460 Short A-Square Rechamber Job

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by Uncleb, Sep 17, 2016.

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  1. Uncleb

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    Sep 16, 2016
    In 2011 a gentleman posted a post named (460 Short A-Square Conversion Project). I'm looking for brass for this largely unnoticed quality round the ".460 A-Square Short". I'm not sure why weatherby hasn't picked this round up for it's in line already with they'er rifles they build and the .460 A-Square Short is IMHO a better cartridge and more accurate than the Lott .458 and the others that took this route to make an easier .458 to shoot than the .460 WBY. Weatherby would sell a ton of the Vanguards chambered in .460 A-Square Short, it's already got the action fot it, cause they're selling a Vanguard Dangerous Game Rifle chambered in the .375 H&H, so makes sense to me to finish that line out with the .460 A-Square Short. Finishing the line of Vanguard rifles & Cartridges out would in fact help sell both Weatherby's expensive line of rifles & prestige line of Cartridges and the cheaper line of Vanguards. Once a Vanguard in .460 A-Square Short is purchased, it's just almost a natural for a purchase of it's big brother the .460 WBY in a fine piece of wood or the like. Weatherby's customers think along the lines of "a little bits ok, mores better, to much is just enough" anyway so the .460 A-Square Short fits right in lol. If somebody could steer me in the right direction on as to where I could obtain brass for the .460 A-Square Short a free hunting trip might not be out of the question. Thanks ... BRIAN
Thread Status:
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