"Best" 1-6x or 1-8x LPVO for $1,500 or less?


Jun 20, 2013
Big Sky Country
I put best in quotes because obviously it's tough to pick one single "best" of anything. Still, maybe a short list? What are the top 1-6x or 1-8x LPVOs available for $1,500 or less? Some of my criteria:
  • Either 30mm or 34mm.
  • Daylight bright would be good but not a dealbreaker. Motion activation of lume a bonus.
  • Good FoV @1x, not as concerned about the FoV at high mag.
  • Forgiving eye box.
  • KISS/clean reticle. Concerned about quick target acquisition at closer range. BDC of some kind if okay if it's not too "busy".
  • High build quality, durable aka "duty grade".
  • Primarily to be used for HD/general purpose use at ranges from 7 meters to 250 meters, occasional shots to 500 meters.
At first blush the Leupold Patrol 6HD 1-6x24mm seems to be a top contender but if there's something else I should be considering please let me know!
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Vortex Razor HD, Leupold Patrol 6hd, EOTech Vudu, Night force NX8, I'm sure there's something from Trijicon in that price range as well. LOTS of good options at $1500!
I just got my first LPVO, a $300 jobbie from Primary Arms. I'm going to experiment with it and see how I like the form factor vs just running Aimpoints like I have thus far. Most of my shooting is at shorter ranges and my carbines are set up for that, but I want to see if an LPVO gives me an acceptable blend of close range speed and longer range precision.

I haven't had mine long enough to know if it will meet the "duty grade" criteria but I like the Burris RT6. Usually under $400 and it's plenty bright for my uses and super quick to get on target.
At one point I was learning towards FFP but SFP might be better for my intended application. Hard to say though as the FFP would be a little better for distance, which might lead me to set up a gun geared more for that.
At one point I was learning towards FFP but SFP might be better for my intended application. Hard to say though as the FFP would be a little better for distance, which might lead me to set up a gun geared more for that.
For a SFP, I'd consider Tract Optics. I know...they're not well known, but check them out. Look them up and do a little research. You might be pleasantly surprised. From experience, their customer service is second to none...it really is not possible to do better.


I went with a EOTech Vudu 1-10 because I know a guy and was able to get a hefty discount. I also wanted FFP. They have a 1-6 that fits in your price range without a discount.

Awesome! That's two companies I've honestly never even heard of but their stuff looks great. The list just gets longer!
Keep an eye on Tract Optics and they run periodic Demo sales and maybe you can get a great deal on the scope, depending on your timeframe for purchasing vs. patience.

I've bought 3 of their scopes and one of my two 4-20x50 LR PRS reticle Milrad purchases from them cost me less than $1000 when I caught one of their demo sales.
The razor 1-6 is kind of the gold standard for 1-6 LPVOs. The center red dot is easily daylight bright even in the mid day desert sun. There's a reason why a lot of SOCOM guys are running them.
If you can get the military/le discount I’d recommend the NX-8. Lightweight, compact, and the dot is way bright on 1X. Good glass and very usable FFP reticle too.

I was on a mission to find exactly what you're looking for. I tried a bunch of them. At the 1500 price point, the razor gen II E is it.

If you're really worried about weight and form factor, the NX8 really has those things going for it, but when it comes to actually using it .... there's a reason the used market is flooded with them.
I should have mentioned this in addition to the Razor. If you have your mind set on an LPVO, yes ... the Razor is it in that price range.

Still, what I have on my goto rifle is a 4x ACOG in a standard height mount with a piggy back red dot. This was the fastest and most comfortable for me over the broadest range of circumstances. General purpose. Heads up shooting for up close and I can hunker down on it for farther shots. I still have my red dot rig for all up close and I have my rig with the Razor for mostly farther out, but for an all around rig, the ACOG with the piggy back is hard to beat.

It's largely a matter of what will serve you the best. Try to be honest with yourself about how it will actually be used rather than all of the things that it could be used for.
For a home defense carbine it's hard to imagine anything displacing an Aimpoint. It's only 25 feet to my front door and it's difficult to imagine any way I'd be presented with a shot much longer than 100 feet (which would be well outside into the streets or parking lot). If the 1-6x wasn't a big hindrance at close range it might be viable but it's still hard to imagine any advantage it could have at those ranges. Until I get more trigger time on one I think the most likely application for a LPVO for me might be in a general purpose gun that might travel with me, find its way into the woods while I'm camping and of course just shoot steel or punch paper. We spend a lot of time wargaming stuff but the most realistic use for my guns is plinking and recreational shooting.
Vortex Razor HD II, 1-6x
about $1400

I'd give the 1-8x Accupower a strong #2 spot.
I have my replacement Razor 1x6 HD with JM BDC. First outing the crosshairs split. The 12 o clock wire is where they hide the wire for the red dot. This is a common report.

Sent it back with no hassle, turnaround was less than 2 weeks. I only have 20 rounds on it since getting it back, maybe 100 rounds total. We will see if it holds up. Hoping to put some rounds in this weekend.

Rifle was an AR-10 variant, so not too heavy of recoil.
Reason I stick to so.e older 1" tubes is weight! These lpvo scopes are undoubtedly fast to acquire and very high quality, but some of them are a real pig. I guess I am sensitive to it. A compact 3X9 can be around 12 oz. advertized. Some of these lpvo are like 6 oz heavier. And lower power. But yes very clear