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Amnesty Vote Delayed Until Monday!

Discussion in 'Activism' started by Damyanky, May 17, 2007.

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  1. Damyanky

    Damyanky Member

    Apr 16, 2006
    Time to stop talking and start putting the politico's on notice..


    Tell Your Senators to Vote NO on Cloture!

    This could be the most important alert you have received from Eagle Forum! The Senate negotiations on an immigration bill continue at this moment. Because a deal could not be reached by Wednesday, the vote on cloture (whether to proceed to the amnesty bill) has been delayed until Monday. This means you have until Monday evening to be as active as you have ever been on any policy issue!

    Senate negotiators, led by Republican Jon Kyl and Democrat Ted Kennedy, are working toward a bill that will legalize the millions of illegal aliens in our country and will likely increase immigration at the same time. Although we have not seen the language of the bill (expected to be over 1,000 pages long, according to Sen. Jeff Sessions), we can almost be certain that it will be worse than last year's Kennedy-McCain-Hagel-Martinez amnesty. Why else would the text of the bill be held so secretly? Why does Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) want to ram through perhaps the most far-reaching legislation ever voted on in the Senate without committee hearings and with little more than a week's debate? The answer is they know their bill is amnesty and they know the American people don't want it!

    Immigration touches every aspect of American lives. Tell your Senators you oppose any guest-worker/amnesty bill because it affects every aspect of your life including:

    Fiscal Responsibility: This bill will likely be the largest expansion of entitlement spending in Congress. Tax increases will be required to pay for services for the massive influx of unskilled and uneducated immigrants.

    National Security: Fraud will be rampant in any amnesty, as it was in the 1986 amnesty. How will any illegal alien prove they are who they say they are? We could be giving legal status, and potentially U.S. citizenship to those who wish to do harm to our country, including gang members who terrorize our neighborhoods.

    Healthcare: Hospitals are already overburdened with illegal aliens who use their services for routine treatment. Legalizing them will not alleviate the burden because many illegal aliens will be low-skilled workers and not have health insurance. Next step-national health insurance . . . Hillary-care anyone?

    Education: Classrooms are already overcrowded and bilingual education continues to be a failure. How can adding more pressure to the system be the answer? Local property taxes would be forced higher to pay for new schools, as well.

    Political Fallout: This bill will ensure the Republican Party becomes a permanent minority party because most illegal aliens will vote for the party of the welfare state-Democrats. All American lose when we are relegated to a permanent one party system.
    Don't let Washington elites push through their amnesty! Call your Senators and tell them you want to see a copy of the bill before they vote on it! Tell them to vote NO on cloture!

    Take Action

    Republicans CAN stop this dangerous bill. They can vote against cloture on Monday, stopping the Senate from proceeding to debate on the bill. Please call your Senators and tell them to vote NO on cloture on any immigration bill.

    Send this email to 10 friends, call talk radio, and spread the word at your church and community events! You still have time to make a difference!!

    Call Your Senators Today!

    Capitol Switchboard: (202) 224-3121
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