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.44 Loads with Win. Super-Field

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Mikul, Sep 21, 2004.

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  1. Mikul

    Mikul Member

    Dec 26, 2002
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    I use Winchester Super-Field in all of my 9mm loads and now that I'm shooting a lot more .44, it would be nice to use the same powder.

    Problem: There is no load data available for WSF in a .44. Yipee!

    I found another powder's load data which is close in burning rate to WSF and started a little below that, and this is what I found (velocities are averages of 5 shots):

    Ruger Redhawk 5-1/2" barrel
    200gr LRN in Magtech .44 Magnum brass with Remington 2-1/2 primers.

    7gr WSF: 835 fps (168 extreme spread)
    7.5gr WSF: 907 fps (135 es)
    8gr WSF: 943 fps (120 es)
    8.5gr WSF: 1002 fps (34 es)
    9gr WSF: 1047 fps (32 es)

    There were no pressure signs: extraction was smooth and primers were round and bright.

    The most interesting thing was how the extreme spread shrunk when I got to 8.5gr. While the other loads seem safe enough, their extreme spread is enough to make a difference in group size and I won't shoot them.

    While I do have the velocities, I do not have pressure information, so use this data at your own risk. What is safe in my gun, may not be in yours. I certainly can't tell you if this is safe for .44 Special guns. The velocities seems right at the cusp. If you use this load data and blow your arm off, you're an idiot.
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