A THR Primer on Courtesy and Basic Abbreviations, Acronyms and Terminology

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    Most of the following are rules and some are suggestions. Using them will not necessarily guarantee that you do not break the rules in other ways, but will help you be welcomed as a polite member of the group.

    1. The quality or condition of being vulgar.
    2. Something, such as an act or expression, that offends good taste or propriety
    (American Heritage Dictionary).

    This is in opposition to being polite, which is what you agreed to when you registered. "Creative" attempts to get around the language filter are not acceptable. They are an obvious disregard for other members and THR's mission of reaching out to the uninformed and undecided people that we have a chance to better inform on RKBA issues. Such a violation of the principles of civil discussion may subject you to disciplinary action. There are words that are not blocked out by the language filter, usage of which will demean what you have to say and that will lower the level of conversation to the "locker room". The bottom line is, "If you wouldn't say it in front of Art Eatman's sainted Grammaw, then don't say it here."

    Don't insult people, but challenge arguments. Correcting factual information or discussing how your experience varies from another member's is very different from slinging personal insults. If a poster has been sufficiently challenged already, don't gang-post them and put them on the defensive .. give them a chance to respond to the first challenge.

    In the same vein, don't insult others indirectly by posting stories, articles, jokes, etc., for the sole purpose of disparaging a group, profession, state, or country. We have a wide variety of members from many professions, states, and countries; nothing is gained by attempts to belittle them, but a great deal can be lost.

    Posting off topic posts: These can range from confusing to distracting to being rude so it needs to be avoided. We see frequent complaints about someone asking about experience or recommendations about an item or product and someone chiming in with something outside of their scope (e.g. get a revolver in question about a specific semi, get a semi in a question about revolvers, get a shotgun in a question about carbines, etc.). If you can't address the OP's question your post may be deleted to keep from derailing the discussion.

    "Colorful" stories: Less is more. No one will be impressed at your deft comparison of any action with a firearm with any type of sexual act. You reduce the maturity of the board and firearm owners in general. Also, we are completely uninterested in your sexual exploits of any type. This equates to vulgarity and can result in deletions, warnings, or infractions that may limit your activity.

    PM's: Private messages are considered just that. In general, sharing or posting the contents of a private message will be considered inappropriate, unless the message violates the law (containing a physical threat, for instance, in which case notifying staff is more appropriate).

    Try to be as courteous in PM's as you would in any of the open forums.

    Introductions: You are welcome but not obligated to post an introduction in the New Member thread in the General Discussion forum. You may also include an introduction if you begin a thread or reply to one.

    Goodbyes: If you decide for any reason that you will no longer share your time with us here, posting a public goodbye will only make us think you are an attention-seeking drama queen. If you decide to go, do so quietly and with decorum. You may always change your mind at your leisure.

    Posting links: Don't post a link to a news article and let it go at that. Please post the first paragraph or a summary of the article. That would help members decide if they want to go to the linked article for the remainder of the story.

    It is also considered to be bad form to post a link to a site that requires "sign up" before the article can be read. Only post links that are accessible by all and a description of the article in your own words along with a link. Remember that copyright rules and "fair use" don't allow us to post the entire article or even parts thereof as freely as we used to so until there's a change in the fair use laws or the courts establish limits don't excerpt any part of material from anyone other than solidly pro2A sources.

    Please take our low bandwidth members into consideration when posting links to a large file or a picture heavy site. A warning given along with the link will help them decide if they want to continue to the link.

    Searches: The search engine exists for more than one purpose. If you have an exciting news article to report or you are looking for information on a particular subject, the chances are very good that the article has been posted or the information you seek is already available. Try a search before posting if there is any chance that the information already exists on THR. Never assume you are the first to the forum with a fast breaking story.

    On the other hand, if by chance another member does post an old article or asks a question that has been answered a thousand times in the past, please don't be so rude as to simply say "Try a search". If you don't have useful information for the member such as a link to the old info, simply don't post.

