The magic of a mom’s touch (and administrator rights).


    Once at Mr. Camp’s Site, the little gal knows exactly where she wants to go first.
    http://www.hipowersandhandguns.com/Humble 38 Special.htm

    Did I mention Mr. Camp’s Site and that link was on all 3 computers at the same time? :)

    “See, it looks better on my new computer than Mom’s or brothers…told ya. I really really like those stocks, Grandpa, you have a gun like that, and can we go shoot it?”

    Grandpa goes here: http://www.hipowersandhandguns.com/Short Look at Snubs.htm

    Yeah this link was also viewed on the other two computers as well…quit laughing, you sound like the mom during all this..

    So Grandpa has a surprise. We all head out to Grandpa’s place and guess what he has? Speer Rubber Bullets.

    Grandma can shoot, just when grandkids come out...kitchens and cooking are more important.

    Eyes, ears, 4 Rules of Safety and [curled up lip] “My hands too small for that gun in the picture”.
    “Honey your hands will get bigger.” Mom informs her…[pouty lip and it is not the same if you hold it and someone has to pull the trigger].

    Model 36, 3” bbl with the factory wood stocks – work better. “YEAH!”

    Yes I know, mom and Grandpa know, a J frame is not the best gun to teach a kid.

    This was safe shooting with a lot of fun. Inside a barn type structure to stay out of wind (and to find bullets) shooting at tin cans sitting on hay bales.

    Do not tell the kids we adults had more fun than the kids…

    We also learned something about kids, like one ever learns everything about a kid…
    The boy preferred the Model 60; being stainless it matches his bicycle. The Daughter prefers Blue guns…you guessed it, her bike is “a really cool blue”.

    “Mr. Camp must have a blue bicycle, because he said his favorite gun was that High Power and it is blue”. :p

    “I’ll ask him” [yeah I know, I have 3 folks looking at me when I said this…]

    “Oh! You know Mr. Camp?…how totally cool!"

    “Err…umm…err…Let us just say I am familiar with Mr. Camp and we have communicated, okay?”

    “Cool, ask him if he ever shot Rubber Bullets at tin cans and what his favorite gun to shoot them with is. I bet it is that Model 10…and ask him if he minds me printing pictures for my notebook…and…and…why doesn’t he do a picture of a gun like this one [Model 36 with 3” barrel] shooting tin cans. He can do real bullets, but ask him if he has any rubber ones”.

    “No he does not mind if you have pictures in a notebook”

    So Mr. Camp is at fault and I may have assisted in some way …

    This little gal has these pictures inserted in plastic page protectors in a notebook - resembles a photo album.

    The most organized want list a parent or grandparent will ever see.

    Thank you Mr. Camp from me, from a mom, grandparents , and two kids…especially one with a new computer.

    Oh yeah, I ate two homemade brownies for you since I was into them and all anyway... :D


  2. The Freeholder

    The Freeholder Member

    Nov 8, 2004
    North Carolina
    A most excellent story. Thanks for sharing it.

    And how were the brownies, hm-m-m? :)
  3. R-Tex12

    R-Tex12 Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    Great story, sm!

    And a huge +1 to: "Mr. Camp is one of the most civil persons to post on any Internet Forum". It's been my observation and experience that he's unfailingly so.

    I have found, however, that it's expensive entertainment to read his various pieces. I almost always add a new item to my wish list as a result of reading his reviews. :)
  4. bytor94

    bytor94 Member

    Jun 11, 2003
    Very good!

    Not only is it Mr. Camps fault, but many of you on THR.

    Some of you just post pictures to make me add more to my wish lists! :D :D
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