Bergara Problem

Finally got to the range today. Not my best outing, but I am quite satisfied. Windy, and I forgot to take my rear bag, so I had to improvise; not as steady as I'd like to have been. Also, I really need to buy some good .22 ammo. What I had available today was an old brick of Eley Sport (which they don't make any more), a couple of boxes of PMC Moderators that I bought back when I first got my suppressor, a partial box of Lapua Standard, and a partial box of Norma Tac-22.

I started with the Eley Sport since that is what I had most of. First target is first group at 25 yards, 10 shots, after bore sighting. Called that good and shot the rest at 50 yards.


Second target all Eley Sport. Group low and left was first group at 50 yards; the spread around the center target was my getting zeroed. The other two groups were typical of the Eley: right around an inch.

Last target is the most interesting. Center target was the PMC Moderators. It was so bad I only shot the one group. Two top targets were both Lapua Standard. Better; I pulled the first shot on the left group. Group to the right was better; that's MOA. Groups on the bottom were the Norma Tac-22s. I was shaky on the left group; reset my position and shot the one on the right. That one is MOA as well.

Here's the ammo ...

... and an unfortunate fly I shot with the Eley.

My primary goal today was to get the scope sighted in and get a sense for what the rifle is capable of. Now I need to spend some $$ on a good selection of match ammo and really find out what it likes.
When swapping between ammo, I have found that sometimes it takes a barrel 5-10 rounds to "season" with the next load before you get consistent accuracy.
I’ve heard that before, perhaps I should change the routine with .22 lr vs centerfire.

My thoughts at the time was they were all made by Lapua so the lube should be similar enough?

Either way, Center X looked best, and has continued to shoot well in it.
I don't think I would worry about the bullet lube when sticking with different ammo from the same manufacturer. Now switching from different manufacturers can make a difference since each will use a different type of lube or wax.

I have bought some different match ammo for my Savage MkII to try out once the weather cooperates. I will probably run a bore snake down the barrel between the different manufacturers and also shoot at least 5 rounds before worrying about group size.
Great, thanks alot. Something else to worry about :). I had never heard that before.

The reason for this is that most manufacturers use a different type of wax/lube and mixing two or more can effect accuracy. How much effect that has definitely varies. Most people will at least run a bore snake through their barrel and fire a few fouling shot when switching from one brand of ammo to another.