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.416 Rigby or .404 Jeffery

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by FITASC666, Mar 10, 2009.

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  1. FITASC666

    FITASC666 Member

    Aug 10, 2008
    Montreal Canada
    A perfect post for H&Hhunter and LionHunter...
    I'm dreaming of a Cape Buffalo hunt and for the past year have been plinking away with a CZ 550 .375 H&H 300grns at 2500 to 2700fps to come to the conclusion that this will do the the job as long as all is well. Comes along Murphy to remind us that hell is around the corner and pretty thins can become ugly in a snap. I can't afford a double in .470 so I'll stick to the bolt action. Herein lies the question. First shot to the vitals, the Dagga Boy runs to thick cover in wait to trample you at his leisure. It's hot and the blood trail thin. These past 30 minutes feel like a cycle up the French Alps in the TOUR. In a flash this ton of anger charges through the shrubs or reeds bending 3'' trees like cattails. Your temples are thundering, your muscles are slow; tunnel vision!! 20yds and closing; you shoulder and fire. Everyting is in slow motion.
    Stop! Get in these pants and choose the caliber.
  2. LionHunter

    LionHunter Member

    Nov 10, 2008
    Silicon Valley
    Not an unreasonable potential scenario. I have actually been surprised by Cape Buff in heavy bush at under 4 yards - twice! You are using good thinking to move up from the .375H&H, of which I am admittedly no fan.

    I would strongly suggest a .416Rem over the Rigby. Ammunition is more readily available and Remington loads it with the Swift A-Frame - my preferred SP - in their premium Safari line at a very good price; components are also easy to come by. Most of my safari buddies like and use this caliber extensively without issue. Personally I've killed at least a half dozen Cape Buff and a Hippo with it and have owned both Remington and Winchester Custom Shop rifles that were exceptionally accurate and smooth as silk.

    I bumped up to a .458Lott a few years ago when I decided I wanted a stopper but still keep a .416Rem around and like it.
  3. H&Hhunter

    H&Hhunter Moderator

    Jan 28, 2003
    Well I can't argue with Lionhunter's advice it is solid. In a modern loading there is practically no difference in the abilities between the various .416's or the .404 they all do basically about the same thing.

    Of the five cape buffalo that I've killed I've used a .458 Lott on three a .470NE on one and a .375H&H on the last and that was because I had my.470 die two days before the trip then my .458 Lott go T.U. in Africa(imagine the odds on that one!) and switched to my spare that I brought which was my .375H&H.

    I own a .404 Jeffery and absolutely love that round it gives you a .423 diameter 400 gr slug at an honest 2300 FPS and it is silky smooth to shoot and operate. The .416 Rigby offers a bit more horse power at the cost of a larger action. I am not a .416 Remington fan but it is a personal thing there is nothing wrong with the caliber.

    Like Lionhunter however, I've also been in the situation you've described above.I've been involved in a full on close quarters charge in thick jesse with a buffalo and I've also been shocked and awed at close quarters on several occasions in the thick stuff by cow elephant. Given those situations I prefer to carry a .458 Lott in a good bolt gun but my favorite is a .470 or a .500 NE in a well fit double. Once you learn to use one there is nothing faster or smoother to swing and shoulder than a good double. However it takes a large investment in time and money to become proficient with a double. And a big bore bolt gun is more versatile for the sport hunter no two ways about it.

    If it were me I'd flip a coin and then I'd get a .404 Jeffery. But I am kind of strange that way. I simply like to use traditional African rifles and calibers.
  4. MDG1976

    MDG1976 Member

    Jul 8, 2005
    great analogy!
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