1/2-oz 12 Gauge (for the Search engines)

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by MEHavey, Oct 4, 2021.

  1. MEHavey

    MEHavey Member

    Jul 27, 2010
    Just playing on the skeet range for the last 9 months -- decide to take the shot weights down.
    Hodgdon & Lyman have good Load references, so I walked it down: 1⅛, 1.0, 7/8, 3/4, ... things shot so well-balanced with the 12ga Beretta O/U that I thought I'd take it down to duplicate where my Beretta 410 was as well -- only with better "mass" in swinging up/over on Low Gun.

    Only no data -- at all -- for 12Ga_½oz

    "The Internet" came up with just duplicating mid point 3/4 oz data for the components (AA/Fiocchi616/Claybuster-CB0175-12/700X/15gr), and putting a felt wad-spacer in the 3/4-oz shot cup.
    (Felt was more trouble than it's worth. I settled on using a 1/8" card)


    FailSafe -- same powder load, but lighter projectile.
    Worked/shot well over about a week-10 days

    Decided to save my 700X supply and look for other powder options.
    Hodgdon listed that same 3/4 oz load for 700X, Clays, and TiteWad.
    I had a coupla pounds of Clays.
    Same game: Mid 3/4 oz Loadout (16.9gr), but with lighter projectile (1/2 oz)

    A bit of a surprise -- and had to walk it down... "quite a bit"


    Chronographs are your friend.

    WARNING: My Beretta/Shotgun, the exact components listed, and my dusty old (but still very reliable) Oehler-35.
    mileage may vary.
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  2. Armorer 101

    Armorer 101 Member

    Jan 6, 2019
    Just run a search for low recoil 12ga and look for the youtube vid of bird shot reloading. The Vid is not so great but it is for 1/2 oz loads. Guy uses regular plastic cups with 6 card wad fillers and 1/2 oz shot and regular powder loads for the heavier shot weight loads, results in lower recoil, 2 3/4 shells.
  3. GE-Mini-Gun

    GE-Mini-Gun Member

    Jan 15, 2004
    I so wish Claybuster would come out with a 1/2oz wad for the 12 or 20ga or even the 28. I’ve been running their 3/4oz wad since it came out years ago…shoot it in skeet, sporting clays and 5-stand…scores have not changed from the 1oz load I used to run. Thought about doing the 1/2oz but the additional steps for the card are a deal breaker for me as it slows down the process; shooting close to 15k per year and anything that slows the process is a no go. Pretty sure there’s a thread on Shotgunworld about the 1/2oz load
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