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Bit Me: A story of the end of the world

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by hrgrisso, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. hrgrisso

    hrgrisso Member

    Feb 2, 2007
    Valley of the Gun
    I read Nightcrawler and Correia's stories. I read a few of the others floating around and I wanted to (with Oleg's and the Mods permission) to post the first chapter of my ZOMBIE story. Let me know what you think, those that have the right yank this if you feel it shouldn't be here.

    Sorry for taking a few moments to post the actual story, it took me a few moments to re format it from Word.
  2. pacodelahoya

    pacodelahoya Member

    Jan 18, 2007
    SW PA
    Uh, there is nothing here but your post explaining that you are about to post a story.
  3. alucard0822

    alucard0822 Member

    Jan 3, 2007
    Westminster, MD
    Its one of those suspense thrillers:neener:

    yup, definitely feeling the suspense
  4. hrgrisso

    hrgrisso Member

    Feb 2, 2007
    Valley of the Gun
    Chapter 1

    The inside of the bathroom stall was the most peaceful place that Gabriel could sometimes find.

    Work just seemed to drag on. Who knew there could be that many people who were upset with their cable? Most people didn’t complain about their internet, and few complained about their phone service. Of course they’d need a phone to call and complain about that…

    The combinations of those thoughts filled him with laughter; but the despair of the following thought was usually enough to drive any humor away with the next category of call he would take, “My TV ISN’T WORKING!!!”

    God forbid a person miss Judge Judy!

    And that brings us back to Gabriel seeking peace in the john. His phone beeped, his break was over. He turned off the alarm, as much as he hated using it to track his breaks, but even more, he hated having Monsignor George breathe down his neck about it. George would walk up to you, put his arm around your shoulders in a Leave it to Beaver embrace and wiggle his fingers in your face. “Fifteen Minutes per four hours,” As friendly as he tried to sound, his lips would peel back into a sneer whenever he’d say that. Then he’d add, delayed beyond any gentle pause or comfort… “Buddy!”

    Standing Gabriel pulled up his pants as he went to button them his pocket knife, fell to floor with a metallic clatter.

    “DAMNIT!” He hissed under his breath.

    From outside the stall a voice commented, “Somebody’s dropping more than change in there!”

    Gabriel opened the door, flashed a sour look at the source of the fake and cheerful voice, once he saw who it belonged to, it only filled him with distaste and disgust. Knowing who it was, only made it easier for him to stoke a little anger. Gabriel didn’t know him personally, especially didn’t want to know him. It was the curly mop headed tattooed guy from Southern Division, the one who would seek out coworkers with low cut shirts and stand next to their cube waiting for a good view. It didn’t help that this guy’s goofy grin reminded Gabriel of someone, or something, he just couldn’t figure out who!

    After washing his hands, Gabriel had to walk right past Mr. Creepy who just flashed him a sickly smile.

    Again creepy guy looked like someone who Gabriel was supposed to know. More annoyed he headed back to the floor, at that moment a scream echoed down the hall, through the call center.

    Gabriel sped into the floor only to see a crowd gathered by the rear door of the building. Someone was calling for an ambulance. He tried pushing his way through only to hear, “Give her room, she needs air!”

    At that point he decided that he was intrigued but not that intrigued so he wandered back to his cave. Amazingly Creepy Guy had beaten him to his own cube! There he stood, in his cube, talking to Gabe’s buddy Dave.

    “Hey Gabriel, sorry to startle you in the can,” Creepy Guy said, while offering his hand.

    Still spiteful, Gabriel grudgingly shook it, “No biggie.”

    Gabe’s phone range and saved him from more forced polite interaction with Mr. Creepy. “JJ guys, sorry I gotta take this.”

    Dave smiled, “hey ask your wife if she and I are still getting together later?”

    Flipping Dave the bird, Gabriel answered, “Only if your wife will tell my kid to come out soon!” Dave laughed.

    Turning away from his coworkers, he answered his phone, “Hey Babe!”

    “Hi handsome!” JJ said.

    Gabriel colored up a bit. Dave laughed even harder.

    “What’s the story beautiful?” He asked. Gabe started gnawing on his middle finger, being sure to aim it squarely at Dave and Creepy Guy who for some reason hadn’t wandered off yet. Besides what else are best friends for, but to harass mercilessly?

    “I don’t know if you’ve been listening to the news, but there’s been an outbreak of Super-Rabies, HERE!” She said. Gabe could sense more than a little distress in his wife’s voice.

    Stunned at the news, he stammered, “What do you mean?”

    “I mean people are biting each other, people are going crazy! Right here in Phoenix! It’s here!” She said, her voice strained.

