Biggest Disappointment?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by guyfromohio, Dec 24, 2013.

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  1. Jim NE

    Jim NE Member

    Feb 28, 2011
    I'm not sure what my biggest disappointment was, but among them would be a Colt SAA that was in near new condition, and a long barrel Single Six .22.

    Given the condition of the Colt, and the barrel length of the Ruger, I would've expected both guns to be accurate, but that was the last thing they were. Got rid of those prestigious junkers pronto.
  2. silicosys4

    silicosys4 Member

    Jun 29, 2012
    All three of the Kahr polymer pistols I have owned. 0 for 3 for reliability, serious issues requiring trips back to the factory for two of them.
  3. Grmlin

    Grmlin Member

    Jan 6, 2012
    Eastern N.C.
    For me it was a Beretta 92 FS 9mm. I purchased it because that was what my Gov issue weapon was, I thought if I practiced with it more it would feel better in my hands, some guns just do not fit. It wasn't that I couldn't shoot it, in fact I was very accurate with it, just uncomfortable. From time to time I wish I had kept it but it went to someone who enjoys it.
  4. Skyshot

    Skyshot Member

    Jan 23, 2011
    Ruger M77 in 7x57. Perfect blueing, stunning wood. Tried everything just short of a rebarreling job. Could never get it to group with any factory or reload I tried. Gave up on it after a couple of years of fruitless efforts.
  5. pendennis

    pendennis Member

    Aug 6, 2011
    Two come to mind -

    The first was a Glock 27. In the store, it felt good in my hand, and even the first couple of magazines felt fine. Eventually the too-wide grip became an issue. I tried compensating by adding grips adapters, etc. But, nothing worked out. I traded it on a used Kimber Ultra Shadow, and still use it.

    The second was a EAA Witness, in .38 Super. The price was right, and I even sent it to EAA and had a trigger job done. It never malfunctioned, and fed everything I loaded, and the trigger was superb. However, it like the Glock, had a double stack magazine, and it just never really fit my hand.

    Neither the Glock, nor the Witness had any quality issues. They just "never were my guns".
  6. cfullgraf

    cfullgraf Member

    Oct 19, 2010
    East TN
    A Springfield P9C in 40 S&W was a disappointment. It would tear itself apart when shooting and then Springfield orphaned it. Fortunately, parts were available from Tanfaglio (spelling?) but it was still junk and I have not gotten over Springfield's customer service on the pistol. Sold the pistol with a bag of spare parts.

    Also, an early sig P238 was a disappointment. Sig finally fixed their design flaws and mine functions well now. But the P238 was a disappointment when compared to my 80's vintage Colt Mustang.
  7. wlkjr

    wlkjr Member

    Nov 2, 2013
    Mine was the Kel-Tec PF9 also. Loved everything about the gun but the reliability. Had jams and FTEs so I finally sold it. Another was an old Remington Nylon 66 rifle. Couldn't hit anything with it. The guy who sold it to me took it back.
  8. almherdfan

    almherdfan Member

    Feb 24, 2011
    Wild, Wonderful, WV
    Taurus PLY-22. Loved the way it fit in my hand and pocket. Very positive reviews from users (here and other sites). Saved my $$ and ordered it from my LGS. I was so ready to love it.

    It was as accurate as advertised and functioned flawlessly. However, the narrow trigger stung the heck out of my finger (despite being 22LR). I tried to "man up", but eventually had to admit that I just didn't enjoy shooting it.

    I also had problems with the KT PF9. I shot several mags through a buddy's PF9 and loved it. Unfortunately, the one I purchased just would not work for me. I was able to make a good trade on a Ruger, though.
  9. SC Shooter

    SC Shooter Member

    Aug 25, 2013
    Upstate SC
    My Walther P22 is pretty dissapointing. It is pretty finnicky, and only works well with certain ammo.
  10. Bob Bonillas

    Bob Bonillas Member

    Jul 2, 2012
    My first was a Lugeman in 6.5 Swede. Couldn't group with it. Sold it. Saw one at the last show here for $1700. I'm sure I spelled Lugman wrong. Didn't like the way it operated either. The second was a Kahr CW40. Every time the slide came back, it cut my knuckle. I couldn't hold it. It was just too small for my hand. Gave it to my daughter, she loves it. She even learned how to disassemble, clean and reassemble. Pretty good or a girl!
  11. SleazyRider

