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A couple of questions for a book (concerning gun wounds and hit "probability")

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Telesway, Mar 10, 2009.

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  1. Telesway

    Telesway Member

    Nov 16, 2006
    Mushroom land
    I'm doing background research for a crime novel and have gotten a few questions for those more knowledgeable about gunshot wounds and gunfights.

    I'll divide the post into two parts: the first part is about gunshot wounds and the second about the possibilities of scoring/getting hit in a certain situation.


    How serious a wound would it be if a 9mm FMJ bullet goes through your bicep? For example, if your arm is stretched out before you (like you'd be pointing a gun at someone) and someone shoots at you from the side. The idea is that the bullet would go through the muscle and exit on the other side of the bicep.

    What about a wound if a 9mm FMJ bullet goes through your palm? E.g. the middle of the palm. How useless would the hand be? Could you fire a gun with it? Could you drive a car with it immediately after getting hit?

    Would either wound require hospital treatment or could you treat them at home with over the counter products?

    How likely is an infection if the shot person has to swim in a sea for a distance of a few hundred yards before the wound has had a chance to close or it has been properly cleaned/bandaged?

    How serious would the infection be and could it be treated at home and with over the counter products?

    Is it even possible to swim the above mentioned distance with a bullet through either your bicep or your palm?

    How much bleeding would either wound cause? How long would it take for a person to lose their consciousness from such wounds? Over 30 minutes?

    What if the bullet only scratches but deep enough to take off skin and cause bleeding: what is the risk of infection then?


    Here is the setting of the shootout:

    car 1-----25yrds-----group 1, group 2-----25yrds-----group 3, car 2

    So there are two cars, the distance between them about 50 yards. In group 1 there are 3 people, two of whom have modern 9mm pistols (e.g. Glocks), and one has a hammerless snubby in .38 (e.g. SW model 40). Group 2 has 3 people, all of whom carry modern 9mm pistols, and Group 3 has 2 people, both of whom carry modern 9mm pistols. Groups 2 and 3 are on the same side.

    At the end of a drug deal, a member of Group 1 (the one with the revolver) shoots a member of Group 2 without prior warning and without even pulling the revolver from his jacket pocket. Immediately after the first shot, the two others from Group 1 draw and start firing at Groups 2 and 3, all of whom also draw and start firing towards Group 1 but Group 2 is in the firing line of Group 3.

    None of the participants have any formal and realistic firearms or tactical training or much experience of gunfights.

    It should be mentionted that all the parties participating in this scene are criminals and the police is arriving on the scene. The sirens can be heard just before the first shot is fired. By the way, would the police put on their sirens if they have gotten information of such a drug trade and are coming to arrest the participants? Or would they come in "stealth"?
    Anyway, all participants, save for the police, are in a big hurry to get away from the scene. Getting away is a priority to actually killing the other party.

    What would the hit percentage be in a situation like that? My guess is that the first shots fired without prior aggression would probably hit but that the following exchanges between the various members of the groups would probably be largely misses, right?

    Are there statistics of similiar gunfights available? I'm just trying to get an idea of how much damage two parties of aforementioned qualities can inflict on each other under above mentioned circumstances. Would it be realistic if nobody else besides the first "victim" would be hit?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Hungry Seagull

    Hungry Seagull member

    Feb 19, 2009
    Im going to have to point you towards Trauma information that might contain case histories you seek. The CDC might have this information online.

    It's not just the bone/muscle. You are dealing with water shock waves from the hit, tissue damage, blood vessal cuts, nerve damage, shock and other problems stemming from a injury of that nature.

    Sometimes a hit at one point will cause the bullet to tumble and skate elsewhere into the body. Maybe into the Adomen or across the chest or back.

    The best I can tell you off the top of my head from a book I recall years ago during the years of the First Gulf War, 20% were lower leg injuries. about the same for the arms and hands, 10% were neck and head with the rest spread between neck and groin.

    No two wounds were the same.

    I say this much... it's pretty random.

    Regarding your scenario with groups of untrained people... well... it's all spray and pray and jumping around from what Ive seen.

    The Movies are a bad influence. If they want to learn to fight with weapons properly, they need to spend some of that energy in a USMC Boot Camp learning to do it right and serve our Country as well.
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