    “Calm down babe!” Gabe was trying to think quickly of a way to reassure his upset wife. “I’m sure it’ll turn out to be as bad as Hurricane Season 2006 turned out to be.” Gabe desperately didn’t want his wife to hear his worry. “I’m sure it’s a false alarm, extremely exaggerated.”

    “Gabe I’m nervous, there have been over a hundred bites so far in the last hour!” She said. “People are dying from it!”

    “Over a hundred?!” Gabe was in shock, one hundred people!

    “There not all dead, but I’m scared, I’ve locked the doors. I don’t want to take the girls outside.” JJ Said.

    “Ok Babe, I don’t blame you. I’ll catch a ride with Dave.” Gabe just couldn’t believe the Super Rabies was here! One Hundred People!?!

    “Ok, I got the shotgun, the girls are watching TV. Please come home as soon as you can ok?” She added, “Have Dave check on Mindy?”

    “I love you babe, I’ll be home ASAP!” Gabe hoped he could deliver on that.

    If JJ had gotten out the shotgun she was really scared. He turned to Dave to tell him the news when his phone rattled a txt.

    *LOCAL NEWS: Due to a surprise outbreak of the so-called Super-Rabies the governor has closed all state offices after dozens of related fatalities. The National Guard is expected to be called out within the hour. The Government recommends that for your safety, stay indoors and DON’T GET BITTEN! This NUZETXT brought to you by Havens. Eat Fresh, Try Havens!

    Gabriel turned to Dave. “Dave have you talked with Mindy?”

    “This Morning.” He said.

    “JJ just told me the Super Rabies is here. Then I got this txt.”

    Dave interrupted, “Hanson says that Linda got bitten!”

    “Oh My…” Gabe’s mind was now racing, Super Rabies, inside the building?!?

    Gabriel showed Dave the TXT with the Havens ad.

    “Holy Crap!” Dave said! “Hanson, tell us what happened!?”

    “Well Linda over by the backdoor got bitten, just a few minutes ago…”

    Screams erupted from the group still gathered around their collapsed coworker.

    Someone started screaming, “Oh my god! There’s so much blood!”

    As one, Gabriel and Dave stood for a better view.

    What they saw made Dante’s blood turn cold. Linda was not yet standing, but clearly visible through their other coworkers rushing away. She was covered in blood! It had started to congeal on her shirt, and it was dried on her neck and arms. She looked like a crimson demon, blood blowing in bubbles and mist from her mouth and nose.

    But the reason for the renewed screams was the return of what Gabe guessed was the original biter. A large Indian man, with his Tohono O’ohdam braid clearly visible had just rushed into the office through the backdoor. Standing close to six foot six, his long arms hung at his sides, clenching into claws. His entire face was covered in blood with bits of tissue matter stuck in his hair and on his face.

    The few cable employees who had not run away screaming stared, eyes wide. The fear readily visible, a predator didn’t need to smell it, it was not hidden.

    In true predator fashion the massive biter stood absolutely still, eyes wide, scanning the room, never stopping; until he found his target. With a roar he leapt at another of the cable jockeys, Gabe thought her name was Carla. Being clear across the room, there was no time. By the time he’d be able to rush to her side, Carla would be dead.

    Gabe’s next thought was what a poor defensive weapon his pocket knife would be. He glanced at Dave, startled to see a large ASP Baton suddenly in his hand.

    “Damn Dave!” He said.

    “What you like my big stick!? It’s the new 35”” He said.

    Gabe smiled. Dave had that effect on him.

    “Do you have your truck?” Gabe asked.

    Dave nodded.

    “What’s in it?” Gabe asked.

    Dave said, “Two nine’s, plenty of ammo. I just hope I’m parked close enough.”

    “It’ll have to be.” Gabe said. “Let’s keep these cubes between them and us; we’ll break for the door at the last minute.”

    Again Dave nodded.

    Moving carefully between cubes they could now hear Carla moaning and growling sounds. Even more disturbing was the sloppy wet chewing.

    Dave seemed to lose his footing for a minute.

    “You ok?” Gabe asked.

    “I think I’m going to be sick.” Dave replied.

    “It’s just morning sickness shake it off!” Gabe smiled. He wasn’t feeling so in control of his stomach either.

    Dave led around a cube and ran into Linda crouched over another unidentified coworker.

    She spun and hissed at them. When she took a swing at Dave with a bloody hand he blocked it with his ASP then twisted, reached back and McGuire-d Linda just above her jaw.

    More screams and the sound of broken glass echoed from the front of the building.

    “Let’s get out of here!” Dave shouted!

    They kept moving and ducked below the tops of the cubes. Gabe didn’t want to disturb the Indian Biter. It looked like Dave didn’t want to either.

    They made it to the door just as two new biters rounded the hallway in the office. The biters merely staggered and stumbled but when they saw Gabriel and Dave they both let out shrieks similar to Linda after she was no longer Linda.

