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  1. IWAC

    IWAC Member

    Sep 11, 2013
    The pancake holster I made for my S&W 586 just didn't seem to fit my Ruger Match Champion very well...yet. I haven't water formed it, and may not. Looking on Amazon, there were several possibilities. I have admired Bianchi holsters for many years, but there was some confusion...a factory representative lady told me that the literature said for 4" barrels only. Many revolvers today have a 4.2 +- barrels...something to do with foreign sales, I think.
    In the question and answer portion, several Match Champion owners said it would fit fine, others, not. Sooo...with crossed fingers, I ordered Bianchi's 111 Cyclone holster. Good move! My revolver fit well. NO excessive force needed, no problems with the fiber optic front sight, and the thumb break strap fit right and snapped the first time! Pleased! Oh, did I mention..it looks GOOD!
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  2. Lucky Derby

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    Aug 23, 2006
    Colorado Rockies
    Good holster for a great revolver.
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