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Baton carry in NC

Discussion in 'Legal' started by WhiteKnight, Jul 9, 2006.

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  1. WhiteKnight

    WhiteKnight Member

    Jun 5, 2003
    Hello All,

    I'm a university student with a penchant for late-night runs on a campus bordering a city with an exceptionally high crime rate.

    I am considering purchasing an ASP baton for daily carry but am concerned with the legality. I've been looking on Google for about the past hour and can't really turn up anything.

    Would I be able to carry one of these on campus here?
  2. The Real Hawkeye

    The Real Hawkeye member

    Jan 31, 2004
    Florida, CSA
    I'm sure it would be against university policy, and probably illegal. In Florida, you need a concealed weapons permit to carry a baton on your person, and we are pretty good on such things compared to most States.

    That said, it's your life you are talking about. If it's concealed, it will never be known that you have it unless you are forced to use it in self defense. You have to ask yourself whether, after defending yourself, would you rather have been a victim of crime (perhaps dead) or subject to legal penalty? That's a no brainer for me, but I guess you have to answer the question for yourself.

    PS: I've been highly skilled in nunkucks since I was a teenager (1970s), and stay in practice to this day. They are very concealable (and they make very compact models of high quality), and practice makes perfect. They are, once mastered, many times more effective in self defense than a baton.

    Here's a custom made pair, constructed of coco bola wood, which is nice and heavy. I know, I know. My floor is disgusting.

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  3. Tim Burke

    Tim Burke Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    This is probably the pertinent statute. It does not specifically mention batons, but it does mention blackjacks and leaded canes. It would be subject to interpretation, but I bet the interpretation would be that they are prohibited.
  4. 1911JMB

    1911JMB Member

    Apr 11, 2005
    Typicaly expanding batons are newer than laws prohibiting black jacks, brass knuckles and similar items, but as was said, interpretation of laws varies. Thats why you should talk to your DA.
  5. LAR-15

    LAR-15 Member

    Mar 1, 2004
    Contact your school's attorney and see if it is legal.
  6. Frandy

    Frandy Member

    Jan 6, 2005
    I agree. Add to this the fact that UNC is state property. I guarantee it's illegal.
  7. Surat

    Surat Member

    May 25, 2006
    the two NCGS'

    Where are you going to school, Fayettenam?

    In reguards to any type of CCW

    NCGS 14-269 http://www.ncleg.net/enactedlegislation/statutes/html/bysection/chapter_14/gs_14-269.htmll

    NCGS 14-269.2 http://www.ncleg.net/enactedlegislation/statutes/html/bysection/chapter_14/gs_14-269.2.html

    An expandable baton is definately a no-no. OC sprayt may even be a no-no, depending on the university.

    ASP batons look great, but have you had any training on the use of one? LEO's have to get a certification to carry one. Takes all day and you have to retrain on them yearly too. FWIW, I've mostly used mine as a back scratcher to get under my vest. Hit one guy with it twice and he was so cracked up he looked at me like I was stupid. That was after I sprayed him, my partener sprayed me, fought him, he tried to grab by partner's gun, handcuffed him. drug him to the car and proceeded to fight him again. Damn they can kick hard when handcuffed.

    If someone is talking s$!t to you, wacking them with an ASP baton is not justified. If someone tries to pick a fight, youre still not justified unless they hit you and you have to defend yourself. If someone pulls a gun on you, I don't reccomend challenging them with an asp baton unless you are very well trained. I mean you COULD, but damn, I'd hate those odds.

    Personally I'd rather OC spray then a baton. Less dependent on user technique for incapacitaion then a baton. Less likely to get you sued or have to pay some scumbag's hospital bills cause you crushed his skull. If you run into trouble, spray them with a full cone spray of 15% OC and go the other direction fast. Several makers out there of it. Comes in nice travel sized containers too.

    Why make late night runs to a high crime area? Common sense says "stay the heck away unless you have a dang good reason to go." Just becasue you can doesn't mean you should.

    Take someone with you if you gotta go and don't make yourself a target. I'm sure there is information on crime prevention at the campus. Some of that information is common sense but many people fail to use even that.

    I'm sorry that the General Assembly is retarded and you can barely own fingernail clippers on a NC campus, but getting arrested by the campus police ain't gonna make things better and the university's gonna be unsympathetic to say the least.
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