    “RUN!” Dave yelled.

    Gabe jumped at the door, hitting the bumper bar. The Indian biter jumped up from his Carla-meal, growled, and rushed the door. As they rushed outside Dave moved to close the door.

    Gabe yelled, “Forget it! RUN!”

    Without looking back Gabe ran out into the parking lot. He saw Dave’s shiny Tacoma parked about sixty five yards down. Without breaking stride he forced himself to scan the parking lot for other biters, trying desperately to keep tunnel vision from controlling him, leaving him exposed and vulnerable.
    He could hear Dave hard on his heels breathing hard, trying to control his body and his fear.

    BANG! Metal slammed against wall. Gabe heard the door crash open behind him. Gabe knew that all three biters were now seeing him flee and nothing encourages a predator like food in flight.

    “Dave, where are the nine’s?” Gabe managed to choke it out between gasps.

    “One, under each front seat.” Dave replied.

    Beep! Beep! The Tacoma’s parking lights flashed. Gabe knew the doors were now open. He could hear the sounds of biters behind him and Dave. He’d closed the distance with the truck by half but the biters were only about fifteen yards behind Dave, if they were lucky.
    Thirty yards.
    Twenty yards.
    Ten yards.

    He slammed into the door breathing hard trying to focus, trying to slow his breathing. Trying to get his motor skills under control.

    On his first attempt he fumbled with the handle. Then it was open and he reached under the seat. The biters sounds increased in volume, a terrifying crescendo behind him. His hand found hot metal.

    He knew it. Clutched it like a life-line and spun back towards the building, punching the familiar handgun, the SigP229 out away from his body. He easily slipped into the familiar modified weaver stance he knew so well. The closest biter was only a few steps behind Dave, arms flailing wildly, face contorted in excitement.

    “DAVE! DOWN!” Gabe commanded!

    Dave knew his friend well and trusted him. There friendship had withstood time and trial. He did as his friend ordered, sliding down towards the truck, as if it were third base. Distance was not the object, but it succeeded in getting Dave out of Gabe’s sight picture.

    Time Disappeared.

    Gabe felt the trigger beneath his index finger. He saw the three dots line up on the biters upper torso. Recognized the biter as a blood covered Mr. Creepy.

    Gabe pressed the trigger once. Twice. Three times.

    Three shots. Three hits. The LAPD wishes it were half as good!

    The first bullet pierced Mr. Creepy, who was even creepier, covered in blood, just between the collar bone and the sternum. The second just under the jaw and the third went through the upper jaw just under the nose and caused a shower of red mist and bits behind Mr. Creepy’s head.

    Gabe immediately turned his focus to the other two biters as Dave scrambled around the truck. Not wanting to shoot someone who was sick, Gabe started shouting at the other two biters who’d stopped twenty yards away when he’d killed Mr. Creepy. “Stay back! Don’t make me kill you!”

    He could hear Dave fumble with his keys. “Come on Dave. Keep it together. Let’s get out of here, but we need to get you in the truck.” He said this without breaking his sight of biter number 2 and the Indian biter.

    Dave grunted and Gabe heard the truck door open. He started backing up towards the open door, but the sound of running footsteps behind him made him lurch around to cover his back. He spun in time to see Dave shoot four times at another biter who’d come around the side of the building.

    Dave yelled “lookout” as he turned towards Gabe and brought his gun to bear.

    Gabe dropped to the ground, hard, trying to spin back to his unprotected back in time to biter number 2 eat a face full of Dave’s 9mm.

    “Stupid! You know better!” Gabe said to himself as he got to his feet warily regarding the still hovering Indian biter. Suddenly the door of the building flew open behind the remaining biter as more cable employees rushed out. They didn’t appear to be bitten, but the way they ran guaranteed they thought they were chased by someone who had.

    Dave had the truck started and was trying to back out when the Indian biter turned to chase the fleeing office employees.

    Gabe raised his gun, so many people running beyond his target, he didn’t know if he could risk it.

    Dave yelled again, “Get in the truck!”

    Gabe wasn’t even all the way in the truck with the door when Dave burned rubber out of his parking spot and then swung his nose towards the menacing biter.

    Realization dawned on Gabe as two more biters raced out of the building and into Dave’s expressway. All he could do was hold on as Dave raced the engine and the truck sped through the parking lot.

    Dave had to swerve but he managed to hit all three visible biters. After disappearing beneath the hood of the small truck, the Indian biter’s Tohono O’ohdham braid bounced up onto the hood of the truck along with a bloody wet knot and meaty bits still attached to it.

    Gabe gagged. After he had calmed his distraught stomach he asked Dave for a reload. Dave opened his center console and past the CDs, the snacks, and the box of Trojans there were a dozen neatly centered magazines full of ammunition.