    SleazyRider Member

    Feb 25, 2008
    New York
    Funny how the P-22 is mentioned here, yet on RimFireCentral it is has an almost cult-like following. They even have a "bible" of sorts that details fixes, modifications, and improvements to the gun. Apparently there's a vast difference between early models and more recent productions. I happen to own the latter of these, and find it reliable and accurate. I've put thousands of rounds through it without a single issue, and even purchased the Walther laser for it. Personally, I love the gun and have no regrets.

    I certainly do not question the negative opinions expressed by others here, just wanted to cite my own experience in the same spirit of sharing.
  12. Agsalaska

    Agsalaska Member

    Mar 11, 2012
    Good question.

    I was 22 when I bought my first pistol from the pawn shop I was working at. It was a real nice 9mm S&W from their performance center but do not remember the exact model. Anyway I took it to a range and it didnt like the ammo I had bought. THe bad news was I had not had enough experience at the time(or money) to just try a different brand. The good news was I knew this was a big problem and traded it back in for a revolver.

    I do wish I still owned that gun. Even if I was disappointed with it at the time.
  13. Noah

    Noah Member

    Aug 21, 2011
    A Polish Tantal 5.45 AK from Centerfire Systems.

    I had a self converted (formerly) single stack WASR-10 that I had added a muzzle brake to, a full polymer furniture set, a stack of Russian steel 30 round mags, and I loved the gun, so fun to shoot, accurate and reliable. Tapco trigger I put in as well. Bad black AK47 with a modern AK-10x look and big tubby 7.62x39 rounds. I could wait to clean it, and it was easy to clean when I bothered. Decent 4 moa prone shooter too, and I was a bad shot then. After a good 8 months (it was my first rifle) my twin brother finally succeeded in convincing me I needed a 5.45 AK instead, for flatter ballistics and safer wall penetration properties, and pushed me towards this Polish Tantal, which was the best deal around.

    I saved up, sold my beloved black WASR and mags for quite a lot of money, and got the Tantal. It was all messy from the beginning- I never got a shipping e-mail from Centerfire, and when I finally e-mailed them about it, it turns out it had been at my LGS for days, but my LGS wouldn't be open again for 3 days.

    I had ordered 4 steel Tantal mags from Centerfire as well, and they were absolute trash. Rust, and every single one either wouldn't feed well, or would only take 5-10 rounds before the follower would bind. So I had to drop another hundred bucks on mags that worked.

    My experience buying a case of 5.45 ammo from Buds was a-ok at least. :cool:

    So I got the gun finally, and when I did my pre-shooting clean, I found a good 8" of chamber flag stick still lodged in the barrel. Thank the Lord I cleaned the gun before I shot it. I had a good afternoon installing a Bulgarian stock set I had bought off a guy on an Ohio CCW forum, and was excited to shoot! I had this nice, beautifully finished AK-74, with reddish wood. I thought things were shaping up for me.

    Then I had a nightmare trying to get those steel mags to work. I borrowed a few of my twin bro's AK mags, which ran great. The trigger had a really really strong reset spring that felt funny when shooting, but I figured I would just make do. After a mag just shooting cardboard at close range and high speed to make sure it was the crummy mags and not the gun, I scootch back to 50 yards and settle into prone to try the accuracy. 2 shots, pretty close together and right where I wanted them, and I'm feeling pretty good. But with each additional shot I can see the group just getting exponentially worse and then I notice the handguard has been working its way loose! Sure enough, next shot it flies right off. :what: That explains the group sizes...

    I am still trying to muster my courage, and tell myself that the Bulgarian wood handguard just didn't fit right and I carefully get the original bakelite back on. It's not as pretty but... Like a real trooper, I head back out there, only for the handguard to violently pop off after just 10 rounds. I try every spare AK handguard in the drawers in the basement, only to find the problem worse with every one. The Tapco handguard only made it through 3 shots before I had my support hand holding the handguard with the bare barreled rifle in my trigger hand alone and a miserable look on my face.

