Baby Desert Eagle (Compact) 9mm: Price and JHP ammo check

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Feb 28, 2006
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Hello everyone,

My father is looking at getting his first handgun soon (his second will be a 22LR of some type). It will be a multi-purpose pistol, serving as bedside gun (for quick access until he can grab his SxS 12 ga) and CCW piece. I've taken him out shooting a few times, and he has tried a number of different handguns, revolvers and autos.

He really likes the brushed-chrome baby DE he found locally. Yes, the Baby DEs (even the compacts) are heavy, but judging by my 1911, a good gunbelt and holster will cure that. Besides, he loves the way it feels in his hands. It may be heavy, but it balances really nicely. And it looks very well put together. My father, aerospace engineer that he is, was thoroughly impressed.

Anyway, the baby DE he found is a brushed-chrome finish Compact model in 9mm, with a 3.64" barrel. Asking price is $659. I believe the MSRP (with brushed chrome finish which adds $235) is $804. $659 still seems a bit high, but I wanted to get your opinions. Mainly, I am concerned because they have a S&W 638 (no CT Lasergrips) for $565 and a 2.25" Ruger SP101 for $535 :what: . I can get those at another location for $400 and $420 respectively. My father will get a competing price check from that outlet, but we were interested in your thoughts anyway.

Also, I am not up on 9mm hollowpoint ammo. What would work best in a short barrel? 124 Grain Speer Gold Dot +P is fairly plentiful/easy to find in our area.

Thank you for the help!
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That is very close to what I paid for one of mine..though I ordered it as brushed it arrived as mirror polished chrome and it is the "semi-compact". Might be able to save a little by shopping around..but might not. Not many places stock the Baby Eagle's around any finish. I also have a compact Jericho version that I bought used with an aftermarket matte stainless type finish .. as well as a standard factory blued compact. All of mine are all steel. All are absolutely reliable and very accurate. The weight of the all steel is actually very beneficial to me because I have a tendency to begin anticipating recoil after a box or so at the range with light weight pistols. Not so with the Baby Eagle's. They actually help me get back into synch. when I start having accuracy issues with the "light weights." I usually shoot 115 grain ammo for practice..whatever is on sale. :)
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