    Gabe grabbed a magazine for the Sig and ejected the mostly spent magazine from his gun. Then looking into the console he realized that yes, there was a box of Trojans, and he laughed. He laughed so hard that Dave looked over to make sure that he hadn’t lost it.

    Dave looked confused and the look on his face caused Gabe to laugh even harder.

    When he’d finally gotten his giggles under control Gabe pointed to the condoms.

    “Too little to late eh?” Gabe was still trying to keep from laughing. “When is
    Mindy due again?”

    This time Dave flipped him off, which caused Gabe to laugh all over again.

    Then they saw up ahead a fire truck had rolled over and a crowd had gathered. As they got closer, Gabe and Dave recognized the herky, jerky, stumble of a biter; thankfully not on the hunt.

    They saw a woman walking away with a pretty blue sun dress on. She was carrying a fireman’s’ boot. The boot still retained much of its former owner’s appendage. This biter was attempting to figure out the best way to retrieve her newly discovered meal.

    Turning in disgust, Dave turned onto the on ramp to the freeway. “C’mon let’s get home to our wives.” He said.
  5. Kevin108

    Kevin108 Member

    Jun 16, 2007
    Portsmouth, VA
    You tease! How do I get the rest of it?
  6. Srigs

    Srigs Member

    Feb 14, 2006
    I love a good Zombie story. Keep the chapters coming.
  7. Correia

    Correia Moderator Emeritus

    Dec 19, 2002
    we're totally cool with online fiction by our members, as long as it is gun culture related. Yeah, I suppose I would be a smidgen hypocritical if I said it wasn't!

    Just got here, haven't had a chance to read it yet. But good luck. This online fiction thing is tough! :D
  8. eric.cartman

    eric.cartman Member

    Apr 11, 2007
    Come On Man!!!
    Post More Or I"ll Start Biting People In My Office... More... Moreeeeeeeeeee.... Grrrrrr.... Ahhhhhhhhhh....
  9. hrgrisso

    hrgrisso Member

    Feb 2, 2007
    Valley of the Gun
    Chapter 1 conclusion

    The freeway quickly turned into a bad idea. Cars had rolled, dozens of fender-benders and worse as far as the eye could see. Smoke and fire poured out many of the accidents and many people staggered around, some in a daze, others, bitten, and on the hunt.

    Dave glanced at his friend sitting next to him, grateful to have him with him. But anxiety didn’t begin to describe the fear and the nerves that poked and prodded all areas of his mind. Questions full of uncertainty fear and doubt made his heart race, thinking about one thing. All thoughts focused on one thing, his very pregnant wife he hoped was still sitting at home with her cat bubba.

    He glanced again at Gabe sitting next to him. Dave knew he’d start talking soon. But that was a good thing with smoke rising in the east valley. Gabe talking would be a very good thing. Gabe would give him good ideas about what to…”

    “That’s a lot of smoke. What do you think? ASU?” Gabe said.

    Dave grunted his agreement while swerving around another wreck, banging another biter with the fender. The wet bump and crunch was still nauseating.

    “Oh well, can’t do much for anyone besides loved ones.” Gabe said.

    Dave nodded, “What are you going to do Gabe? Are you thinking about running to ‘The Palace’?”

    Just ahead two cars driving way to fast collided in a massive crunch with the muffled bang of tires popping under impact. Apparently one of the passengers hadn’t put on their seatbelt as they flew through the window and skidded until the Tacoma drove past and Dave stopped looking.

    The wheels in Gabe’s head were really turning. Dave knew what he was thinking about. Dave could see it.

    ‘The Palace’ as it was called by all Gabe’s family and friends was a massive secluded property in northern Arizona. Gabe had bought and built using the money he’d inherited from his father as well as a big part of his paycheck each month went to it. After they had teased him about it, Dave found out Gabe called it Valhalla. He still called it the palace, but tried hard to keep it light, not wanting to offend his friends’ sanctuary.

    They had all laughed and teased calling it ‘The Palace’ because Gabe had blended a traditional American log cabin/home with a Norse Great Hall. The movies the 13th Warrior and The Lord of The Rings the Two Towers only encouraged him further in the architecture and decoration.

    But all that was easily visible at an early glance. The beauty of the palace was in its functionality. Solar panels were built into the shingles on the roof. An artesian well pumped into the basement and into multiple storage tanks. The walls were real wood; at least eight inches thick provided wonderful insulation.

    Bedrooms and bunkrooms were the norm. At the last Christmas gathering Mindy and Dave had their own room, as had Gabe and JJ of course, along with all of Gabe’s brothers and sisters and their spouses. The kids had all stayed in the bunkrooms with room for fifteen in each, but there were probably only 8 girls in their room and maybe four in the boys.

