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BAT Band, Self Defense Ring

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Weapons' started by Gray_Fallen, Dec 27, 2002.

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  1. Gray_Fallen

    Gray_Fallen Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    hobbit country
    Got an interesting new tool in the mail a few days ago. My friend Steve gifted me with a little something from the workshop of Eric Blair.
    The BAT (Blair Accelerated Trauma) Band is made from 3/16" thick carbon fiber, with one side natural finish, and the otherside with a clear stippling coating, its the Large model, of the Two Groove variety. The two grooves make for three points. The points are not sharpened, and are not points, in that looking at them from end they are as wide as the ring is thick, but you can see how they are almost to a sharp edge when looking at the scan.
    Very well made, all edges radiused and smoothed except for the business end, so no chance of fiber splintering into the hand. Lightweight, and comfortable on the finger. It fits best on my middle finger of my right hand, being a tad too big for the middle finger on my left, and definately too big for either of my ring fingers.
    When I first heard of these tools I was skeptical as to their effectiveness. Yes, I can see punching with them, but unlike pther punching devices such as the Comtech Stinger, a ring has no bracing in the palm. After playing with this a bit I am not so concerned. Yes, you would take allt he impact of a punch with this, on your finger, but I dont think it would be of much effect against you, especially with adrenaline going. Also,t here are other techniques that apply to this tool.
    It can be worn one of two ways: Number one:
    Straight out, teeth facing forwards.
    Number Two:
    Teeth Inwards.
    (These pics were taken by Eric Blair, of the original bat band, note the difference between it and my own.)

    The second method of wearing it may seem a little odd, and possibly uncomfortable, but it really isnt. Even in a closed fist the BAT Band tucks nicely, without pooking or cuasing discomfort.
    This second method you can use to inflict a little more pain during grappling, when applying joint locks, or finger locks, just be sure to dig the teeth in, and let them rake and dig the skin and tissue. It does this very well, and is very painful (Yes, in the intrest of my own education I applied it to myself like this, and managed to tear up some skin and tissue. Brains obviously not included with the BAT Band ;))

    With the teeth facing out, you can rake flesh, dig the teeth in and twist hard, or just punch. Targeting softer, easily damaged, areas, throat, eyes, etc. would be my method. With the band worn like this, you can still apply techniques like the chin jab/palm heel, axe hand strikes, web of the hand strikes, hammer fists, etc. etc. etc. You can also hold a knife or a pistol while wearing a BAT Band, the only thing i noticed was that when using a two handed grip on my Taurus PT92 my left middle finger would curl around onto the teeth of the BAT Band, which I thought might possibly be uncomfortable during recoil, but a simple reloaction of my finger fixed all. I have yet to fire a gun with the BAT Band on, but I'm sure it would be fine.

    Perhaps not something you want to wear all the time, but keep it in your wallet, or pocket, and slip it on when you think you might be needing it. I dont know what kind of security you could walk through with it on your finger, but off your finger, even in a pat down, it'd be hard to find, and how many people are going to look at it as a weapon anyway. Some, sure, but not all. Use judgement. Slip one on in a bad area of town, or walk it in your pocket into a restricted zone, and just leave in there, just incase, and if you need it, slip your hand in your pocket and its there.
    Not a mainline weapon, but a nice thing to have. A cold comfort of course, but a comfort none-the-less.

    These are about $35 from Eric Blair, who can be reached through the forums at www.usualsuspect.net where he posts under the handle Eric. Check his Toxic Toy Shop forum for more on him and his weapons.

    QKRTHNU Member

    Dec 25, 2002
    CCW-Impaired Locale
    :eek: Hairy Knuckles!

    I kind of doubt you would inflict any damage other than shallow scratches/cuts. Probably not much more than a lady's ring.

    It's certainly better than a "smart-gun" ring though. ;)
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