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2 ARs in the works

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by The King of Pants, Apr 13, 2010.

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  1. The King of Pants

    The King of Pants Member

    May 12, 2007
    I've got a pair of Cav Arms lowers that I picked up a while back that I'm getting ready to build. One is getting built as a scoped 20" in the 3-Gun-ish mode. The other is getting registered and is getting built as a suppressed 9mm, mostly for use as a house gun.

    My questions today center on the first rifle. It will admittedly be mostly a range toy for now, though varmint disposal is the the other reason I settled on the 20" 5.56/.223.

    I've been shopping intensely for a couple of days now. Since I've already settled on a lower, I've been looking at complete uppers knowing that I may end up having to swap some parts to get things exactly as I want them. I've been avoiding trying to buy the upper in parts on the advice of my local dealer (who admittedly would probably love to just sell me a whole rifle) with his reasons including price, potential warranty coverage and proper fit of the components (not sure how legit that one is).

    The key features I want in this rifle:
    1 in 7" threaded HBAR profile barrel (a suppressor may be in the future)
    Flat top A3/4 upper
    flip up front and rear sights
    FF forearm (my dealer was emphatically against this for anything but a match rifle)

    I guess I'm looking for advice/recommendations as to where I should be shopping at this point and what I should be shopping for. The closest upper assembly I've run across to what I'm envisioning is the Entry Level Rifle YHM-15 Top End, save for the hand guard and the barrel flutes and lack of threading. Anyone have any recommendations for a similar setup off the shelf? Or is piecing something together feasible at a similar price point?
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