    I tore the rifle apart (what little was left to be done) and after some experimenting, found that even when fully locked, it only took about 20 pounds of pressure, or some violent wiggling, to work the Tantal's front handguard retainer loose, without the lock key ever having budged. Bad news.

    Have I mentioned yet that the safety had no detent hole, and would work itself up into "safe" position every 10 or 15 rounds?

    Again taking the advice of my brother, I set out on a daring adventure that I don't think had ever been attempted before. I decided that the quickest and cheapest way to permanently fix the handguard problem would be to cut off the useless retainer, drill the proper screw hole into the front of the receiver, and put on my brother's old Saiga rifle handguard. After ammo, a whole new set of mags, and the food from the stress, I was pretty poor and did not, not want to pay to have the handguard fixed. I didn't even know how you could.

    Crazy as the plan was (I have got to be the only guy ever to convert a Tantal into a Saiga. Or any "converted" AK into a Saiga handguard.) it actually worked great, with the gas tube held in place by a zip tie at the back of the handguard. High speed low drag, eh? It has to be the world's lightest standard barrel length AK. The Tantal has a thin barrel profile and light weight already.

    So I finally had a pretty complete gun. I mean, the trigger reset was sharp and unreliable, the bolt loved to hang up in the receiver when being hand cycled (without fail you could pull the bolt back and it would stick at the rear until you gave the gun a smack. Kinda neat when you lock it back (with crappy gun friction alone :scrutiny: ) and then it would release when you rocked a mag in... am I right, or am I missing something? :p ) and I was really getting into Appleseed shooting, but this gun had no sling mounts and though I was itching for a scope for my lousy eyes, the only way to mount one was to drop another few hundred bucks on an Ultimak and long eye relief scope. Oh and I couldn't run the bolt while my support arm was slung up while prone. Not very ambidextrous.

    Also, I hated the corrosive ammo. I know this is petty, but I hated having to be so careful to clean the gun right after every single range trip, and unlike my WASR, which was a pleasure to work on, this gun took a lot of elbow grease to get the dust cover on and off. To take it off, you always got pinched with a blood blister, and to put it back on, you have to give it a full on smack. And try not to pinch yourself. Watch for blood. Smells funny mixed with gun oil and carbon slime.

    I was hundreds of bucks in the hole with this gun, and still needed hundreds to make it what I wanted, and incredibly unhappy and just done with it. My brother had the money to finish it up, and he seemed to like it, so he paid me what I paid for the gun, and fair price for mags and ammo since he's a 5.45 AK guy. He didn't hate it like I did, and was willing to give it the TLC it needed. I still owe him for getting that thing out of my hands. And I still blew hundreds on the gun, and sold the 7.62x39 AK I had converted and refurbished with my own hands and had been totally happy with. I will never let another person convince me to make a purchase or change like that again!! At least I learned something, I hope.

    Fast forward, and I have the S&W AR I wanted before I ever got the 7.62 AK, and it has been 100%, and it even has a scope, and I can charge the bolt left handed prone and slung up. It's accurate and works great for me. The ammo is noncorrosive to boot! I'm a happy boy and just glad the whole mess is over.

    Didn't write this post to bash AKs, I loved my 7.62x39 and my brother's 5.45 Saiga has been the model of a hallmark fighting carbine for him, it just made me feel better to type all of this. I apologize to anyone who read through my whole rant! :D
  14. bigfatdave

    bigfatdave Member

    Jul 13, 2008
    Near Camp Perry
    It isn't as funny when it is your wife's gun, and she likes it, and assumes you can make it run right. I try.

    RFC is a huge resource for it, and after much tinkering and parts-swapping I've got it running reliably with bulk ammo (which I now can't find, luckily I have a stockpile)

    Looks goofy, with the 5" target barrel hanging out of the front of the normal slide.
    Works well though.

    It took a lot of tinkering and some aftermarket parts, as well as:
    - one angry call to S&W when the stupid "target model" barrel weight wouldn't stay in place (they sent me a replacement 5" setup as a replacement, AND a free barrel/sleeve for the {3.4"?} shorter length, which I think was blemished, but functional)
    - one embarassed call to S&W when I lost a little bitty slidestop spring during a detail strip (they sent me 2 as freebies)
  15. TennJed

    TennJed Member

    Sep 26, 2010
    When you have a bible to fixes, mods, and improvements it doesn't scream out of the box reliability. An inexpensive 22s target audience doesn't generally want to read a bible to get the gun up and running.

