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AR, Diemaco-Colt LSW Uppers? Canada maybe?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Strykervet, Jan 1, 2012.

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  1. Strykervet

    Strykervet member

    Nov 16, 2010
    Years ago I saw an ad in Shotgun News for M16 Colt machinegun uppers. They had heavy 20" barrels, A2 uppers, and big square SAW handguards with a pistol grip. I thought it was cool and wanted one, but couldn't afford it back then. This was at least 15 or more years ago.

    But now Canada has a version I just learned about, their LSW, and it is very similar. It fires auto only just like the Colt (mine would be semi of course, but the lowers they use on these are set up this way) and has the very heavy barrel and the big SAW style square handguard and big pistol grip, but it also has a few small rail segments and a heavy bipod, and there is a carry handle on the handguard. The carry handle on the upper is removeable now.

    Anyone know where to get these uppers or barrels and handguards? In the US? Can they be had in Canada, any Candians chime in? Can an American just mail order one from Diemaco? I have a couple of Beta Mags and this upper and those mags look like they'd be fun together at the ocassional summer fun shoot.

    I've turned up very, very few online, but they do exist. I'd rather find one of certain quality though if at all possible. Can an American walk into a Candian gun shop and find one of these and purchase it? The upper only? What about just the barrel and handguard parts? I'm close enough to drive to Vancouver or Victoria.
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