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1/4 M.O.A. Target dots

Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by jeffdt, Oct 27, 2005.

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  1. jeffdt

    jeffdt Member

    Sep 24, 2005
    Does anyone have any experience with Bushnell Elite 4200 series with this reticle? Mine recently arrived and when I look thru it the cross hairs and dot are virtualy impossible to see. I have tried all sorts of focusing, still pretty much useless. Also have had several other people peer thru it with the same results (thought it might be my eye). My next step is to call Bushnell but at this point I don't know if this is a particular scope problem or how they all are ?

    I'd like to know before I call. It is not even close to the depiction of this particular reticle that they use on thier web site.

    Thanks, Jeff
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