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2005 Indiana State IDPA Championship

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by jakemartens, May 4, 2005.

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  1. jakemartens

    jakemartens Member

    Apr 4, 2004
    Indianapolis, IN
    2005 Indiana State
    IDPA Championship

    When: June 4th, 2005
    Where: Redbrush Rifle Range, Newburgh, IN
    Entry Form: www.redbrush.org
    Hosted by: The Indiana Defensive Pistol Shooters
    Cost: $85.00
    # of stages: 12 stages of fire
    # of rounds: minimum 178

    Limited spots left

    ¨This is a concealment match, concealment garments required.
    ¨Entry includes a catered chicken dinner from Grandy’s Restaurant
    ¨Plaques will be awarded to the top finishers in their division and classification
    ¨Entry includes chance drawing at Prize Table with items donated from:

    Stage Sponsors: ($500 + donation)
    Smith and Wesson – S&W stainless 1911 .45acp pistol msrp $960- www.smithandwesson.com 1-800-331-0852
    Electronic Shooters Protection - Certificate for ESP Elite Hearing Protection $795 Value- www.espamerica.com 1-800-767-7791
    Blackwater USA - Certificate for free 3 day Pistol Course $775 value- www.blackwaterUSA.com 252-435-2488
    XS Sight Systems INC – 5 Certificates for sight sets $160 value each- www.xssights.com 1-888-744-4880
    Montana Gold – Certificates for bullets $500 value-www.montanagoldbullet.com 1-800-755-2717
    Surefire – flashlights and magazines over $500 value- www.surefire.com 800-828-8809
    Corbon - $500 in certificates for ammunition- www.corbon.com - 800-626-7266
    Gold Sponsors: ($400 + donation)
    5.11 Tactical – Certificates for free 5.11 Vest (4)- www.511tactical.com 866-451-1726
    Ruger – P345 .45acp pistol- www.ruger.com 203-256-3860
    Silver Sponsors: ($200-$399 donations)
    Comp-Tac www.comp-tac.com 713-681-6881
    Metaloy Industries www.originalmetaloy.com 870-423-4225
    MidWest Training Group www.midwesttraininggroup.net 815-254-2268
    Sentry Solutions www.sentrysolutions.com 800-546-8049
    Wiley X www.wileyx.com 800-776-7842
    Pelican www.pelican.com 800-473-5422
    Sog Knives www.sogknives.com 888-SOG-BEST
    Decot Hy Wyd www.sportglasses.com 602-955-7625
    Bronze Sponsors: ($50-$199 donations)
    Accura Bullets www.accurabullets.com 208-466-1247
    Redding Reloading www.redding-reloading.com 607-753-3331
    Para Ordnance www.paraord.com 416-297-7855
    Zero Bullets www.zerobullets.com 800-545-9376
    HiViz Sights www.hivizsights.com 800-589-4315
    Alessi Holsters www.alessileather.com 716-691-5615
    Don Hume Leather www.donhume.com 800-331-2686
    Oehler Research www.oehler-research.com 512-327-6900
    Wilson Combat www.wilsoncombat.com 800-955-4856
    Cen-Dex www.cen-dex.com 928-443-1513
    Magnus Bullets www.magnusbullets.com 888-246-3948
    Benchmade Knives www.benchmade.com 503-655-6004
    Springfield Armory www.springfieldarmory.com 800-680-6866
    Starline Brass www.starlinebrass.com 800-280-6660
    Otis Technology www.otisgun.com 315-348-4300
    KG Industries www.kgcoatings.com 715-934-3566
    LeatherMan www.leatherman.com 888-828-8830

    We are still expecting more items to come before the match.
    (Attention Donators: The list of companies is from what we have received so far. We will be updating the list as we receive more product or certificates. There is still time to help support the match, please contact me asap:

    Jake Martens
    2005 Indiana State IDPA Championship

    CRUSHER Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    Looking forward to it
    Ill see ya on friday to help set up
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