    Closed threads: If a Moderator closes a thread that you think should have stayed open please send a civil well reasoned PM to them explaining why you think the thread was on topic or relevant before posting a rant in Technical. This will accomplish two things: It will allow you to express your position on the thread and permit the Mod to explain theirs, and it will prevent you from suddenly having a large number of other members remind you to PM the Mod before posting in the open. If there's no indication about which Mod closed a thread, you should PM one of that forum's Mods about it.

    If you're not satisfied with the answer to your PM then you may start a civil reasonable thread in Technical seeking an explanation. Be sure to note that you have already PMed the Mod to avoid having others remind you to do so.

    The Grammar Police: If someone has made a spelling or keystroke error, and which of us has never done that, there's no need to point it out unless there's no way to tell what they meant. Asking for clarification isn't poking fun at another member, but making fun of them or correcting their spelling is pointless and mean spirited and is low road behavior. Consider that their contribution to the forum, regardless of spelling and grammar, may be greater than that of the "schoolmarm" that makes no other contribution than picking at spelling.

    Much of the above can be summarized by our simple slogan: "Think twice, post once."

    On a lighter note -


    We have left this thread open, not for comment, but to encourage any member who has a good addition to the primer to append it. Please don't use this thread for commentary or conversation on grammar, courtesy, etc.

    Please note that all additional posts will be eventually deleted. So if your contribution disappears, don't take it personally, we simply want to keep the thread simple. If your contribution is considered to be worthwhile, you will see it added to the primer above.

    Thank you,
    The THR Staff
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    Basic Abbreviations

    Common Firearm Related Abbreviations
    (Also see post 3 below)

    AWB - Assault Weapons Ban
    BT - Boat Tail [Ammo]
    BUG - BackUp Gun
    CC - Concealed Carry
    CCW - Carry Concealed Weapon (carry permit)
    CHP - Concealed Handgun Permit (carry permit)
    CMP - Civilian Marksmanship Program
    CWP - Concealed Weapons Permit (carry permit)
    DA - Double Action [Firing Mechanism]
    DAO - Double Action Only [Firing Mechanism]
    HCP - Handgun Carry Permit (carry permit)
    FFL - Federal Firearms License
    FMJ - Full Metal Jacket [Ammo]
    FTE - Failed To Eject [Semi-auto]
    FTF - Fail To Feed [Semi-auto]
    HP - Hollow Point [Ammo]
    IWB - Inside Waist Band [Holster]
    JHP - Jacketed Hollow Point [Ammo]
    LEO - Law Enforcement Officer
    NRA - National Rifle Association
    OWB - Outside Waist Band [Holster]
    OC - Open Carry [Carrying your firearm in open view]
    POTUS - President Of The United States
    RKBA- Right to Keep and Bear Arms
    SCOTUS - Supreme Court Of The United States
    SA - Single Action [Firing Mechanism]
    SA/DA - Single Action/Double Action [Firing Mechanism]
    SO - Sheriff's Office

    Buying and Selling

    FTF or F2F- Face To Face (Transaction)
    SPF - Sold Pending Funds
    WTB - Want To Buy
    WTS - Want To Sell
    WTT - Want To Trade

