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'92 Puma report

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by robctwo, Jul 27, 2010.

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  1. robctwo

    robctwo Member

    Jul 9, 2003
    Albany, Oregon
    I've been fooling around with some 255 gr lswc in .452 for the Colt & ACP.

    Heard that these were supposed to be pretty accurate, so loaded up some for the Rossi '92. THESE ARE NOT FOR REGULAR REVOLVERS!

    10.5 Universal, set them to a smidge above the shoulder.

    I have the Skinner peep sight on the barrel, and have the small gold bead front sight, raised up from factory.

    Windage was good from my last trip, and elevation was good with the 250 gr loads I had used to zero the gun. The 255s were a tad low at 100 yards, so I elevated the peep by 1/2 turn. I used my sissy pad for the first 30 rounds. Shot some other stuff i brought, then went to the plate rack to let the barrel cool off.

    When I came back I decided to take off the pad, stand up and shoot three rounds off hand at 50 and 100 yards as quick as I could get a sight picture. Cover the target with the dot and let fly.



    I have no idea which shot was low on the 100 yd target.

    I killed my first deer with Dad's long gone 30-30 with open sights. I think I'll get another in the future.
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