Americans Own an Estimated 434 Million Firearms

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Big tech will change history so future generations won’t know what’s being repeated.
With the help of big tech’s coordinated censorship, red flags and maybe a new China virus or two, 2A will not be safe for long. We are witnessing bat crap crazy stuff these days so absolutely nothing they try will surprise me.

They will come for our guns in different ways than we’ve seen before. I doubt they will try door to door confiscations.
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"Americans own an estimated 265m guns, more than one gun for every American adult, according to the most definitive portrait of US gun ownership in two decades. But the new survey estimates that 133m of these guns are concentrated in the hands of just 3% of American adults – a group of super-owners who have amassed an average of 17 guns each."

Well, I have 20. Guess that makes me a 3%er?
Regardless of the precise numbers, it's clear that there are plenty of firearms to go around. The policy implication of this is simple: there are just too many guns to be effectively regulated. Attempts to ban guns won't in fact ban them. Instead, such attempts will result in other adverse social consequences. Didn't we learn anything from alcohol Prohibition?
What he said.
There won't be any outright, total gun bans. Those guys in black pajamas won't be busting down your door at 3am to 'grab yer guns'..that sound bite is way overused.

Grab yer guns? First gotta find out who has what. How do ya do that? No national register plus many, many sold w/o BGC or record keeping(relatives, one of the 37 states that OK private sales?)The $ cost would be monumental, the time would be years and years and even Dem congress and POTUS has no appetite to 'grab yer guns' . Please no rhetoric from a young, now English teacher, who said something on if that is brought down from the mountain top on tablets.
Remember the guy who is in the big chair for now famously advocated
21 year old age limits.
I said this in another discussion

No they won't. They've already won the culture war. Once we're all old and dead they'll ask our grandkids (who have been indoctrinated by their anti RKBA teachers that guns are evil since kindergarten) to turn them all in and they will.

And it's true. They're not going to kick in your door in the middle of the night (especially since the majority of the police won't go along with it yet) they'll keep teaching your kids that guns are evil and when you die your kids will turn them in.

In a generation or so, when all the old farts on the police force have retired they'll send the new and improved WOKE Robocops after the few holdouts.
No they won't. They've already won the culture war. Once we're all old and dead they'll ask our grandkids (who have been indoctrinated by their anti RKBA teachers that guns are evil since kindergarten) to turn them all in and they will.

Yup. Train them up young, be careful who you give your child's attention to for 8 hours a day, its amazing that more people don't focus on that.

Luckily, my kids are surrounded by people who respect, enjoy and own firearms; my kids are very much exposed to firearms in a healthy way that will lead to them being able to rebuff societal push back on firearms.
Aside from the raw numbers of guns, it's worth noting that their distribution is uneven. Traditionally, rural dwellers, hunters, etc., were overrepresented among gun owners, while city dwellers were underrepresented. This limited gun owners' political clout. However, that might be changing. We've seen a huge increase, especially this year, of first-timers buying guns. That's due mostly to fears of social unrest. The "gun constituency" is changing radically, and smart politicians (particularly among Democrats) are beginning to notice.
What is the ratio guns to gun owners?
Well, rather than monkey about with the larger totals and subtracting those below 18, Prohibited Persons, and the like, we can use some similar token instead. So, there are about 151 million Americans registered to vote, and of those about 121 million have actually voted. Which seems a reasonable token value. To filter out antis, let's use 75% of that number, or 91 million.

So, 434 ÷ 91 ≈ 5 each as a average. Which seems pretty reasonable to me. But, the real question is what is the mean number? I am more than passing certain gun ownership is not a nice, symmetrical, bell curve. That it's a lopsided thing with a long parabolic curve from 1 to the elliptical Mean which probably then hyperbolic to the averaged maximum owned quantity

And, all news reporting of ownership is always going to be skewed. It's too easy to focus on those attempting to equal the numbers in, say, the Cody Firearms Museum. And too easy to ignore those people with just the one shooter in the nightstand drawer.
Over 400 remarks, even 1,000 remarks on a "gun owners" website by many people, and simply saying that they don't own guns--will fool those X-Files :alien: agents who control the black helicopters stored in totally unknown hangars.
:rofl: You so Funny!

Our new President (fill in the blank) can't afford to waste much of his limited political capital on new gun legislation (or hiring Boy Beto), or sweeping EOs. It was the same thing in late 2008-2009.
These fellas only have so much support (especially the likely new Appeaser: even his party has huge numbers of anxious, first-time owners), and >> elections for the House of Representatives take place in two more years<<.
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My very liberal MIL owns a 32 hr revolver. She lives by herself. She thinks America should be disarmed. That being said try and take that gun away from her. Not gonna happen. Obviously I disagree with her on just about everything, I feel that is the mentality of America. “Oh not my gun. I may need it.”

Take an anti shooting. It’s my favorite part of being a gun owner.
One time I did an informal survey in the office. Almost everyone owned a firearm. I was surprised.
I work in the service dept at a dealership. I think almost everyone of us techs has at least one firearm but a few of us have at least a handful. Everyone in parts except one guy has least 2 or 3 guns, in fact the parts manager has an actual Civil War canon. My service writer and my service director have a safe full of firearms. Definitely a very pro gun shop
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