    General Webspeak

    AFAIK - As Far As I Know
    BF - BoyFriend
    BFF - Best Friends Forever
    BTTT - Back To The Top
    Bump - Outside of a For Sale type thread, an effort by someone that doesn't have anything to contribute to get a thread back into discussion.
    DFTT - Don't Feed The Troll
    DSTSS - Don't Sweat the Small Stuff
    FWIW - For What It's Worth
    IANAL - I Am Not A Lawyer
    IBTL - In Before The Lock!
    IIRC - If I Remember Correctly
    IMO - In My Opinion
    IMHO - In My Humble (or Honest) Opinion
    KWIM - Know What I Mean?
    NIMBY - Not In My Back Yard
    OP - Original Post or Original Poster
    ROTFL - Rolling On The Floor Laughing
    ROTFLMAO - Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off
    SWMBO - She Who Must Be Obeyed (wife)
    WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get
    YMMV - Your mileage may vary
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    General Acronyms and Initialisms
    2A 2nd Amendment
    ACOG Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight
    ACP Automatic Colt Pistol
    AD Accidental Discharge (see also ND, negligent discharge)
    AE Action Express
    AF Alternative Force
    AFAIK As Far As I Know
    AI Ackley Improved
    AOP Assault on Principal [exec protection]
    AOW Any Other Weapon (zip guns, other non-standard small-bore firearms)
    AWB Assault Weapons Ban (part of the 1994 Crime Bill) [legislation]
    BAR Browning Automatic Rifle
    BB Bull Barrel
    BBL Barrel
    BC Ballistic Coeffecient
    BG Bad Guy, or Big Grin
    BHP Browning Hi-Power
    BMG Browning Machine Gun
    BOB Bug-Out Bag (or "Go Bag")
    BOHICA Bend Over, Here It Comes Again
    BP Black Powder; Black Powder Cartridge Rifle
    BUG Back-Up Gun (second or third gun carried in case the primary malfunctions)
    CC Concealed carry
    CCW Concealed Carry Weapon (license)
    CHL Concealed Handgun License
    CHP Concealed Handgun Permit
    CIAO This is not an acronym. It's Italian for "bye."
    COD Cash On Delivery
    COM Center Of Mass
    CONUS CONtinental United States
    CPL Concealed Pistol License
    CQB Close-Quarters Battle
    CQC Close-Quarters Combat
    CRISAT Cooperative Research Into Small Arms Technology
    CRPA Certified Royal Pain in the A--
    CUP Copper Units of Pressure; a method of measuring chamber pressure, most common with shotguns
    CWP Concealed Weapons Permit
    DA Double Action
    DAO Double Action Only
    DARFC Duck And Run For Cover
    DD Destructive Device (generally bombs and large-bore weapons)
    DOA Dead On Arrival [police]
    DPS Department of Public Safety (most states have them)
    DVC Diligentia Vis Celeritas (latin for Accuracy, Power, Speed)
    EBR Evil Black Rifle
    EDC Every Day Carry
    EDP Emotionally Disturbed Person [NYPD]
    EIN Employer Identification Number
    EO Executive Order
    ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
    ETA Edited To Add (Internet speak)
    ETS End tenure of service.
    FFL Federal Firearms License or Licensee
    FOF Force-On-Force
    FOIA Freedom of Information Act
    FPS Feet Per Second
    FTE Failure to Eject
    FTE Failure to Extract
    FTF Face to Face (referring to non-FFL-mediated gun transfers)
    FTF Failure to Feed
    FTF Failure to Fire
    FTLOG For The Love Of God
    FUBAR F---ed Up Beyond All Recognition
    FWIW For What It's Worth
    FYI For Your Information
    GC gas check; a copper-zinc alloy cup used as gilding to protect the base of lead bullets from hot gas obduration during internal ballistics.
    GD&R Grin, Duck, & Run
    GF GirlFriend
    GFSZ Gun free school zone
    GG Good Guy
    GI Government Issue
    GMT Greenwich Mean Time (timezone, equivalent to Zulu/UTC)
    HAND Have A Nice Day
    HBAR Heavy Barrel AR
    HCP Handgun Carry Permit
    HD Home Defense
    HDC Home Defense Carbine
    HMG Heavy Machine Gun
    HSLD High Speed Low Drag
    HSO Handle for a moronic Moderator on the best firearms boards around (Health & Safety Officer)
    HSP Highly Sensitive Person
    HTH Hope That Helps
    IANAL I Am Not A Lawyer
    IBTL In before the lock, or In before thread lock
    IDLE International Date Line East
    IDLW International Date Line West
    IINM If I'm Not Mistaken
    IIRC If I Remember Correctly