    The fact that Gabe had stored years worth of food and arms there, enough for a whole host didn’t hurt either. Going to Valhalla would be wonderful compared to the mess Phoenix was becoming quickly.

    “Look OUT!” Gabe shouted.

    Dave had to swerve hard to avoid a maniacal driver. Dave started cursing at him “You nearly killed us you bastard!”

    Gabe started talking. “We’ll never make it to Valhalla” he said.

    “What do you mean?!” Dave replied.

    “If the freeway is this bad now, how bad will the highways be? This is four lanes in one way. What will the two lane roads be like? In one hour? One day? How long would it take to get our families ready? How long to get on the road north?” Gabe explained.

    Dave sat in silence trying to pay alert attention to the I-10 gauntlet of stalled and wrecked cars, blood slicks and bodies. Smoke and fire one the road and from various parts of the city brought the horror of this reality they were now in to the forefront of Dave’s mind. They were stuck. They weren’t going anywhere.

    Gabe sighed and continued. “I always thought I’d have a day or so to get my family out. Like Katrina, if the people had left when they knew the hurricane was coming… All that preparation… and now we’re going to have to make do with what we have here. I just always thought I’d have more time.”

    He slid the fresh magazine into the now cooling Sig in his hands. We’d better get to your place, get your gear, Mindy and as much of your food as we can take over to my place and hole up. Sorry man, less people, less to move.”

    Dave swallowed. A dry sticking swallow. Then slowly he nodded in agreement.
  10. hrgrisso

    hrgrisso Member

    Feb 2, 2007
    Valley of the Gun
    Chapter 2: Look Ma, the Apocalypse on Hi-Def TV

    The Tacoma bounced up onto the apartment complex sidewalk. Dave spun the wheel trying to aim the truck down the walkway.

    Just sliding past the rows of A/C units, Dave scanned for biters and worse, kids. He could think of nothing worse than in the middle of all this, running over a kid.

    Up ahead he saw his porch and shook the wheel to spin the truck and put the truck bed against his porch as quickly as possible. Jumping out he ran around his truck Sig in hand. He’d grabbed the pistol identical to the Gabe’s, and used it back at the office parking lot. Dave had once been a Glock-man. But Gabe had turned him onto the Swiss design and its beautiful trigger a few years before.

    Rushing to the door he shook his keys out, he was extremely ready to be inside that door, holding his wife. Gabe backed in behind him.

    “Calm down Dave. You’d have heard from her before something happened.” Gabe said.

    Cursing under his breath Dave grabbed the key and shoved it in. Twisting the handle to the door he lurched inside. “Baby, where are you!?” He shouted.

    Dave ran through the living room, towards the room in the back. When he jerked the door open he sighed. His wife, so very pregnant, was only sleeping, her cat on top of the comforter.

    “Hey baby, I’m home!” He said.

    Sleepily Mindy opened her eyes, “Oh hi baby!”

    Making sure his pistol was decocked he slid it into his waist band of his pants and grabbed his wife up in his arms. “I’m so glad your ok!”

    Confusion. “Why wouldn’t I be ok baby?” She said.

    * * *
    Gabe was on the phone with JJ when Dave brought his wife, now very pale, out into the living room. Dave had taken about fifteen minutes explaining to his wife what was happening and how bad things were.

    “Everything ok at home?” Dave asked.

    Gabe nodded as he hung up the phone.

    “Ok, what’s the plan?” Dave asked.

    Gabe said, “We should get your guns and ammo, all of them. We also need your sleeping bags, first aid kits, food, flashlights, portable radios, batteries, tools and spare fuel. Water especially, if you have purifiers of jugs etc. Any medical supplies and drugs too. Also we should get any baby stuff you guys have already gotten, I’m afraid there won’t be any opportunities to come back and get that and we’ll need it.”

    The next hour was spent rounding up a pile of needed supplies onto the floor of Dave and Mindy’s little living room.

    Finally when the shelves were empty and the pile looked complete, Gabe nodded to Dave while he caught his breath.

    “Yeah that’s all of it. Everything,” Dave said.

    “Ok,” Gabe said. “Let’s do this, let’s put Mindy in the truck, moving all this stuff may attract some unwanted biter attention. If we have to leave in a hurry let’s already have Mindy loaded.” He smiled at her.

    “So let’s do this, Dave grab one of your AR’s, and as many mags as you can hold. I’ll take a second one. You get in the bed of your truck, keep and eye out and I’ll start shoving stuff in.”

    Smiling Dave nodded. “Let’s do it,” As he grabbed his Robinson Armament M96 Carbine, “But I’m not using an AR!”

