Ashton Kutcher?

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Before ya'll roll out the smart parade for Ashton, the guy was probably in college for less than a year. According to this site:

He graduated high school in 1996 and dropped out of college in 1997 for modelling. So he at MOST declared a major and maybe got in a few intro science classes. Dolph Lundgren he ain't.

I'd like to see him make a few other SA statements and maybe show up at some NRA conventions before I add him to the "cool" list. FWIW Ben Affleck made some pretty nice SA statements back in 2004 duriing an interview at the Democratic Convention. On Bill O'Reilly IIRC. So I can't knock a guy for being a whiney liberal so long as he respects the SA.

Any why the hell would Laura Prepon have a Mini-14? Cripes, with all of her money, you'd think she would be rolling with a Les Baer or something :p
Wow. So a gang-banger gets arrested holding up a liquor store, serves a couple of years, then when he gets out, should be able to walk in and buy that Tec-9 LEGALLY?

Not in my world. Don't want him to vote, either. Gave up both those rights when he went against society.

The problem is that he only gets a couple of years, and those end up being "post-graduate" training on how to be even more of a nuisance to society. If one is truly dangerous, then he should be locked up until he is no longer a threat. Once he is deemed fit to walk freely in society he should be allowed to own guns, vote, and have the same rights as the rest of us.

A couple of points for you to ponder:

1) What gun law has ever once stopped a criminal from obtaining a weapon?

2) Why are we so afraid of freedom?
Anybody know of a clip available of it?


Oh wait, wrong context. Never mind.:neener:


As long as he does not oppose the rest of us owning firearms, I welcome him talking about firearms ownership. Someone here mentioned the potential "negative consequences" of an actor speaking out in favor of something unpopular in hollywood. I'm VERY happy that he did. Perhaps his success has made him free to buck the trend without facing those consequences. Maybe the NRA can get him to join and do one of those I am the NRA posters. Then he can go on The View and make Rosie look even more stupid.
DigitalWarrior had the response I was looking for in the first place. If Kutcher owns a gun, but rallies for Kerry, he is either A: Not realizing that Kerry co-sponsored legislation which would ban that gun, which makes him confused, or B: He knows, and thinks he is one of the people who SHOULD be able to carry even if the rest of us can't.

Either one is not good representation for RKBA.

For Sistema, no, I don't think any convicted felon should be able to own and carry guns. BUT, if I were a cop, in the house of a witness, and I knew he had a sheet, and I saw a shotgun behind the door, and he wasn't making any kind of trouble for anyone, I would probably look the other way, since that gun is obviously in place for defensive reasons for someone who probably has a very real need for that defense. Every person should have the right to defend their home, and prior criminals will likely live in more dangerous places and associate with more dangerous people than the rest of us.

A right is something you are presumed to be able to do until you prove you will abuse that right. Criminals have abused it, they lose it. Period.
DigitalWarrior had the response I was looking for in the first place. If Kutcher owns a gun, but rallies for Kerry, he is either A: Not realizing that Kerry co-sponsored legislation which would ban that gun, which makes him confused, or B: He knows, and thinks he is one of the people who SHOULD be able to carry even if the rest of us can't.

Look, to be honest this statement is astounding for it's wrong-headedness and arrogance. People can disagree with you without being either stupid or evil.

There are many reasons to support a candidate. Maybe Ashton felt like Kerry's assaults on our Constitution would be less awful than Bush's.

I understand that Kerry would try to stop me from owning the rifles of my choice, but I believe that the man in office now is terrible. To be honest, If someone said I had to give up my rifles but it would undo the things that I think went so badly, I would have to think hard on the subject. It is a close thing. These are the same rifles that I moved 3000 miles to NH to own. The same rights that I left all of my friends and family to gain. Do not think of telling me I value my rights too lightly.
Again...what are you basing the "moron" label on???? I know little of the guy except that he apparently plays funny/goofy roles. But I'd think at this point if he really WAS a "moron" IN REAL LIFE, someone would have pointed that out?

Based on my own very thorough investigation, namely watching what he says and does in public. This has nothing to do with the roles he plays in movies. Rhodes scholar this guy ain't.

As for him owning a gun, he's free to do so. I just refuse to associate myself with this jerkwad.
Stage, I am just curious, what has he said/done to lead you to believe that he is a moron? Specifically?

The reason I ask is that the more I read, the more impressed I am with him. He seems to be fully aware of his audience, and speaks to them in the way they would like to be communicated to.
I Liked Her Better As A Redhead

But, Laura Prepon can have what ever she wants.

