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Beginner question about Savage 200 good config for target duty

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Dale_K, Dec 17, 2009.

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  1. Dale_K

    Dale_K Member

    Dec 23, 2007
    I don't own a rifle now but I really enjoy casual target shooting with my handguns. An advertisement in the paper is listing a new Savage 200 pretty cheap ($200). I picked one up at the gun shop and I like the quality feeling of the action. Couldn't test the trigger. The gun is available in 30-06 or 270. A local gun shop has suggested 223 might be a better choice because ammo is cheap and less recoil but the 223 is not available at the sale price.

    I'm not going to use the gun for hunting at all. Here are my questions...

    Are either the 30-06 or 270 actually enjoyable for casual target shooting? Between the two, which would make a better choice considering recoil and ammo cost? Should I get a 223 even if it costs a little more?
  2. jbech123

    jbech123 Member

    Oct 16, 2007
    my opinion(which is worth exactly what you paid for it) :)

    Don't bother with the 270. As a pure target shooter, there is less(if any) match ammo available to you. It is a great hunting round, but if you don't plan to hunt it seems less than optimal. If you handload there might be a few match bullets available.
    30-06. Good choice, plenty of match ammo available, as well as cheaper ammo options if you want to plink. Still ammo is not super cheap and recoil is significant for extended shooting from a bench. Recoil is subjective of course, and under hunting conditions is not much of a factor. However for the average guy an extended session on the bench with an 06 can get a little tiresome. Certainly doable though.
    223 - for you as a new rifle shooter as well as no hunting desires I think it is by far the best option. Ammo is dirt cheap, tons of options for match grade ammo, recoil is very light. You give up a bit in wind drift. If the savage you are looking at has a 9 twist barrel, even better, since that will allow you to shoot bullets with a better BC. The 223 will provide all you need out to 600 yards or so. Much past that the 06 advantages might start to outweigh the disadvantages, but honestly if you are new shooting to 600 should provide plenty of challenge for awhile.
  3. Uncle Mike

    Uncle Mike Member

    Nov 5, 2008
    never never land...never land here!
    Shoot a lot.... not hunting, maybe a ground hog or such from time to time,...get the 223.

    The 30-06, 270 is going to pound on you from that rifle, which is not, per sey, a target rifle...although the Stevens 200 has maintained a level of superb accuracy well above rifles costing twice as much or more!

    Also, the 30-06 and 270 is going to cost more in the ammo department...shootin' is like phartin'...the more you do it, the better you feel. So ammunition cost dictates here!

    What are the prices of these rifles?
  4. Big_E

    Big_E Member

    Feb 2, 2009
    Boise, ID
    Depends on the distance you are shooting. .223 is not all that cheap (I believe the cheapest in my area is about $.40 for Federal bulk) .30-06 and .270 are not my choices for target shooting as well (a bit too much recoil to shoot all day)

    Also with the Stevens 200, the trigger is not outstanding a replacement Timney or Rifle Basix will solve that problem. The stock is also utter crap as well. Finding a B&C or McMillan to replace it would be wise.

    I have been planning on rebarreling a .308 Stevens into .260 Rem for distance shooting.

    So, if you plan on competing or looking for tiny groups then a stock 200 is not the best bet, but the bare action is a great start. If you want to hunt with it, then in .30-06 you got a great field rifle that can get dinged and not give a rats ass. Oh, and please don't put cheap glass on it. Savage/Stevens are excellent shooters and deserve decent ($200 and up) glass.
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