    Laughing, Gabe grabbed one of Dave’s Bushmasters, chambered a round and with his other hand gestured to Mindy. “Let’s get you and your little ones loaded into the truck.”

    Dave took his wife’s arm that wasn’t holding a cat and nodded to the door. Gabe swung it open, revealing the dying world that was. Dave felt fear for his wife and his unborn children tighten in his throat. In this new world he saw hell. The crimson sky and smoke from the north and east, sirens and screams, gun shots and the crashes of car accidents were close, they made it real. Taking a breath Dave ushered his family outside into the new world. He prayed for a miracle and for a real and long life for his babies.
  11. BBQJOE

    BBQJOE Member

    Mar 13, 2007
    I'll only read this if you promise three things,
    1. you've already done and that is have a start.
    2. Have a middle.
    3. Above all, have an end and don't leave folks hanging.
  12. Glock22

    Glock22 Member

    Jul 29, 2006
    Great story so far. But please don't start and then stop without finishing it becuase that is just pure torture.
  13. hrgrisso

    hrgrisso Member

    Feb 2, 2007
    Valley of the Gun
    The Story So Far

    I assure you there is a story to be told! It may not please everyone but I'm trying to tell it.

    Second I am ahead of what I've posted here by about two chapters. I didn't post the first third of Chapter two because I didn't think anyone was reading it. Kinda hard for me to keep posting stuff if it looks like none knows or cares :eek:. (sorry don't mean to sound whiny) But I didn't want to waste Oleg's bandwidth if people weren't reading it.

    Actually I just looked today and figured out how to check on the views, so I hope that means people ARE reading it...

    LOL the rest of Chapter 2 due tommorow.
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2007
  14. Biker

    Biker Member

    Mar 10, 2005
    Quit snivelin' and post another chapter.

  15. hrgrisso

    hrgrisso Member

    Feb 2, 2007
    Valley of the Gun
    Chapter 2: Part 2

    Gabe tossed the last of the food and ammo into the bed of Dave’s Tacoma. It was only after pausing for a moment that he noticed the screams were not as frequent, but were much closer. Too close.

    Looking up he noticed Dave was very intently looking to the south. “Dave...?”

    Dave motioned him quiet.

    Gabe grabbed the Bushmaster rifle he’d kept nearby and moved around the truck towards the cab. He could tell Gabe was aware of something but could only guess what. Of course after today, he only needed one guess.

    “Dave you driving or…?” Gabe asked.

    “Go ahead. Just get us out of here.” Dave said.

    Climbing into the truck he smiled at Mindy as he rolled the key into the ignition. “Don’t worry too much. We’ll get you over to my place and JJ will get some food together. We’ll be ok,” he said.

    Putting the truck into drive he looked into the rearview mirror, where he could see Dave’s hand locked into the roll cage. He know the other hand was attached to a rifle. Gabe rolled down the back window and shouted for Dave, “Which way?!”

    Dave’s reply was “FAST!”

    Gabe took the truck slowly through the winding tunnel of the apartment complex parking lot, glancing around, nervous and wary of an ambush. He rolled down the back window so he wouldn’t have to yell to Dave and vice versa.

    As he came around the final corner of the complex onto the city streets there they were! There couldn’t be more than three hundred of them, but three hundred were more than enough to make driving through them problematic and very lethal.

    The biters had been milling around, like crazy bloody chickens standing aimlessly, playing with their meals and bits of this and that and them. But when Gabe stopped the truck they turned en masse and focused an almost collective attention on this most recently appeared distraction, it was prey!

    The growls emanating from the pack made the hair on Gabe’s neck stand. He knew they wouldn’t be standing still for very long. Remembering the big Indian biter, he knew even the biggest among them were phenomenal sprinters.

    Realization that what her husband told her, and the world around her was truth and Mindy started hyperventilating at the sight of the blood and bites and body pieces. Reverse! “DAVE GET IN NOW!” Gabe yelled.

    Punching the gas and spinning the wheel he accelerated back into the apartment complex and Dave crashed into the back seat, Mindy whimpered and the biters in the road started running! All three hundred of them!

    Trying hard not to collide with the cars left in the parking lot was made a little easier since most of the residents weren’t home when the outbreak started. Few had made it home after and those that were still normal weren’t leaving their homes. Many of those had made it home, or were already there, were now chasing the truck that was barreling in reverse through the apartment complex wiggling this way and that, the driver trying hard to keep it under control.

    As they flew past the apartment formerly housing Dave and Mindy, an older heavyset woman stepped out onto her porch.

    Realization dawned on Mindy and she only had time to squeak out “Mrs. Strelowe!” before realization dawned on Mrs. Strelowe’s face. And then it was too late because at that moment the tide of biters broke upon her and her screams faded beneath the howls of animal joy and success for the biters.