Kutcher is not a moron, but he does play one on TV. Really, anyone who thinks he's a moron, because Kelsoe is a moron, is probably not real bright themselves. I saw him on Cribs, and elsewhere, and he seems like a fairly quiet, reserved, reasonably intelligent guy. Nothing like Kelsoe.

There were other reasons to vote for Kerry (or not) than the gun issue. We have bigger fish to fry in this country, at the moment. You know, such trivialities as the war, health care, stem cell research, rich people getting tax breaks, the administration lying thir asses off , etc..

I would be interested to know just how he and his wife managed to buy guns in Louisiana. Maybe I'll take a ride down there myself.

And even if he were a moron, for the last six years, we've all seen just how far a moron can go in this country.;)
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Isn't it interesting how the left generally likes to call the right morons? I find it more interesting that the left seems to live in a world that is fundamentally nothing like reality and when shown that their "world" is not reality, they dig their heals in. If that isn't moronic, I'm not certain I know the definition of the word.

Buying and taking possession are not necessarily the same thing or even coincidental in time.

They could have bought the guns in Louisiana and had them shipped to an FFL in their home state, right? Just like buying something from Gunbroker over the Internet and taking delivery at my local gun shop.
Hey Ash

What the hell are you talking about. Who are you calling "the left"? How do you know what "world" anyone else lives in. And Bush is a MORON. :neener:
I remember hearing that he was a deer hunting guide as a teenager in Iowa...I remember this because it sounded so odd. Im sure there are more celebs out there with guns than will ever admit it.
LOL...Dude where my Glock.
After reading this thread and Kutcher's comments on Leno's show, I saw that he was going to be a guest on Ellen Degeneress' show today. I Tivo'ed it and just watched the segment.

He again mentioned that he and Demi both bought new guns, but he didn't mention the brands this time. Now, the odd thing and something I wouldn't have suspected or expected was Degeneress' response. It wasn't of the "why the heck did you do that?" type. She said (as nearly as I can quote her), "You did! Yeah, that's fun. I have a pistol and like to go target shooting. It's fun." Interesting - maybe chalk another one up.
brain P "whoosh" ...funny...mmmm whoosh sound... duhhhhggrrrddhhh!
Dude , stop being a buzz kill. My point is he hangs out with, rallies with, rants with, and talks about at politcal events, ' bad guns, very very bad!' But for the typical guilty white lib, with money and influence, ' but I know better, mmmyou see!' i use gel by the way. I still have brillcreem.
Jealousy and arrogance are two very bad traits. Several here are afflicted with one or both. Him and his wife bought pistols. Good deal, maybe sometime I can shoot with them and try theirs out. They are welcome to try mine.
[Ellen Degeneres] said "[. . .] I have a pistol and like to go target shooting. It's fun."

That's good to hear. I like her, but it was troubling to see her on the NRA blacklist. I was afraid she was another Rosy O'Donnell, but Ellen is at worst an elitist. Besides, hundreds of thousands of viewers have now imagined that mirthful woman shooting her gun. All the better for us.
:scrutiny: You know, I really keep thinking he's just 'punking' everyone....from Demi to Bruce to Leno to fans etal! :cool:

IMO he's just a punk :evil:

Really, he's out promo-ing a new movie...he's selling himself to as many as possible so they'll go watch his movie & make more $$
I don't know Ashton Kutcher personally......

He seems like sort of a lightweight as an actor. But let me get this straight, if a celebrity goes public as being anti gun, we bash them, right? And if a celebrity says they enjoy shooting and have purchased firearms, we bash them, right?
Maybe the kid likes to shoot. He can't be any bigger idiot than some of these folks that have been featured in YouTube links on this very forum.

Maybe cut him a little slack?
Whatever... I wouldn't fault anyone's intelligence for wanting to be armed in post Katrina Louisiana. There were a few times, even in Texas, where I would have felt way better if I were carrying like I can at home, but that wasn't the job, and it wasn't allowed. That said, I didn't see any celebrities or politicians down there dishing up the tuna surprise dinner for 800. Almost a year later, I'm sorry for the people who didn't turn out. That's the big thing America can teach you; when Texas and Louisiana are in trouble, people from Minnesota, CT, MA, CA, VA, wherever, all over the country, will leave their jobs and familys to come and help you as best they can for as long as it takes, and feel guilty about leaving when they're rotated home.
Hey folks,

My opinion on this: as an actor he is awful, I'll be more entertained watching paint dry. However, if he is honest about what he said then he should be respected.
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