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1911 options

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Detritus, Sep 21, 2006.

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  1. Detritus

    Detritus Member

    Jan 19, 2003
    Central NC
    have recently begun to contemplate replacing the Springfield GI-mil spec i sold last year. And my recent shop browsing and thinking has led me to ask of those more in the know than myself.

    OK here's the deal, what i want to end up with in the end is a reliable 1911A1 type pistol with a decent set of three-dot sights, possibly(maybe preferrably) 3-dot night sights but i don't really know my rear from a hole in the ground with regard to basic level 1911+aftermarket sights Vs. higher end 1911 with the sight type i want standard.

    In case it matters, gun will be used in the following roles, it will be one of two pistols used by my family at the range (along side the Bersa .380 Thunder my wife owns) and as such will probably be used pretty much every time i go to the range, it will be the pistol i use to take the TX CHL class and the pistol i intend to carry once i receive my CHL.

    OK this is what has me going "not enough info, and don't know what i'm really looking at", last week i went browsing through my two favorite stores and came across two examples (one at each of the two shops) of the Kimber Custom TLE II, both used, one was a Custom TLE II (LG) with the factory CrimsonTrace laser grips tagged for a little less than what a NIB TLE II with standard grips goes for (gun shows little if any wear, i'd be surprised at more than 50-100 rounds having been through it) but i have little to no use for Laser grips and it's unlikely that i could get them to sell me the pistol without the grips (i have a nice set of double Diamond walnut grips i plan to use for whatever i get).
    second example is a regular TLE II that someone put a set of aftermarket CrisonTrace grips on, and THAT shop WILL sell the gun without the grips, and at a price that is reasonable to me.

    to cut a long drawn out thought process short (or i'll REALLY ramble on).

    First off, for the average shooter/CHL holder, do night sights offer enough of a bump to utility to justify the rise in cost over regular 3-dot sights? or is it a case of night sights being a "i-wanna-have-the-cool-gadget" item in most cases??

    IF night sights are something to be seriously considered by the average shooter, that brings me to the question of whether buying a lower cost, but quality gun (ie Springfield GI, or a RIA mil-spec type) and having a set of night sights installed, would be a stupid/uneconomical move compared to buying a factory model that already has them?

    If one were to go the "Basic pistol + aftermarket sights" route what would be recomended in the way of who's sights to look into?

    and lastly anyone know what the difference between the Kimber TLE II and the Custom II W/night sights is? is it just that the TLE has a checkered frontstrap??

    well thank you for any input or guidance you can give me, it's always appreciated. i'm sure i'll wind up with more questions as the answers come in.:)
  2. TheFrontRange

    TheFrontRange Member

    Jan 17, 2003
    A recommendation for a good 1911 with night sights...take a look at the Springfield Armory "Loaded" series. I have one in black (parkerized) that I picked up very-gently used for right at $600. I saw one for sale this week in the Classified section at www.SIGForum.com LNIB for $650. I'm not sure if that's in your price range or not, how that compares to the Kimbers you're looking at, etc.

    I like night sights myself...they can help you find the pistol from bedside in a low-/no-light situation as well as help get you on-target if need be (in conjunction with a good combat light, of course!) I also have them on a SiG and am interested in having some put on my AR.

    In any case, this 1911 makes a fine home-defense / CCW pistol.

    I have not yet gone the route of affixing aftermarket night sights on a 1911, but I know folks here who have will chime in.
  3. Bazooka Joe71

    Bazooka Joe71 Member

    Aug 21, 2006
    Southern Indiana
    As far as your question about them being worth the difference in cost; tritium night sites usually run from about $60-90, plus installation if you dont know how to put them on yourself.

    As far as the "i-wanna-have-the-cool-gadget" is concerned, its really all about the situations. Personally, I like mine. Could i do without them? Yes. Would i want to? No....But i do think they are a nice addition to any gun, especially one that will be a HD gun in the future(its amazing how those things glow right after taking it out of the safe).

    That was about as helpful as a poke in the eye, but i tried:D

    I actually have a quick question about tritium myself...How does that stuff work, I mean, after it being in a dark safe for 16 hours, with all of the lights out, I can grab a gun out and they are still glowing. How much light do they need to glow and how long do they glow without any light?
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2006
  4. Lloyd Smale

    Lloyd Smale Member

    Jan 23, 2003
    Munising MI
    trinium is radioactive. Glows all the time. YOur kimber choises are good guns. One of the most accurate 1911s ive ever owned was a kimber standard target sold it to buy a higher end springfield and should have kept the kimber as it outshot it and was just as reliable. IVe got colts kimbers and springfields in the safe now along with stis and a lone dectonics. I favor in this order Sti Colt and kimber a toss up and springfield last. Ive had and have good springfields but have had to week through to many that would either not shoot accurately and ran well or shot great but were jamamatics.
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