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Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Jughead88, May 12, 2016.

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  1. Jughead88

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    Jun 29, 2015
    Finally got my 22 project finished. Always wanted to build a high power 22 for hunting. Had a 220 swift at one time. Shot several deer with it, but pretty meesy. Anyway, i thought the wssm was impressive when it came out, but many negatives came from it early, so i never got one. Now, bullets are tougher, longer, etc., so i looked to build a cartridge. I read a lot about the 22-6, and liked the versatility of the round with a shorter twist. Many have AI'd the round to help with case stretch and velocity. I didnt want to spend so much bore wear on forming cases, so i tried to find a case to use to get the powder increase without fireforming. Settled on the 6.5x65 RWS, necked down and shortened to 2.4" case length. I use 22-6 sizer to form cases. The RWS brass is about .004 larger at base than the 6mm rem, so at length and taper, it chambers nice using a 22-6 reamer. It is also tough brass, so it doesnt flow too bad. I have 7 reloads on my cases now, trimmed once. No splits, no anneal. I do have to neck turn a good amount because of the thick brass. That many loads, i dont mind. So far i am tickled pink with this thing. Best load so far
    50 gr H100V
    50 gr maker t-rex hv (hbn coated)
    4312 avg vel (magneto speed chrony)
    1/2 moa 100 yds
    I am still playing with it. I think the mgm barrel is tight on bore, but im good with the accuracy at that speed. This thing would make a great rechamber for 22-250 or 220 swift. It has 470 rim, but has to have L/A. I will check in when i get a chance to shoot it more.

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