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Beretta U22 NEOS

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by fantacmet, Dec 1, 2006.

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  1. fantacmet

    fantacmet Member

    Jan 30, 2006
    Portland Oregon.
    I know technically it's a pistol, but technically it's supposed to be a rifle or pistol. The rifle parts were supposed to be available the same time as the pistol, the advertisements STILL show that they can be had. But when inquiring at dealers or to Beretta(assuming you can get a reply from Beretta), the parts are not available but will be VERY soon. I have been getting this response for over a year. Despite that, about a year ago, I bought my wife one anyway, it fits her hand well, and no real regrets, but the final deciding factor was the fact we could convert it to a rifle for her to shoot with. This was one of two firearms that fit all the criteria, most others(except some rugers) fit the criteria except they didn't fit her hand well. Anyway, I have little experience with Beretta. Are they always like this? When they even bother to reply to me, I either get a brush off, or a it's coming out in another month or two. The dealers I have spoken to are getting quite annoyed as well, as many customers come in asking for the parts and then leave rather irritated and I can't blame them.

    To sum it up I guess I'm asking two questions. Is Beretta really this much of a joke to deal with and in delivering what they promise? Also has anyone heard anything more about Beretta releasing the rest of the parts for this firearm?

    My dealings with Springfield both through e-mail and over the phone have been beautiful. Wish it could go that smoothly with Beretta. I will DEFINATELY deal with Springfield again, but probably never buy another Beretta firearm(mostly due to lack of customer service). Although this may change if I get some positive comments in Beretta's favor.

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