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Discussion in 'Legal' started by mbs357, Sep 22, 2005.

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    Dec 14, 2004
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    I think I did fairly well for this segment. There was one before, but that was against like 2 other people...they kept posting all kinds of links and quoting all sorts of statistics. ( It was hard to keep up, and all my bookmarks aren't very organized. @[email protected]
    By the way, I am mbs357, MNViking is a pretty cool guy, otherwise...
    EDITED: For ease of reading...I hope.
    <Viking> so, why do you need assualt weapon guns
    <mbs357> Who said I needed one?
    <Viking> why shouldnt they be banned
    <mbs357> Because they haven't done anything wrong.
    <mbs357> Should I ban you because you look scary?
    <Viking> you cant protect yourself any better with an assualt weapon thanwith a regualr weapon
    <mbs357> Who said I needed one because they were better than regular weapons?
    <mbs357> My single barrel shotgun is perfect for HD.
    <mbs357> It could be a bit shorter and I'd rather have a pump.
    <mbs357> But it's no better or worse than any kind of 'assault weapon.'
    <mbs357> Yea, pistol grips are nice.
    <mbs357> But I prefer the classic grips.
    <mbs357> Where'd you go? =(
    <Viking> i dont see the point of them though
    <Viking> "Large" or "High" capacity detachable magazine, usually defined as holding more than 10 rounds
    <mbs357> rgr.
    <mbs357> THe point in that is.
    <mbs357> To be able to shoot more without reloading.
    <Viking> why would someone want to do that though
    <Viking> if you cant hit the person your first 10 shots you suck
    <mbs357> lol.
    <mbs357> What if the person sucks?
    <mbs357> he shouldn't be able to use a rifle for HD because he sucks?
    <Viking> they should get some more training and get a handgun
    <mbs357> Not much training is required to use a handgun.
    <mbs357> "don't point it at people you don't want to kill, and keep your finger off the trigger" is about it.
    <Viking> and why did the person miss 10 times then
    <mbs357> Maybe because he was scared, it was dark.
    <Viking> maybe they shouldnt be as scared, they have a gun
    <mbs357> You wouldn't be scared if someone broke into your home?
    <mbs357> At like 1 AM?
    <mbs357> Even if you weren't scared.
    <mbs357> It'd probably be pretty dark.
    <mbs357> There aren't many lightswitches in my home.
    <mbs357> Who knows where they are in other homes.
    <Viking> yeah, but probably not enough to miss so many times
    <Viking> if you miss 10 times you are already dead if the other guy has a gun
    <mbs357> What if there are two or three of them?
    <mbs357> So you shouldn't even bother?
    <mbs357> Just give up and let him kill you?
    <Viking> how many burglaries happen iwth two or three people
    <mbs357> Or rape you or take all your things or whatever he came to do?
    <mbs357> I just read about one with two suspects.
    <Viking> i doubt it happens often
    <mbs357> I read another not long ago with about a half dozen suspects.
    <mbs357> It happens enough.
    <Viking> theyll probably shoot themselves because one wants the golden necklace
    <mbs357> I'd hope.
    <mbs357> You still haven't told me why I shouldn't own an 'assault weapon' though.
    <Viking> because they can be more easily used for multiple killings
    <mbs357> hmmm.
    <mbs357> If this is true: "<Viking> you cant protect yourself any better with an assualt weapon than with a regualr weapon"
    <Viking> or a silencer, yeah, i need that for home protection
    <mbs357> Then how can that you just said be true?
    <mbs357> Dude, guns are loud. They can deafen you without protection.
    <mbs357> But seriously.
    <mbs357> If the gun isn't good for home defense (killing the intruder), how can it be good for an attack (killing the person)?
    <mbs357> What you're failing to realise is that assault weapons function not very differently from hunting rifles and the like.
    <mbs357> Most assault weapons have less muzzle velocity, reliabilty.
    <mbs357> And hunting rifles come in a lot larger calibers.
    <mbs357> So how can you tell me that assault weapons suck for defense, but are too good for offense?
    <Viking> protection /= mutliple killings
    <mbs357> Multiple killings can be done with SUVs.
    <mbs357> And who says you can't kill multiple things with a hunting rifle?
    <mbs357> Who says you can't defend your home with an AR-15 or an AK-47?
    <mbs357> A hunter doesn't pick a semi auto 7mm-08 rifle because it gives the animal a fighting chance.
    <mbs357> He chooses it because that critter will probably go down in one shot.
    <mbs357> If there were more than oen deer, I'm sure he could kill a bunch of them.
    <mbs357> But deer are usually smarter than people and run away.
    <Viking> bah, i dont care anymore
    <mbs357> And a home owner doesn't pick an AK-47 because he wants to kill multiple thngs. He picks it because it has a fairly large magazine, is incredibly easy to maintain, and has a very good cartridge.
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