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Adult Supervision

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by Shawnee, Oct 21, 2006.

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  1. Shawnee

    Shawnee member

    Oct 17, 2006
    Along "That Dark and Bloody River"
    Hi Y'All...

    I'm actually a lot better than I used to be about this but I have to stay ever-vigilant about this lest I "fall of the wagon". :uhoh: Am talking about what to carry in my "possibles bag" (for shooting one 44 revolver and one 45 single-shot pistol).
    Left to my own devices I am likely to have more devices in my bag than I can lift. So I'm asking Y'All what you actually carry in your possibles bags and, of that list, what items do you actually use a lot while you are off enjoying a day of polluting the air with your C&Bs ???
    All opinions welcome....what say Ye, Lads ???

    Many thanks!:)
  2. Wwalstrom

    Wwalstrom Member

    Apr 19, 2006
    What to Carry ....

    For my 1858 Remington I carry the following:
    (1) Altoids tin/cleaning kit: I made a cleaning rod with 1/4 brass rod and 10-32 stainless steel set screws; Jag and Slotted Tip, Patches, Bore Brush
    (2) Container of lubed felt wads, I prefer the M&M minis Tubular containers. I buy the cheap dry-lubed wads and soak them in a melted lube.
    (3) Round Balls (Duh!)
    (4) Ted Cash Snail Capper ... I modify my cylinders so I can use it, and it holds a whole tin of caps.
    (5) Powder Measures ... I carry 2, one adjustable and one fixed
    (6) Nipple Wrench with Pick
    (7) Small Spray bottle of Windex
    (8) Pocket Screwdriver ... I can't find my good one, but for now I use one of those flat Quarter-sized Craftsman jobs with 4 tips and a key-ring hole.
    (9) Powder Flask ... Depending upon how much shooting I plan to do, I have a short 2 or 3 inch tall tube flask, a 6 inch tube flask, and a Colt-style flask.
  3. Plink

    Plink Member

    Apr 5, 2006
    I have a range bag for my BP guns, and it has too much stuff in it. I either need to get another bag and split the load, or put wheels on this one. I can relate about carrying too much stuff. I keep a full set of cleaning tools, jags, adapters and the like in this bag. I also keep balls for all the calibers I shoot, so it gets heavy fast. Also, spare powder and 2 horns. One for 2F and one for 3F. I keep spare nipples and a wrench in the range bag too, though I've never needed them at the range.

    I only have one possibles bag, though I'm thinking of making more. Either one per gun, or maybe one per caliber. Anyway, my possibles bag is for my flintlock, so I do end up carrying a lot of extra stuff like a flint wallet with spare flints, knapping hammer, vent pick, pan brush, etc.

    For a percussion gun, I'd carry caps, a capper (if needed), powder measure, ball puller, nipple pick, prelubed patches and/or wads (I use Ballistol and it works best prelubed anyway), balls and powder flask. If I was going to be target practicing or doing a lot of shooting, I'd carry a jag, cleaning patches, and a small oiler full of Ballistol for swabbing and lubing.

    Since I have a multi tool on my belt, I don't usually carry tools unless I'm going to be doing some adjustments such as sights.

    I haven't had to use the ball puller yet, but it's handy to have just in case. If you need it and don't have it, you're going home early, or switching to another gun.

    Dixie has these cute little round wood boxes in 2 sizes. They're ideal for caps and patches. They're raw wood, but they stain and finish nicely. They'd make a nice addition to the possibles bag too. They also have a small, leak free, metal oiler that's perfect size for the bag.
  4. dpote

    dpote Member

    Apr 29, 2005
    South Dakota

    I carry one bottle of Ballistol, nipple wrench, and a paperclip in addition to the balls, wads (I make my own) and powder. That's it. Same kit for cowboy action as regular field and social work.
    '58 Remington repro (Uberti) and Ruger Old Army (The best ever C&B).

  5. oneshooter

    oneshooter Member

    Nov 21, 2004
    TEXAS, by God
    Not a bag, a box

    Since most,if not all of my shooting is range time I carry a Range box. It containes a multitude of jags, patches, solvents, powder, and oils.

    Here is the looking in below the tray.

    And looking at the front with the top tray in place, and the borrom drawers open.


    Weighs about 10-12lbs.

    Livin in Texas
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2007
  6. buspete

    buspete Member

    Nov 3, 2006
    I like to travel light, and I also carry the same bag for flinters and caplocks:

    -repro adjustable powder measure
    -hand forged screwdriver(s)
    -small glass bottle of Breakfree
    -priming horn
    -little tin funnel to fill the priming horn
    -patching material
    -a few chunks of leather to hold flints
    -patch knife
    -flint wallet
    -a length of slowmatch and a candle stub tucked away at the bottom for emergency firestarting
    -18th century repro compass
    -repro folding knife

    When bringing a caplock, I add:

    -tin of caps
    -nipple wrench
    -if shooting a revolver, I also bring a big plastic syringe full of Crisco

    I'll add a bag of the correct sized balls for whatever gun I happen to be playing with that day.
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