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Beretta Neos Range Report

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by weblance, Jan 16, 2013.

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  1. weblance

    weblance Member

    Sep 15, 2011
    I recently bought a 6" Beretta Neos Inox. I got a chance to shoot it today, and was very pleased. I started shooting at 7 yards, and the sights were dead on. I shot Federal bulk, Blazer bulk, Remington Golden bulk and Winchester White Box bulk. At 7 yards, with the Winchester, and Federal, It will shoot 10 rounds into one ragged hole, center of target. The Remington and Blazer opens up just a bit, but 1" groups were the norm with those two rounds.

    I moved to 25 yards, and over a makeshift rest supporting the barrel, and my elbows rested on the rail, I got the best groups with Federal and Winchester. I shoot at 3x3" Post-It notes and the Federal and Winchester will group every shot onto the Post-It. The Blazer and Remington again opened a bit, with the Remington edging out the Blazer. I shoot 10 round groups. I stick my Post-Its onto an 8" paper plate, and the worst Blazer target had 8 on the Post-It, and two outside of the color. I didnt measure the spread, but I would assume 4". This was the worst group of all the ammo I tested. The best group was Federal, and grouped 2 1/2". I dont have an optic mounted, and used only the open sights.

    Function was perfect, every round loaded, fired and ejected perfectly. The Winchester showed a little issue when loading the magazines. It must just be slightly longer in over all length. If you were just dropping rounds into the magazines, and lowering the follower just below the rounds, The Winchester would stick in the throat of the magazine and not drop any lower. If you lower the follower several rounds below where you would normally, and tilt the round, effectively making it shorter, They would load fine. The other rounds I mentioned above, loaded just fine.

    The only complaint I have is with the Trigger. It is light, but has creep, and two spots of grit. Its fine for plinking, actually pretty good, because its light, but for pure target accuracy, it needs work. Polishing will remove the grit and its possible that many rounds downrange will also do the job.

    For the cost of the pistol($300) Im not complaining about the trigger. It could be better, but isn't as bad as my Ruger 22/45s were when they were new out of the box. With a little work, the trigger will be much better. The pistol functions perfectly, I sent over 400 rounds downrange today with no issues.

    I ordered a 4" barrel, and it came today before I went to the range, so I shot it a little at the end. It shoots perfectly also, and after a little elevation adjustment, seems as accurate as the 6" barrel. I didnt shoot it for groups, but after adjustment, was easily flipping small rocks behind the 25 yard target line.

    I am very pleased with this pistol. Reading comments from owners, the long term durability seems very good. The accuracy is supurb, function is perfect, ergonomics are excellent, and I recommend it for a well made, reasonably priced .22 pistol. With a little trigger work, it could hold its own against anything short of a full blown target pistol costing much more.

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  2. Kiln

    Kiln Member

    Mar 3, 2011
    I've shot my Neos quite a bit now, it has been excellent. The trigger out of the box was pretty gritty but breaks win well.

    I will say that the trigger is not as good as the Ruger MK series after both guns have been broken in. The best thing about them is that they're easy to take down. Definitely the easiest of my full sized .22lr pistols when it comes to disassembly/reassembly.

    Wife's Neos:
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