    Take the Ruger MK series. It is legendary out of the box and is versatile enough to have a bible on mods (not fixes). That makes a great gun. IMHO YMMV
  16. Glocktogo

    Glocktogo Member

    Feb 6, 2010
    Ruger Mini-30 Ranch. It was a true "minute of pie plate" gun at 100 yards. Seriously, every type of ammo I tried was 6-8 MOA. That sadness. :(
  17. roadliner

    roadliner Member

    Jan 4, 2011
    None that were disappointing, but a few impulse buys at a gun show that in the light of day, I asked myself why. The GSG 5, like how it looked like the original H&K (enough it got them in trouble), and it shoots great. But I already have a ton of 22's and it was just shy of $500. I could have waited a year or so and saved close to $200, since it's just a range toy.
  18. chicharrones

    chicharrones needs more ammo

    Jan 19, 2010
    Galveston Bay is an Hour Away ©
    Beretta Bobcat in .22LR and a Beretta Neos pistol.

    The Bobcat was bought as fun plinker back in the day, but I found out it would only run two to three magazines before it would jam from being so sensitive to requiring a clean chamber. Kind of a bummer when your friend is just flying through ammo with his Ruger MKII.

    The Neos was pretty nice until I sent it in for the factory recall that replaced the striker with a longer sear surface. Dang, that just messed up that trigger good. Oh well, it works okay for a carbine trigger, thankfully.
  19. docnyt

    docnyt Member

    Sep 20, 2009
    HeArT of DiXiE
    Interestingly mine was also a BHP. I'm a huge JMB fan - the man was a genius - but the BHP never felt right even with different mags, cleaning and polishing. Put it on consignment and sold several months later. Maybe if I come across another one I may try it again.
  20. ms6852

    ms6852 Member

    Oct 19, 2009
    For me it was a savage mkII 22 lr. In the sporter barrel. Not as accurate as my 1022. Gave it to my godson.
  21. Rio Laxas

    Rio Laxas Member

    Jun 20, 2007
    I spent a long time obsessing over a semi-auto Sterling 9MM carbine. When I finally got one, I just plain didn't like it. It ran fine and the build quality was good, but I just never warmed to it for some reason.
  22. earlthegoat2

    earlthegoat2 Member

    Aug 28, 2008
    SE GA
    Ive never had a problem or a regret with any gun I bought. I research every gun I want first. Even if it was an impulse purchase I had researched it in the past first. I see a lot of guns on this thread that did not pass my research muster to consider buying.

    The BHP is a surprise since I now own and love one. I can see 1911s even though I have owned those before too. One was a Para Ordinance even, which seems to have a bad rep. It was pretty good. The other was a Filipino job that was also very good.

    Generally, I am leery of any new 22 design. Such as the myriad of pistols that have entered the market in the last decade. I worked at a gun shop for a time and every Sig Mosquito we sold came back to us for warranty work to be done. We did not sell many of those but 100% of any number more than one makes you think harder about it.
  23. Texron

    Texron Member

    Oct 30, 2013
    South Texas
    Same here with the ruger LCR22. Had to have it but, but I am very inaccurate with it. Nothing really wrong with the gun, but if I can't hit what I am shooting at, what good is it?
  24. wow6599

    wow6599 Member

    Apr 6, 2008
    Wildwood, MO

    I bought an "excellent" condition one from Bud's that made me think I had something wrong with me, because most folks seem to really like them.

    Terrible action, terrible trigger, terrible accuracy, terrible looking. And too long and heavy.

    I will never understand the attraction.........
  25. Hometeached1

    Hometeached1 Member

    Oct 27, 2013
    Where ever the good LORD puts me.
    So far I've not bought a firearm that I hate, but I only own a few and I research and research and research and handle and try to shoot any firearm before buying.

    Noah, that's to bad about your Tantal. Glad you like your S&W. Which model is it if you don't mind me asking? The sport has caught my eye, just not to sure if a AR is for me (like wood on a rifle) and at that price point I might get one.
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