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AICS Photo/Info Request

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing and Repairs' started by boonie, Jul 22, 2006.

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  1. boonie

    boonie Member

    Jul 15, 2005
    I'm looking for good photos of the Accuracy International Chassis System for Remington 700 rifles.

    Some quick background information;
    I'm thinking of starting a rifle project involving the design of a system comparable to the AICS, but for a different action.
    Right now I'm doing general research for my project and need more information on the AICS.

    A this point, I believe that my idea is feasible, but I need better photographs and more information on the AICS before I can commit to the project.

    So, I've been using Google and other forums looking for information on the AICS.

    I've only really been able to find "basic" information on it.

    My understanding is that the AICS is a chassis system for the Remington 700 rifle.
    -long and short action versions available
    -bedding not necessary
    -aluminum chassis with plastic panels
    -detachable magazines as part of chassis
    -folding, and other options are available

    What I'm really looking for are high res photos of the disassembled chassis, with and without the rifle on it. I'm mainly interested in the rear area where the Rem700 receiver attaches to the chassis and the magazine/trigger cutouts. Also interested in the folding mechanism, but that's not as important at this point.
    I'm not asking anyone to disassemble their rifle, I'm just looking for photos you might have saved on your harddrive or a link/suggestion as to where I can find photos of this.

    The only photo's I've found are in various reviews and articles on the Tactical Dynamics site. (http://www.tacticaldynamics.us/S&LR articles.htm).

    These have helped, but all I can tell is that there's a slot cut for the recoil lug, and that the sides slope inward at ~45 degrees to the magazine and trigger cutouts.

    Is that really all there is to the AICS/receiver attachment area?
    Or is there more to it that you can't see in those photos?

    A bit of a clarification, I'm not looking for a "features list" or "send it to so+so for work" type of info.
    I'm looking more at information usable in constructing my own variation.
    (I'm looking at using 7075 T6 and a milling machine)

    Obviously, a good fit between the chassis and rifle is necessary, but are there any other major things to consider?

    Thanks for the help
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