.45 Colt Dies for .45 Schofield?

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by ezypikns, May 23, 2007.

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  1. ezypikns

    ezypikns Member

    Jul 16, 2004
    Dallas, Texas
    I just checked my copy of Lee's Modern Reloading, and I can't see why I can't use .45 Colt dies to reload .45 Schofield cartridges. The case diameter is exactly the same (.480). The bullet diameters are also the same. The only difference seems to be that the .45 Colt case is longer, and the .45 colt rim is .512 rather than .525 for the Schofield.

    It looks like the .45 Colt dies will work for the Schofield but not the other way around.

    It does look like I'll need another cartridge conversion kit for my Dillon RL-550B. I don't believe the Schofield rims will fit the Colt shell plate.

    I'm reloading for a Cimarron (Uberti) Richards Mason 1860 Army Cartridge Conversion revolver.

  2. Jim Watson

    Jim Watson Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    Schofield case length is shorter. I don't think the crimp shoulder would reach and some dies do not have enough adjustment to even seat the bullet.
    I had .44 Magnum/Special dies modified to load .44 Russian to save the cost of a purpose made set. You can have the seating die shortened as required.
  3. highlander 5

    highlander 5 Member

    Sep 15, 2006
    RCBS makes a 45 Colt/45 Schofield die set that work quite well. I have 2 set ups one for 45 Colt and one for 45 Schofield. When I first loade Schofield ammo I used 45 acp dies and yes the taper crimp worked.
  4. barnetmill

    barnetmill Member

    Jun 6, 2006
    As stated by an earlier posting .45 ACP dies should work for seating and crimping? The .45 ACP is a shorter case and should work for seating and sizing and you can still use the .45 long colt sizing die and also expander.

    You could as suggested buy a "RCBS makes a 45 Colt/45 Schofield die set", but anything made by RCBS is expensive.
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  5. RecoilRob

    RecoilRob Member

    Sep 30, 2003
    I've loaded Schofield with Lee 45 Colt dies no problem. Seat and crimp work fine but, as you already know, the shellholder didn't work.

    I scrounged and used one of my other Lee holders (303 Britt I think) and it worked just fine.

    My 500 Schofields now have Colt diameter rims as the Taurus Thunderbolt choked on the bigger ones. Many tedious minutes on a drill press spinning and trimming until they fit in the Colt shell holder. Uggghhh....but the rifle likes them now!
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