    Mindy was openly sobbing now, Dave said, “let’s get out of reverse.” And from the back seat he reached forward to stroke his wife’s cheek and shoulders.

    “She loved cats!” Mindy cried while stroking her cat Bubba. Big fat tears rolled down her face, now bright red.

    Gabe swung the back end of the truck into another avenue of the complex long enough to stop and get back into drive. Flooring the gas, the truck leapt forward, down the back lot of the complex, as the lot swung right, Gabe held onto the wheel, keeping it straight, as biters still chased them, he drove head on into a chain link fence.

    Gabe had enough time to yell “eyes!” and move to shield his own before the impact and the fence stretched and exploded outward. Driving through the fence Spilled the truck out onto the seventeenth green of one of Phoenix’s premiere golf facilities “The Peak.”

    “The golf course?” Dave asked incredulously.

    Smiling, Gabe responded “been wanting to do this since the Italian Job!” He’d found his Cheshire cat. He spun the wheel trying to angle the truck off the green, heading towards the start of the golf course.

    He glanced in the rearview, Dave was adjusting to keep the rabid horde in his sights.

    “EARS!” Dave yelled before firing off a burst of 65 grain rounds.

    Gabe’s eyes teared up; with both hands on the wheel he hadn’t been able to cover his ears. He looked over at Mindy; she had her hands squeezed over her ears. She didn’t look comfortable.

    In spite of Gabe’s best efforts the grass, slick and sloped didn’t help in keeping control of the truck. The backend whipped sideways and Gabe caught sight of the cart path and gunned it. The cart path made driving a touch easier, but the twists and turns still took a longer time than Gabriel wanted.

    Turning onto the green of the sixteenth hole, Gabe was confident they’d finally built some distance. Up ahead though, he saw four biters dressed in their finest Jack Nicklaus impressions. He just kept driving. He was tired of blood, of super rabies, and the damn biters everywhere!

    From the backseat, Dave asked, “How far?”

    “From the clubhouse, it’s six miles.” Gabe answered.

    “Six damn miles…” Dave trailed off, he reached up again and caressed his wife’s shoulder.

    “I love you Dave.” She said.

    “You too sugar!” He said.

    Gabe prayed.
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    Oct 6, 2005
    Now that's Good!!!

    Keep them coming and I'll be a reading!

    Nice job!
  17. Srigs

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    Feb 14, 2006
    Keep the chapters coming! :D
  18. hrgrisso

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    Feb 2, 2007
    Valley of the Gun
    Chapter 2: Continued

    Speeding out onto the street, they saw two cops shooting into a crowd of biters. One officer nodded to them, and waived them on their way.

    Those were the only two people they saw, in six miles and hundreds of bodies. The rest were all biters or dead-dead. Phoenix was a grave yard, and other than Mindy’s occasional cry, they rode in silence.

    * * *

    Seeing his street coming up, Gabe had to focus to keep from accelerating. An accident this close to home would be much worse than inconvenient. He pulled into the apartment complex Gabe looked for home, Dave looked for biters!

    Slowing in front of his condo, Gabe backed up until he felt the bed of the truck bed bump against the patio wall. He got out and grabbed the rifle he’d borrowed from Dave. He quickly walked around the truck and grabbed the door handle; he opened it and took Mindy’s hand to help her out. Glancing up he saw Dave was back in the bed of the truck, scanning for danger.

    He helped Mindy to his door, but before he could get his keys out the door flew open and his wife and daughters were there, clear eyed & blood-less; they were ok!

    “DADDY!” his daughters squealed!

    Pushing his family back inside, he moved to make room for Mindy, in time for Dave to join them and usher them all inside, locking the deadbolt.

    Gabe raised an eyebrow.

    Dave held up one finger, and said, “didn’t want to attract any of his friends.”

    Gabe reached out, wrapping his arm around the loves of his life. JJ smiled up at him.

    “We’ve got a full house,” She said. “Your brothers and their families are in the girls room asleep. They had a pretty awful day. Queen Creek is burning… Jordan and Patti are in our room asleep.”

    While his wife talked, Gabe started recognizing the sings of people packing in a hurry. A camping pack on the couch, duffel bags piled up under the table. A Coleman lantern was sitting on the porch. He started moving things around to make more room so Mindy and Dave could sit down.

    “Gabe, Patty’s a wreck. About four hours ago Greg their youngest got hit by a car. David, their oldest picked him up and carried him into the living room. While he was trying to resuci… while he was trying… while he was…”

    At this point Gabe went to his wife and held her tightly, while sobs shook her small frame.

    “It’s ok, it’s ok baby.” Gabe said. But even to him it sounded forced.

    Looking up at him through wet eyes she looked into his eyes, “Will it be?” She asked. “Greg killed his older brother then they both tried to eat their mother! Their father had to kill them both!”

