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AimSHOT 850 lumen??

Discussion in 'Shooting Gear and Storage' started by Pat C., Mar 2, 2013.

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  1. Pat C.

    Pat C. Member

    Jul 27, 2011
    Cedarfalls Ia.
    Im thinking of buying a tactical light for my AR, Iv looked at a bunch. Some real high dollar some are huge and some are about the right size. Iv been looking at the AimSHOT 850 lumen , Seems to be a pretty good light for a pretty good price. Runs about $80.00 on Sportsmans Guide. Any thoughts on this light or any others in or about that price please let me know. Thanks Pat C.
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  2. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    Sep 17, 2007
    Eastern KS
    For $80 bucks??

    I would look at a good Surefire 2-cell LED light.
    It probably produces a true 200 Lumen's.
    Runs 2 hours on a set of two battery's.

    There is nothing you need to see that you need 850 lumen's to see in civilian life.

    850 lumen's inside a house will blind you so you can't see what you are seeing.

    Needing 850 lumen's outside to see far enough to shoot/not shoot would be considered murder if you shoot someone that far in a SD scenario.

    I'd buy Quality like a Surefire or Phoenix.

    Not exaggerated lumen numbers with soldered battery contacts like an $80 buck Chinese Sportsman's Guide POS.

  3. LiquidTension

    LiquidTension Member

    Jan 28, 2003
    I had to clean up my original thoughts quite a bit as they were most certainly not "high road" and RC has contributed a lot to this forum, most of it good.

    When I went out a few weeks ago trying to find a coyote behind my place I had a 500 lumen Fury and could certainly have used more light.

    Funny how none of the guys running 800 lumen lights in shoot houses are coming out in need of a white cane and a guide dog.

    So where is the line where a self defense shooting becomes murder? 100 yards? 50? 21 feet? That last one is a favorite of the uninformed. And is there some official shootout distance measuring person to advise of the distance? Do they measure to the nearest yard, or foot, or maybe millimeter?

    More light is better. You're not just looking for the initial threat, you want enough light to illuminate the surrounding area to identify other potential threats as well.

    Right now the Surefire Fury is the gold standard for a carbine light. There are brighter lights out there such as the Invictus (800 lumen) but they are quite a bit larger and heavier. The Fury is the same size as the G2 family of lights and weighs 5.7oz vs 12oz for the Invictus. Weight matters when you're hanging it off the front of a rifle. The Fury can be had for about $110 though it is worth the extra $10 to buy the EAG version (single output instead of dual) from Bravo Company for a dedicated carbine light.

    I'd stay away from the light you mentioned in the OP. There's just no reason not to spend the extra little bit on a proven performer.
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