    IMHO In My Humble Opinion
    IMNSHO In My Not So Humble Opinion
    IMO In My Opinion
    IOW In Other Words
    IRL In Real Life
    IWB Inside WaistBand
    JBT Jack Booted Thug
    JMB John Moses Browning
    JMO Just My Opinion
    JSP Jacketed Soft Point
    KB Kaboom
    KISS Keep It Simple, Stupid
    KWIM Know What I Mean
    KYPD Keep Your Powder Dry
    LDA Light Double Action
    LE Law Enforcement
    LEA Law Enforcement Agency
    LEO Law Enforcement Officer/Official
    LGS Local gun store
    LLEA Local Law Enforcement Agency
    LMAO Laughing My A-- Off
    LMG Light Machine Gun
    LNIB Like New In Box, usually means the item looks new but has been lightly used (see also NIB)
    LOL Laughing Out Loud
    LOS Line Of Sight
    MG Machine Gun
    MIM Metal Injection Molding
    MOA Minutes Of Angle (angular measurement, 1/60 of a °, 360° in a circle)
    MOB Middle Of Back
    MOS Military Occupational Specialty
    MV Muzzle Velocity
    NAP Non-Aggression Principle (and criticism)
    ND Negligent Discharge ( see also AD, accidental discharge)
    NIB New In Box, usually means the item has not been used since bought, but can also mean LNIB.
    NOYB None Of Your Business
    NSFW Not Suitable/Safe for Work (inappropriate content for the workplace - video with profanity, for example)
    OAL OverAll Length
    OC Open carry
    OMG Oh My God
    OOTB Out Of The Box
    OP Original Poster
    ORM-D Other Regulated Materials - Domestic (seen on boxes of shipped ammo)
    OT Off-Topic
    OTOH On The Other Hand
    OWB Outside the WaistBand
    PASGT Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops
    PBR Point Blank Range
    PCS Permanent change of station
    PDW Personal Defense Weapon
    PHB Pointy-Haired Boss (Dilbert reference, a boss without a clue)
    PITA Pain In The A--
    POA Point Of Aim
    POI Point Of Impact
    POI Person Of Interest
    POS Piece Of S---
    PSI Pounds per Square Inch
    PT Physical Training
    PTL&PTA Praise The Lord & Pass The Ammunition
    QC Quality Control
    REMF Rear Eschelon Mother F---er (derogatory name for a non-combatant in a combat zone or a military occupational specialty that would keep one from seeing combat)
    RSC Residential Security Container - Often sold as a "Gun Safe", an RSC doesn't meet the requirements of a safe.
    RINO Republican In Name Only (usually a rightwingnut calling a moderate Republican a leftwingnut)
    RKBA Right to Keep and Bear Arms
    RUM Remington Ultra Mag
    SA Single Action
    SAA Single Action Army (famous Colt revolver design that shows up in Westerns)
    SA/DA Single Action/Double Action [Firing Mechanism]
    SAK Swiss Army Knife
    SBR Short Barrel Rifle
    SD Self Defense; Sectional Density (weight [lbs] to cross-section area [in^2])
    SHTF S--- Hits The Fan
    SKS Samozaryadnaya Karabina Simonova, or Self-loading carbine Simonov. Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov was one of the old Soviet Union's foremost arms designers. The rifle was adopted by the USSR in 1945, and was made both there and in China.
    SLR Self-Loading Rifle
    SMG Sub-Machine Gun
    SNAFU Situation Normal: All F---ed Up
    SO Significant Other (boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife)
    SO Sherriff's Office
    SOB Small Of Back (6 o'clock carry)
    SOP Standard Operating Procedure
    SOT Special Occupational Tax license (administered by the BATFE)
    SWAT Special Weapons And Tactics
    SxS Side by Side (i.e. a shotgun)
    TDY Temporary duty
    TEOTWAWKI The End Of The World As We Know It
    TIA Thanks In Advance
    TID Tax ID number
    TLA Three Letter Acronym
    TMI Too Much Information
    TNSTAAFL There's no such thing as a free lunch
    TPTB The Powers That Be
    TTW Taunting The Wookie (someone known to rip arms out of sockets when inflamed)
    TU Tits Up (military origin, meaning dead; often spelled phonetically as "Tango Uniform")
    URL Uniform Resource Locator
    UTC Universal Time Coordinate (timezone, equivalent to Zulu/GMT)
    VCA Violent Criminal Assailant
    WSM Winchester Short Magnum
    WTSHTF When The S--- Hits The Fan
    WWB Winchester White Box (ammo)
    WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get
    YMMV Your Mileage/Methods May Vary

