Blasphemy-level of ugly... Trying to find a squirrel gun.

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Your 1873 Uberti reminded me of dad's original Winchester 1873 in 22LR. Think it was made around 1901 or so. I'd use the Uberti with Lyman or Marbles tang peep sights.

I've got a Lyman tang sight off of a Winchester 1885 high wall. Replaced it with a 6x scope.

Would be a hoot to put that scope on the Uberti Silver Boy...

Shoot that lever action with the scope if it is accurate enough for you. To counter act your feelings about the looks get a prescription for vallium and take one before hunting and you will not only not care what the gun looks like you will be very steady. Just don't get too comfortable or you will go to sleep and miss your hunt. It's amazing what you can put up with after taking a vallium. :D
Pan fried and smothered in gravy Eastern NC gray squirrels are the very finest of table fare! I’ve never had ground squirrel. What recipe do you use to prepare them?
I picked up a henry .22 mag my eye sight is ,...lacking so I decided to add some kind of optic to it . i thought a full sized scope would be too much on top of that trim rifle so I went with one of those holo site kind of things it projects a crosshair with zero maginification it is not too big . Might do the job for you too ?
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