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A treatise on the Assault Weapons Ban-

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by dukeofurl, May 27, 2004.

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  1. dukeofurl

    dukeofurl Member

    Aug 5, 2003
    Central FL
    An IDPA buddy e-mailed me a link to the inspid CNN poll asking me to vote in favor of the RKBA.

    After actually READING the accompanying CNN article, I afforded this response to him via e-mail.


    Craig, in all honesty - I abhor the concept of inspid polls that inquire to the personal opinions of people (or in this case sheeple?). Not that I am against the support of our constitutional rights, but with something of this nature I liken it to the Jay Leno bit where he walks around asking people their opinions on "thespians" - the results are astoundingly stupid - likewise is the poll about gun control and the AWB. The reporting is so erroneous that most well educated, informed, and suffice it to say 2nd amendment proponents will note the rampant innacuracies and misinformation being purported in the CNN article.

    I think the prudent course of action in supporting our cause differs from that in fighting a numeric poll, whose odds are so vehemently against us due to the innaccuracies of CNN reporting - or what I would call, propaganda. I assert that anyone who does not know anything about guns or the AWB who reads the article in question will vote to extend the AWB on the basis of innacurate facts and biased reporting - if I was in such an uninformed position, I certainly know I would.

    I do not recall the accompanying article in its exact form, but I belive it mentioned the alteration of a trigger group to form an assault weapon. This is one of several items that we know to be false and misinforming to the public. Until an effort is made to portray the correct facts regarding gun related issues, the voting public will continue to be led by false thoughts of unregistered machineguns being used to terrorize neighborhoods unless the AWB is renewed.

    Participating in this poll is a sysiphal cause, where the deck is inevitably stacked - instead an effort should be made to correct the innacuracies and let CNN know that their audience will not stand for innacurate reporting. If everyone that recieved the message to vote in the poll sent a terse, shortly worded reply to CNN about how innacurate they were (which takes just as much time to vote in that poll) - we just might be better off as far as gun control legislation goes. The game between groups like MMM and other various RKBA organizations can be described as cat and mouse at best. The difference in each initiatve is simple intelligence - we need to play the smart card here. Letting people know the facts about the AWB instead of allowing the pepetuation of the myths that are rampant is what present and future gun control legislation will come down to. I will close this strangely well versed and eruidite op-ed piece written at 3:44 AM with this - What people fail to understand is that laws do not prevent or protect the public - they punish. The one thing that laws do in this country is to serve as a reminder of punishment if you break the law. No "Assault Weapons Ban" or any gun related legislation for that matter will prevent the acqusition of firearms by criminals, nor will it prevent the death of a law enforcement officer, nor will it make lives safer for the children. Laws punish, and if anything we need to control those who commit crimes with harsher penalties rather than impose control on the items they use to facilitate their crime.

    Thoughts? Comments? Beuller?
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