    Bullet Design

    AP Armor Piercing
    API Armor Piercing, Incendiary
    APT Armor Piercing, Tracer
    BBWC Bevel Base WadCutter
    BT BoatTail
    FMJ Full Metal Jacket
    FP Flat Point
    HP Hollow Point
    J Jacketed
    JFP Jacketed Flat Point
    JHC Jacketed Hollow Cavity
    JHP Jacketed Hollow Point
    JSP Jacketed Soft Point
    L Lead
    LRN Lead Round Nose
    LSWC Lead Semi-WadCutter
    LWC Lead WadCutter
    RN Round Nose
    SJ Semi-Jacketed
    SJHP Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point
    SP Soft Point
    SWC Semi-WadCutter
    TC Truncated Cone
    TMJ Total Metal Jacket
    WC WadCutter
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    National Membership-type RKBA Organizations

    AKTI American Knife and Tool Institute
    CCRKBA Citizens' Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
    GOA Gun Owners of America
    JPFO Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
    Kniferights Knife Rights
    NRA National Rifle Association
    PP Pink Pistols
    SAF Second Amendment Foundation
    SAS (2AS) Second Amendment Sisters
    SCCC Students for Concealed Carry on Campus

    Other Organizations (both pro and anti-gun)

    ACLU American Civil Liberties Union
    AHSA Americah Hunters and Shooters Association (false flag gun banners pretending to be pro)
    ARFCOM AR15.com
    ASA Australian Shooting Association
    BCPGV Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence
    BF Blade Forums
    CAS Cowboy Action Shooting
    CLDF Civil Liberties Defense Foundation
    COA Citizens of America
    CPHV Center to Prevent Handgun Violence (Brady Center offshoot)
    DU Democratic Underground
    FOP Fraternal Order of Police
    FOUP Firearm Owners Unification Project
    GT GlockTalk
    HCI Handgun Control Inc. (Brady Center)
    IALEFI International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors
    IDPA International Defensive Pistol Association
    IPSC International Practical Shooting Confederation
    KABA Keep And Bear Arms
    LEAA Law Enforcement Alliance of America
    MMM Million Mom March
    NRAILA National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action
    NSSF National Shooting Sports Foundation
    SAAMI Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute
    SASS Single Action Shooting Society
    SATF Second Amendment Task Force
    SDF Self Defense Forums
    SHOTShow Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Travel Show
    TFL The Firing Line
    THR The High Road
    TRT Tyranny Response Team
    USPSA United States Practical Shooting Association
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    AG Attorney General
    ANL Argonne National Laboratory
    ATF bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (see BATFE)
    BATF Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (see BATFE)
    BATFE Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (new name)
    BIA Bureau of Indian Affairs
    BLM Bureau of Land Management
    BNL Brookhaven National Laboratory
    BOP - Bureau of Prisons
    BXA Bureau of Export Administration
    CBP u.s. dhs bureau of Customs and Border Protection
    CDC Center for Disease Control
    CENTCOM Central Command
    CERT Computer Emergency Response Team (part of SEI)
    CIA Central Intelligence Agency
    CIC CounterIntelligence Center
    CIFA CounterIntelligence Field Activity (military)
    CIO Central Imagery Office (see NIMA)
    CMP Civilian Marksmanship Program (formerly DCM)
    CNC dci Crime and Narcotics Center
    CONUS CONtinental United States
    CSE dci Center for Security Evaluation
    CTC dci CounterTerrorist Center
    DARO Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Office
    DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Administration
    DASD Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense
    DCID Director of the Central Intelligence Directive
    DCM Department of Civilian Marksmanship (now defunct, see CMP)
    DEA Drug Enforcement Agency
    DHS Department of Homeland Security
    DIA Defense Intelligence Agency
    DISA Defense Information Systems Agency
    DISN Defense Information Systems Network
    DLA Defense Logistics Agency
    DM Designated Marksman
    DMR Designated Marksman's Rifle
    DOC Department of Commerce
    DOD Department of Defense
    DOE Department of Energy
    DOE Department of Education (DOEdu)
    DOI Department of the Interior
    DOJ Department of Justice
    DOL Department of Labor
    DOT Department of Transportation
    DPS Defense Protective Service - see PFPA
    DSS Defense Security Service
    DSS Diplomatic Security Service
    DTIC Defense Technical Information Center
    EPA Environmental Protection Agency
    FAA Federal Aviation Administration
    FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
    FCC Federal Communications Commission
    FDA Food and Drug Administration
    FEC Federal Elections Commission
    FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency
    FFA Federal Firearms Act of 1938 - set up the FFL licensing scheme [legislation]
    FIFRA Federal Insecticide Fungicide Rodecicide (sp?) Act
    FinCEN Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
    FISA Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
    FNAL Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
