Ashton Kutcher?

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Hey, it can take some real brains to play dumb... And don't stereotype... I remember when Bo Derek went on the Tonight show right after the movie 10, and the guest host thought she'd have some fun with the dumb blonde... Didn't work out too well...

As for outta state boomstick purchase... I'm guessing that money eases all things, and the conversation went something like "This place is bleeped. We need some guns, and we need 'em now... I don't care. Demi wants a nine, and I wanna .45, and they better be on the next plane. And send Little Tony. Just tell him his vacation's been rescheduled, and give him a bonus."

One other thing, campers... MOST people grow up and mature... Not everyone stays a raving moonbat until they get chunked into the "retirement home."

And it's not called "coming out of the closet." It's called "coming out of the gun safe." Big difference there.

If Ellen is starting to "get it," more power to her.
On the residence requirement aspect of Kutcher & wife's purchase - he said in passing during a different conversation that he and Demi had been in Louisiana for about 8 months making a movie. I don't know the residency requirements for LA, but it is 6 months in a lot of states, so it is a good possibility their purchase was perfectly legal.

I looked up LA state law concerning residency - it is 6 months.
I will opine, flame suit on, that is more of a positive for the RKBA that a leftwing movie star, straight or gay, speak positively about owning firearms than another perceived right wing nut bag have a progun rant. :eek:

Trying to protect the RKBA only among conservative white males and their somewhat interested spouses is quite limiting in scope.
I just returned from "The Guardian" Kutcher actually does a very good job in this film with Kevin Costner. The character grows as I imagine Kutcher has done. Haven't liked him previously but am always willing to give the benefit of the doubt until otherwise convinced.
I'm sorry... I do not base my view of him from "kelso"... I have seen 2 or 3 interviews he has done... he seems like a moron to me... he does NOT come across as intelligent from what I have seen....
I never thought of him as a good actor. I never liked him in any of his movies. I always thought he was a cocky, unintelligent punk with no talent. Now that I hear he is probably pro 2nd Ad, and dislikes Bush makes me want to at least reconsider the unintelligent punk part.
He stars in the new movie Open Season. A film that is supposedly anti-hunting (I haven't seen it yet so I can't be sure). Whether he carries a firearm or not, he is not 100% on our side.

Is he a step closer than rosie or the other anti-gun folks? Sure.

Would I count on him to stand up and defend the rights of gun owners regardless of social stature? Not on a bet.
Anthony used a cool Spyderco in Hannibal and thus must be proknife. He is probably antipig though.

Sistema: I'm with you! Zero weapon laws. Except in prison. Simple as that. If some 3 year old shoots someone, put the parents in prison for life.
What is this 'our side' stuff? I'm pro-gun but anti-hunting (I don't eat animals. Or humans). I don't go around trying to take away guns from hunters though, and neither do animated movies...
I saw the movie this weekend. It's just anti-dumbass....nobody here would condone acting the way the 'hunter' in the movie does.

Oh, yeah - and it's just a kid's movie....
He stars in the new movie Open Season. A film that is supposedly anti-hunting (I haven't seen it yet so I can't be sure). Whether he carries a firearm or not, he is not 100% on our side.
Saw that movie this weekend. I wouldn't call it anti-hunting. One hunter in the movie is portrayed as a nutcase (he is, you'd feel the same way about a similar, real-life, person like him) and the animals gang up on hunters later in the movie in what is a very funny scenario, but hunters in general aren't vilified. In fact, one of the "good" characters in the movie, a cop, is shown giving hunters their licenses and wishing them good luck.

Oh yeah, Mr. Happy (watch the movie...) made me giggle like a kid for some reason.

So the movie is anti-dumb hunters not anti-hunting. :rolleyes:

Hollywood loves its stereotypes. They propagate it more than anyone else it seems.
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