AREA 419 Hellfire suppressor mounts and universal adapters

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    I'm not sure how familiar folks are with AREA 419 but they seem to have great products that solve some problems.


    About 18 months ago I had an AAC M4-2000 modified to work with the KEY-MO from Dead Air. I had the 51T ratchet interface removed and the inside threaded 1.375-24 UNS which is the same thread that SilencerCo uses for the Omega 300. I've mentioned more than a few times that I've been been disgusted with the ridiculous 18T, 51T and 90T system from AAC so thank goodness there's a solution for those of us that have a hard time living with poorly designed and engineered systems.


    Late last year I sent all four of my AAC suppressors to @MachIVshooter to do a similar but superior upgrade which included reworking the M4-2000. He couldn't upgrade the MK13-SD since he doesn't have the capability to weld titanium (yet). He did a fantastic job on three of the four and suggested that I look at the Hellfire system from AREA 419. After many days of pouring over their website I went a little crazy and ordered a bunch of Hellfire suppressor mounts and universal adapters. I got three of the M18x1.5 adapters for my AI rifles and some 5/8-24 for other rifles. I also ordered two of the titanium suppressor mounts for the TITAN-QD and MK13-SD that have titanium tubes but they're a couple of weeks out. The thread protectors are HUGE but they'll work to protect the 1.375-24 UNS thread on the outside of the mount. Also, AREA 419 offers a self-timing muzzle brake that screws onto the muzzle adapter.

    Here are the Omega and Harvester with SilencerCo standard 5/8-24 direct thread adapters. AREA 419 uses a conical alignment system and the mount screws onto the adapter counter clockwise. I don't know how critical the o-ring is but an extra one is included in the box and according to their website it's unlikely that the ring will need to be replaced.


    Here they are with the Hellfire mounts installed and a couple of 5/8-24 universal adapters. The weight with the Hellfire mounts and adapters increases by about 1oz compared to the direct thread adapters.


    From left to right, AAC TITAN-QD, Omega 300, Harvester and AAC 762-SDN-6.

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