    FOPA Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986 - banned AP ammo and closed the MG registry [legislation]
    GAO General Accounting Office
    GCA Gun Control Act of 1968 - restricted firearms purchasing and transfer [legislation]
    GPO Government Printing Office
    GSA General Services Administration
    HHS Department of Health and Human Services
    HPSCI House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
    HUD Department of Housing and Urban Development
    IC Intelligence Community
    IC/EXCOM Intelligence Community/EXecutive COMmittee
    ICC Interstate Commerce Commission
    ICC Interstate Commerce Clause (Article 1, Section 8)
    ICE Immigration and Customs Enforcement
    IDA Institute for Defense Analyses
    INEEL Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory
    INR Department of State's Bureau of Intelligence and Research
    INS Immigration and Naturalization Service, now the BCIS
    Interpol Interpol (see OIPC, ICPO)
    IOB President's Intelligence Oversight Board
    IRS Internal Revenue Service
    JAG Judge Advocate General
    JCCC Joint Communications Control Center
    JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory
    LANL Los Alamos National Laboratory
    LBNL Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    LL Lincoln Laboratory
    LLNL Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
    NAIC National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center
    NARA National Archives and Records Administration
    NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
    NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
    NCBI National Center for Biotechnology Information
    NCGR National Center for Genome Resources
    NCI National Cancer Institute
    NCI-FCRDC NCI - Frederick Cancer Research and Development Center
    NCIX National CounterIntelligence eXecutive
    NDIC National Drug Intelligence Center
    NEPA National Environmental Policy Act
    NFA National Firearms Act of 1934 - taxed certain firearms and firearm components [legislation]
    NFIB National Foreign Intelligence Board
    NIC National Intelligence Council
    NIH National Institute for Health
    NIMA National Imagery and Mapping Agency
    NIPC National Infrastructure Protection Agency
    NLM National Library of Medicine
    NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
    NPC dci NonProliferation Center
    NREL National Renewable Energy Laboratory
    NRO National Reconnaissance Office
    NSA National Security Agency
    NSC National Security Council
    NTIC National Threat Integration Center
    OASD Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (C3I)
    OCONUS Outside the CONtinental United State
    ODCI Office of the Director of Central Intelligence (CIA)
    OFAC Office of Foreign Asset Control
    OIG Office of the Inspector General
    OIP Department of justice's Office of Information and Privacy (FOIA)
    OIPR Office of Intelligence Policy and Review (under DOJ)
    OMB Office of Management and Budget
    OPM Office of Personnel Management
    ORNL Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    OSD Office of the Secretary of Defense
    OSHA Occupational Safety Hazards Association
    OSS Office of Strategic Services (predecessor of the CIA)
    PFIAB President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board
    PFPA Pentagon Force Protection Agency
    PNL Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
    POTUS President Of The United States
    PPPL Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
    RCRA Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
    SBA Small Business Administration
    SCOTUS Supreme Court Of The United States
    SDM Squad Designated Marksman
    SEC Securities and Exchange Commission
    SEI Software Engineering Institute
    SIPRNET Secret Internet Protocol Router Network
    SLAC Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
    SNL Sandia National Laboratory
    SRS Savannah River Site
    SSA Social Security Administration
    SSCI Senate Select Committe on Intelligence
    STRATCOM Strategic Command
    TIGR The Institute for Genetic Research
    TJNAF Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
    TSA Transportation Security Administration
    TTIC Terrorist Threat Integration Center (housed in the CIA)
    UI/MRL U. Ill. Frederick Seitz Materials Research Laboratory
    UN United Nations
    UNSC United Nations Security Council
    USAF U.S. Air Force
    USCG U.S. Coast Guard
    USCIS U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (INS)
    USD UnderSecretary of Defense for policy
    USDA U.S. Department of Agriculture
    USGS U.S. Geological Survey
    USMC U.S. Marine Corps
    USN U.S. Navy
    USNBC U.S. National Central Bureau
    USNO U.S. Naval Observatory
    USPHS U.S. Public Health Service
    USPTO U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
    USSC U.S. Strategic Command
    USSC U.S. Sentencing Commission (often meant to refer to the SCOTUS)
    USSS U.S. Secret Service
    VA Dept. of Veterans Affairs
    WPA War Powers Act
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    Anneal To soften metal by heating. Used to extend the useful reloading life of brass cartridge case necks by softening them and permitting more reloading operations to be performed before the work hardening effect of the cold, forced reshaping of the resizing op

