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Dec 11, 2011
I just wondered if any of our members had sent their barrel in for crown cutting at ADCO. Any feedback would be appreciated. I'm considering having a 1911 barrel crowned. Thanks.
Adco is my local FFL. I use them all the time for different stuff. Their services are good to go. Turnaround is a bout a week, give or take.
Thanks rjrivero. Their rates seem really reasonable and I got a quick response when I emailed them a question, but it's nice to get first hand feedback. Appreciate it!
For your "peace of mind." This is a project I worked on with them. Michigan allows Silencers, but not sbr's. So I worked with them to build this for my brother. It's a 9mm AR with a "perm attached muzzle device" per ATF 5320.8 chapter 2. The muzzle device is large enough to cover a suppressor, but small enough to fit under a YHM handguard. The barrel is a RRA that they cut, threaded and crowned. I also have a .223 barrel they chopped for my SBR, and another 9mm barrel for my 9mm AR. We're working on a 300 Whisper bolt gun project with them right now. Just waiting on barrel blanks. Like I said, I do a lot of business with them and never have any worries.

They aren't really "touchy feely" at that shop, and often their short to the point responses sometimes rub folks the wrong way. (I've been known to do the same from time to time myself.) However, they do good work at an honest price with quick turn around. In the end, that's what matters most to me.

What a great looking rifle! I have a friend that has been collecting AR's. I'll definitely send him a link to your post. I'm sending them a couple of 1911 BBl.'s for crown and flush cut to the bushing. Springfield will only do an 11 degree crown in their custom shop but I want a deeper combat crown. "Touchy feely" isn't important to me either. LOL!
Follow up: Did you end up using Adco? How did their service go in your opinion?
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