    Sobbing again she buried her face into his chest.

    Gabe held her tight. He wanted her to know he had a plan and that life would go on. But words failed him. So he held onto his wife and was her comfort.

    * * *

    After much of her cries were spent Gabe maneuvered his wife to the couch next to Mindy, who wrapped her arms around JJ. Gabe’s daughters Emma and Haley cuddled alongside their mother as well.

    Gabe mouthed “thank you” to Mindy and headed for the hall closet. There he grabbed two AK-47’s. Nothing illicit about them, they were civilian legal. When Gabe saw the look of confusion on Dave’s face he smiled.

    “Bigger bullets than your 96,” he said. Dave nodded knowingly. Every gunny knew that the U.S. Military’s AR-15/M-16 family of rifle used a .22 caliber bullet. The Russian rifle’s used a 7.62 and was a .30 caliber bullet.

    Dave replied, “more damage.”

    If Gabe had to shoot one he wanted to do it in the fewest shots possible; with the biggest bullets possible. Then reconsidering that thought, he reached further into the safe and grabbed a black gun from the back; a Benelli 12 gauge shotgun. The M2 Semi Auto with a 9 round tube magazine. Then Gabe smiled, and remembered working construction. His foreman had always yelled about the right tools for the right job.

    Still smiling Gabe grabbed a box of 000 buckshot from the shelf. The right tool for the right job.
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    Keep up the good work.
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    Great Story, unfortunately I found it too early. I would have loved to find this towards chapter 6 or 7 so I could just keep reading. Thanks for the good reading, it's entertaining and appreciated!
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    Shotguns are the right tool for the job! :evil:

    Keep the chapters coming.
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    :fire: biters, guns, guts and gore, we want more. ;) What's next :eek:
  24. hrgrisso

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    Valley of the Gun
    Chapter 2 Continued

    Outside, no biters in sight, but the sounds were everywhere. Gabe was standing watch out in front of Dave’s truck; the Italian shotgun at the ready. Dave was on top of his truck also standing watch, keeping his M96 safe and ready.

    Gabe’s younger brother Seamus was in the truck passing supplies down to their kid brother Deacon. The AK’s Gabe had readied earlier close at hand. The supplies would first go to the porch then through the arcadia door into the condo.

    Then Gabe realized the weakness he’d forgotten in a hurry. The glass door would break quickly under pressure. He didn’t think it would take more than one biter.

    As if realizing the weakness in his families’ defenses, he’d alerted the biters, as five wandered around the far corner of the parking lot. Of course Dave quickly dispatched them, but there would be others.

    With the sound of biters rising in volume and daylight fading Gabe knew what he could do to protect them.

    “Seamus, just push it all out, over the wall, hurry!” He yelled.

    Gabe ran to his SUV parked in the lot. In the back he pulled a roll of horse fencing out. Normally he’d use it to ford arroyo’s, now he’d use it for building defenses.

    As he closed the door and turned a biter tackled him to the ground! The shotgun and wire fell in a jumble. Powerful hands grabbed him trying to hold him still for a bite. Gabe tried to hold the biter’s head away without getting his flesh close to the things mouth. More importantly the teeth!

    He managed to flip the biter backwards using it’s ankles. He held onto one foot to keep it off balance. He grabbed his shotgun and pulled it from the roll of fencing when the biter used it’s other foot to lash out and kick him off balance!

    Spinning with the momentum of the blow Gabe continued spinning and shoved his shotgun in front of him as the biter charged forward again. As the barrel of the gun made contact with the biter he pulled the trigger, again and again and again until his gun was empty. He’d emptied his gun into the chest of what had once been a postman.

    Standing up Gabe stumbled and nearly fell except that Deacon and Seamus caught him. The whole fight was over in less than twenty seconds. But now something new was in front of them.

    Dave walked over, trying hard to keep an eye on his friends and the condo doors now open with the women and kids watching from the stoop.

    The once postman was a biter, and all the buckshot from the gun had torn a massive hole into its chest, laying it open. They could see its spine and where the buckshot had shattered it. And still the arms and head moved. It gagged and spat and wiggled its hands. Thankfully it couldn’t make any noise because its lungs were shredded. But its eyes glared at them and wished them death.

    Gabe chambered another shell and pushed the barrel against the monsters forehead and pulled the trigger. Picking up the horse fencing he said, “c’mon let’s build a wall!”
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    Feb 2, 2007
    Valley of the Gun

    Just wondered what everyone was thinking so far? Thoughts? Suggestions? Well Wishers? Death threats? Sorry guys, I've been stressing from work lately and I just spent a sleepless weekend blowing through HP7. I'm still working on this and I'll post that last part of Chapter 2 tonight or tommorow.
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