    Anti an individual who opposes the RKBA for private citizens

    Bearing Surface That portion of a bullet that contacts the bore of the barrel as it travels from chamber to muzzle. Sufficient bearing surface is required for good accuracy.

    Bedding material and/or methods used to fit rifle action to a stock.

    Bore the inside of a firearm's barrel.

    Bore sight to align the sights of a firearm by sighting through the barrel bore

    Brisance the "shattering" effect of explosives; the burn rate, in terms of acceleration, i.e., how quickly is the maximum burn rate of an explosive mass reached?

    Bullet - the projectile which is expelled from a firearm's barrel at firing

    Burn rate the relative speed at which gun powders burn (explode) This is determined by the size and shape of granules, amount and nature of any coatings and, in some cases, specific physical design of the granules, such as perforations, tubes, rods, ball (beads) or

    Cal. Caliber (inches or millimeters); projectile (bullet) diameter or diameter of some specifically defined point in the bore of a barrel; the nominal or approximate diameter of a bore expressed similarly. NOT the same as a cartridge chambering! Caliber is dia

    Cartridge completed assembly, comprised of a case (the central component), primer (for ignition), powder (primary energy source) and bullet (projectile). The cartridge is placed into the chamber and confined by a breech device for firing.

    Chamber the portion of a firearm which contains the cartridge at firing.

    Chambering i.e., "This rifle is available in the following chamberings: "; Specific machined dimensions to the interior rearmost portion of a barrel which results in a chamber that will accept and safely fire one cartridge design only, i.e., .30-'06 Springfield, .27

    Charge quantity of powder; usually in grains. One avoirdupois pound equals 7,000 grains.

    Choke in a shotgun, the taper in the last few inches of the barrel. This is usually a tightening of the bore to a slightly smaller diameter from the actual gauge measurement of the barrel. Some typical choke names, from least to most taper, are: cylinder (no ta

    Class III Refers to the Class III FFL required to deal in NFA items (full-auto, suppressors, etc.)

    Clip A strip of metal that is used to hold cartridges together to facilitate the loading into (usually) an internal rifle magazine.

    Condition 1 Pistol: Full magazine, cartridge in chamber, hammer cocked, safety on. AKA "cocked and locked."
    Condition 2 Pistol: Full magazine, cartridge in chamber, hammer down, safety off.
    Condition 3 Pistol: Full magazine, chamber empty.
    Condition 4 Pistol: Full magazine separate from gun, chamber empty.

    Condition Red Under attack.
    Condition Orange Heightened awareness; alert to potential threats.
    Condition Yellow Normal awareness of the environment.
    Condition White Unawareness of the environment.

    Components (reloading) individual components that make up the "recipe" for a hand loaded cartridge. The four components are: primer, case, bullet and powder.

    Cruiser Ready Shotgun: Full magazine, chamber empty, hammer down, safety off.

    Cylinder Gap the distance between the front of the cylinder and the rear of the barrel in a revolver.

    GA gauge (also: ga.)

    Headspace measurement between two points in a chamber which are the confining boundaries of cartridge movement during chambering and firing. Insufficient headspace hinders complete chambering of the cartridge.
    Excessive headspace permits case stretching and can per

    Mag. magazine; magnum; also: mag.

    Magazine ammunition holders that are equipped with a spring to move the ammo, these are not clips.
    mm MilliMeters

    Ogive a measure of the curvature forward portion of the bullet. The radius of the ogive is usually expressed in multiples or fractions of the caliber.

    Throat leade, freebore. That portion of the barrel bore immediately forward of the chamber. In some rifle chamber designs, the throat may be long and may transition into a relatively slow taper to full depth of lands and grooves (rifling). In other rifle designs

    Tin Foil Hat These provide excellent protection against mind control rays which may or may not be transmitted by aliens, the CIA, or the military.

    Weapons Free Military weapons control policy that allows engagement of anything not positively identified as friendly

    Weapons Tight Military weapons control policy that allows engagement of anything positively identified as hostile

    Weapons Hold Military weapons control policy that allows engagement only in self defense.
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  7. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member

    Jan 3, 2003
    0 hrs east of TN
    License/Permit Abbreviations

    CCW Concealed Carry of Weapons (MO)
    CDWL Concealed Deadly Weapons License (KY)
    CFP Concealed Firearm Permit (UT, NV)
    CHL Concealed Handgun License (AR, NM, OR)
    CHP Concealed Handgun Permit (AK, LA, NC, VA)
    CPL Concealed Pistol License (MI, WA)
    CWL Concealed Weapon License (FL, ID, OK)
    CWP Concealed Weapon Permit (AZ, CO, MT, ND)
    FCCL Firearms concealed carry license (IL)
    FL Firearms License (GA)
    FOID - Firearm Owner Identification Card (IL)
    FP Firearms Permit (MS)
    LTC License to Carry (CA, IN, MA, NY, TX)
    LTCCH License to Carry a Concealed Handgun (OH)
    LTCF License to Carry Firearms (PA)
    PL Pistol License (AL, NH)
    PTC Permit to Carry (CT, IA, ME, MD, MN, NJ)
  8. Mal H

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    Dec 20, 2002
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    A reminder about this particular sticky thread. It is meant to be a reference thread, not a discussion thread. We are leaving it open for additions and corrections to the list, but not for discussions on using acronyms, abbreviations, and the various other terms.
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  9. bikerdoc

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    Recently coined:

    SJW, Social Justice Warrior
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  10. Bart B.

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    May 20, 2008
    How about putting a link to SAAMI's glossary for the arms and ammo standard for terminology? Then delete those terms from this site; some don't agree with SAAMI's version.


    Additional terms that are in common use could be listed here; "case headspace" for example along with "RB" for rebated base bullets.
  11. hso

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    barbeque (BBQ) gun - fancy sidearm equivalent of flashy dress watch
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  12. jim in Anchorage

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    Feb 28, 2009
    Heaven forbid we don't know TTW. meansTaunting The Wookie . :oops: Is that from star wars?:what:
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  13. Dudedog
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    Dudedog Contributing Member

    Oct 19, 2013
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    CRPA was listed above as one thing,
    Certified Royal pain...
    it is also the
    California Rifle & Pistol Association

    Thanks for the lists
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